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Table of Contents 

Close Your Books... Student Life 
34 Close Ties... Clubs & Organizations 
64 Sports 

80 Stay Close... Seniors 

110 Close-Ups... Underclasses, Faculty, 

and Staff 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

Agnes Scott 



141 E. College Ave. 
Decatur, GA 30030 

404. 471. 6000 

Spread designed b) Jennifer Bartell, Nhia Bolen, Lindsey Deriso 
and Courtney Dredden 





Another year in the annals of our campus life 
has passed, a year unbelievably brief, yet one 
-SO crowded with experiences that we who 
have tried to compile the record of what has happened 
would have been appalled at the immensity of the task 
but for one realization: after all, everyone is her own 
recorder, and in the mind of every girl is outlined an 
impression of the past year that is individually her 
own. With these silhouettes of Agnes Scott life we 
have not aspired to compete, knowing that they are 
more vitally interesting than anything set down upon 
paper can be, but it is simply with the hope that 
through this book in one way or another your campus 
memories may be rendered more vivid that we submit 
to you this our own Silhouette of 2004 

Derived from the 1 923 edition of the Silhouette 


pread designea Dy Shemia Black, Christina Montjoy, 
and Katie Vesser 

A student's life is not easily defined with a few pictures and even fewer pages 
down to First-years, a student's life is an endless cycle of classes, books, pap^ 
tests, reports, labs, and projects. Don't roll your eyes, this is the definition of a colleg 
life, right? Wrong! The truth is that no matter the whirling and hectic nature of "student li 
is always time to experience the other joys of living. So close your books and take a look 
The women of Agnes Scott lead dynamic and diverse lives filled with spirit, summer f 
travel, and quality time with friends. The range of events and activities afforded s 
provides ample opportunity to break from the humdrum repetition of classes and homework. 
Each Scottie finds her own niche, whether it be traveling around the world, busting a move at the 
Black Cat Formal, or holding down the fort on campus. Throughout everything, the ASC woman 
makes this diverse community her home; her peers become family, and the world that is created 
for her here is considered each student's life. 

n lors 


4 Student Life: Divider 

W Table of Contents 

On Campus Events... 


Summer Vacation... 


Global Awareness/Global Connections... 




Out and About... 


Black Cat Spirit Week... 


Black Cat Junior Production and Bonfire... 


Black Cat Dance... 






Relationships... . 


Activism on Campus... 


Student Art on Ca;mpus.... 




Spread designed by Valerie Kote-Tawiajanie Lopez, and 
Nicoline Strom-Jensen 

-Rita Colwell 

Leading Science Lecture Series 

~Aik Raat Sitaioon Kay Neechay ("A Night Under 
the Stars") 

~The Koresh Dance Company 

~"Retum Journey" by Bob Kingdom 
A One-man Tribute to Dylan Thomas 

~A Midsummer Night's Dream by William 

The Blackfidars of Agnes Scott College . 

-Kathie Olsen 

Leading Science Lecture Series 

-The Ahn Trio 

Spring Events 

-Kathleen Norris 
James Ross McCain Faith and Learning Speaker 

-"Aladdin" by Moses Goldberg 
The BlackMars of Agnes Scott College 

-Guerrilla Girls On Tour 

~E. Story Landis 

Leading Science Lecture Series 

-Agnes Scott College Writers' Festival 
Featuring Chitra Divakaruni 

-Bobby Sanabria & jQuarteto Ach6\ 

^TutfufiiT event scnes'is 

eal! The series brings lo ihe 

school dirtcrcni performers/ 

speakers from different 

countries and backgrounds that 

make learning fun. I have 

learned so much about 
countries such as India and 
Mexico, as well as history' 
[through events such as the 
^Luther King Jr. Daj 
txis McDavid '()( 

Dancing in the Streets 

Cairie Cooper breaks it 

down Indian-style at the 

Night Under the Stars 

celebration while a few 

other Scotties wish they 

had the moves. ..just try it 



way to make M 

are not just living in Decatur, 

but we are citizens of the 


~ Joanna Young, '07 

"The cultural events make me 

aware of the diversity on 

campus and throughout the 


~ Chelsea Stertz. '05 

"I love th 

events afei 
campus! They are just too 
interesting and convenient 
~ Kiinhcrh Fober. '04 

Shake Your Groove 

Copying every move 

the instructors make, 

students work to leam 

the new dance moves. 

Whether experienced 

or a beginner, students 

from all walks of hfe 

were able to leam hip 

hop moves from 

members of the Koresh 

Dance Company. 

6 Student Life: Cultural Events Series 

Chemistry, Physics, Biology...Oh My... 

Before her talk on "Sowing the Seeds of 
Science," Rita Colwell. director of the National 
Science Foundation and guest speaker of the 
Leading Science Lecture series, takes time to 
chat with students. Scotties regularly enjoy 
opportunities to interact with leading scholars 
on a personal level. 

Going Once, Going Twice, SOLD! 

One stop at Zeenat Pasha and Tasneem 
Waliany's table of Indian fabrics and jewelry 
and we not only learn a little about Indian 
culture, we also wish we had a lot more money 
to spend! 

Lyrical Language 

Bob Kingdom discusses 
the life of poet Dylan 
Thomas with Agnes Scott 
students and staff. 
Kingdom performed 
dramatic readings of 
Dylan Thomas's poetry 
for the anniversary of the 
writer's death. 

Cultural Events offer 
diverse sights and sounds 


^^^Hj^H Though the community is given the 
^^^^^1 opportunity to enjo> every cultural 
»KSSS e\cnt ottered, tew people truly 
^ understandhowmuchhaidworkgoes 
fei ^^ 1 into making each event a success. 
(■^^mPbH- ^^gi Whethei woi king diligently on paper 
tojj^^Lj^^l^a work or setting up behind the scenes, 
I^^C^^^^^H the Special Ev ents Staffworks around 
^^H^H^^^H the clock to provide entertainment. 

Open Your Eyes 

Vendors offering shiny fabric from colorful booths. 
Women wearing gorilla masks preaching onstage about the 
harms of bigotry. A famous poet's work being relived 50 
years after his death. With help from Agnes Scott students 
and staff, the Cultural Events Series proves to be a big hit. 
Faculty, staff, and students work together over the course of 
the year to find enriching entertainment for the entire 
community At each event, the campus comes together to 
celebrate featured guests such as dance companies, 
engaging lecturers, and talented musicians. 

Spread designed by Heather Tovey, Kimberly Fober. & Catherine 


Oioii) Ogtifoiiim 

ASC vA/omen travel 
the world. 


From left to right: Staci Williams ' 05, 
Wasiyma Van De Cruize '05, Jalila Nur ' 05 
Toccara Allen ' 05, and Alicia Allen '05 
getting ready for a night out on the town in 
Miami, Fl. Don't they look good? 

Candace Donaldson '04 smiles happily as 
she enjoys the waterfalls in front of the 
hotel. The Mirage in Las Vegas, NV. "It 
was so hot in Vegas, no humidity, just dry 
heat; but I still loved it there!" 

8 Student Life: Summer Vacations 

, Open Vour 6yes * 

"This summer I had the chance to spend two weeks in Germany with one of my best 
friends and her family. We traveled to the Czech Republic and saw some of Prague and 

the countryside. In Germany, I also got to visit cities like Munich and Ther and see 

some of the castles on the Rhine. My favorite part about the trip was getting to meet so 

many new people and experience European hospitality. I will always remember how 

dnd and generous everyone was. I wish it were more like that here! My favorite places to 

visit were Prague and Ther - if you ever have a change to go, do!"- Kaleigh Shebs 

(1) Candace Donaldson '04 in Malibu, CA posingin front of 
one of its rocky beaches. (2)Annie Kim '06, three days after the 
Blackout, swinging with the fellas of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy 
in Rockerfeller Center, NY. (3) Valerie Kote-Tawia '04 in 
Myrtle Beach, SC baking in the sun (her words). (4)DamelIe 
Johnson '05 in the Dominican Republic standing in front of a 
wall of art on El Malecon which showed the popular art work 
ofthe country. (5) KatieVesser '05 and her father vivantU vers 
le haut dans gai Paris. 

Kayleigh Shebs '06 and her friend Kathryn 
Myers enjoying themselves on a street in 
Germany. Kayleigh advises us to go to Germany 
because it is such a great place! 

Kristin Kallaher '04 and Jana Lott 
'02 standing in front of Sam Adams 
at the Sam Adams Brewery in 
Boston, MA. "We got a tour of the 
brewery and at the end they gave us 
a free beer glass andwe got to 
sample 4 different Sam Adams 
beers for free!" - Kristin Kallaher 

Toccara Allen '05 in front of the 
Statue of Liberty in New York, NY. 
"I had the bestest time of my life!" 

"It was lots of fun chillin' on the beach with 
my friends! It was hot. too! I would love to 
go again because it was pretty and relaxing." 
- Jalila Nur '05; from left to right: Toccara 
Allen '05, Wasiyma Van De Cruize '05, 
Jalila Nur ' 05, Staci Williams '05, and 
Alicia Allen '05 

Spread designed by Whitney Brown. Candace Donaldson, and 

Stacey Lunsford 

(Ornm^ 'Bm 

Agnes Scott students circle 
the world by visiting Turkey 
and Ireland. . 

Anybody Home? 

Sarita Patel peaks inside a tree at Topkapi 


• ^^^^— ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ • 
Tea for Two 
Amanda Balazs and Katie Jordan enjoy a cup 
of tea in Pierre Loti while in Istanbul. 

• ^^^— ^^^^ • 

Sarita Patel takes in the view of Cappadocia. 

• ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^— ^— • 
The Young and the Rtiined 

Katie Jordan, Shireen Fischer, and Sarita Patel 
take a minute to enjo\ ancient ruins in Turkey. 


The Global Connections anc 
Global Awareness seminars 
include faculty-led programs 
to countries that are not as 
frequently visited or studied 
by Americans. After Turkey and Ireland were 
studied in a broad manner, the respective 
students visited the countries and then presented 
research projects on a specific aspect of the 
country. This enables students to take a closer 
look and gain an appreication for cultural 
diversity around the world. 

10 Student Life: Global Awareness/ Global Connections 

open Your Eyes 

"Walking the cold, damp, hollow 

corridors and stepping into the yard of 

Kjlmainham Gaol was a most haunting 

experience from the moment we stepped 

foot onto the property. Having learned 

about the arrests and executions of key leaders in the 1916 

Easter Rising against the British, I expected to have been less 

shocked when seeing the jail in person. However, stepping 

into the courtyard was absolutely overwhelming — ^it was 

completely silent, and aU space and time was lost in its 

silence." ~Beth Rodgers 

The river runs through it... 

The group who traveled to Turkey take a 
moment to overlook the Bosphorous. 
Everyday's St. Patty's Day 
Amanda Huffman, Doni Queen, Rebecca 
Poole, and Kristin Kallaher enjoy one more 
drink on their final night in Ireland. 

Top o' the momin to ya 

Kristin Kallaher and Doni 
Queenshare a pint on a pub in 

Wilde Thing 

Oscar Wilde ponders the impor- 
tance of being earnest while 
relaxins in Dublin 

It's not the cliffs of Dover... 

Kristin Kallaher and others visit 
the cliffs of Moher and stand 200m 
over the Atlantic Ocean. 

Enter the Haunted Halls 

The Kilmainham Gaol is situated 
in Dublin. Ireland and is a re- 
minder to those who live there and 
those who visit the grounds of the 
1916 revolution. 


Spread designed b\ Janie Lopez. Valerie Kote-Tawia, and 
Nicoline Strom-Jensen 


Jobs and work study: girls work hard 
for the biQ pag off! 

Go to class. Get homework done. Study for test. 
Write research paper. Finish lab project. We're 
all familiar with this list. As if this weren't 
enough already, many Scotties have to add "Go 
to work" to their jam-packed schedules. Some 
ladies make their money here on campus, while 
others venture out into the city to make theirs. 
But, regardless of where they work, they man- 
age to get the job done successfully. 

Happily Working and 
Loving It! 

Amy Hannigan '07, at 
left, loves her job! Part of 
her job entails box office 

and ticket sales to Dana 

Thank you for calling 
Agnes Scott... 

Alexis McDavid '06, at 

right, assists callers at the 

information desk in 


12 Student Lite: Jobs and Work Study 

The Writing Center 

Top Places to Work On Campus: 

1. Writing Center 

2. Library 

3. Economics Department 

4 The Office of Communication 

5. Career Planning 


6. Office Services 

7. Althetics Department 

8. Dana Fine Arts Building 

9. President's Office 

10. Black Cat Cafe 

at Office 


Spread designed by Sara Haj-Hussein 


Agnes Scott women describe parties. 9uckhead. par- 
ties in Buckhead, and ladies* night as moments of relief 
from this exhausting life that is College. 

Open Your Eyes 

Agnes Scott women sound off on nights on and off campus. 

"Suburban Lanes' 
Maria Banjo & Candy Creel 
"My nxjm." 
- Ariel Harrison 
. night out at Lenox mall with the 
girls and/or guys is always fun." 
- D ebi O gulu 


-Candy Creel and Maria BanjO 

"in Buckhead, AUC parties, the 

grocery store, car washes..." 

-Zaiithia Harris 

"i have no ciue. i don't go 

loolcing for men. They happen 

K to find me." 

W; -Ariel Harrison 

"Friday because that's the night for 

18 and up to party." 

-Candy Creel and Maria Banjo 

"Saturdays. So many fine felias 

ridin' clean with nothing to do but 

try to holla. Sometimes it's purely 


-Zalittiia Harris 

"Maybe Friday is a good night to 

go out. When I turn 21 I be able to 

let you know." 

-Ariel Harrison 

i4 Student Life: Out and About 



21 and up 

Victoria Hamilton ('06) and 

Cliristina Ward ('06) display a sign 

at Ruby Tuesday all too familiar to 

Agnes Scott students under the age 

of 21 . Students patronize many 

Decatur eateries, including Raging 

Burrito, Mick's, Taco Mac, Mellow 

Mushroom, Starbuck's, Java 

Monkey, Oz Pizza, the Wing 

Factoo, Cafe Lily, ABC, and 

Crescent Moon. 

Curl up and Dye 

ZaLithia Harris ('05) prepares for a 

night out in Buckhead with friends. 

Clubs that are a popular escape from 

the home life at ASC are Vision, 

Fuel, Club NV, 1 12, MJQ, The 

Living Room, World Bar, Vegas 

Nights, The Masquerade, Havana 

Club, American Pie, Beer Mug, 

SPF15, The Velvet Room, 

Backstreet, BullDogs, and Coyote 


Higher Powers 
Juniors Kristen Parks, Katie Vesser, 
and Tina Valenti return from their 
Bible study at Java Monkey. Many 

Agnes Scott students attend 

churches, temples, and mosques such 

as Grace United Methodist, Gideon 

Divine Healing Temple, North Ave. 

Presbyterian Church, First Baptist 

Decatur, and Nation of Islam 

Mosque #15. 

Spread designed by Shemia Black. Christina Montjoy, 
and Katie Vesser 

My first Black Cat 

was an amazing 

experience and I have 

absolutely no regrets! 

-Jessica Parks, 07 

Black Cat Co-Chair 

Being Black Cat Chair 

was the most 

challenging thing I 

have ever done. My 

favorite part was 

finding out that we 

won bonfire! 

lizabeth Miller, 06 
Black Cat Chair 

I think Black Cat is a 

great tradition. Some of 

the greatest people in my 

class I would have never 

met had it not been for 

^Black Cat. It provides the 

J class a time for bonding 

like no other thing on 

Agnes vScott campus. 

-Natalie Reckard, 05, 
Black Cat Co-Chair 

All I'd like to say is that 
the last time I held this 
cat up on this stage was 
when I stole it last year. 
It feels really good up 
here because we won itj 
fair and square this time. 

- Courtenay Miller, 04 
Black Cat Co-Chair 


v^i\.. I uu can 
take my picture 
now... Shaday 
Gallimore and 
Kathryn Smith 
wait for the 
Vixens to work 
it out on stage. 



Taking a moment to bond, juniors 
Kristin Pittman, Kelly Lindquist, and 
Ashley French wish each other luck 
before performing. 

The sweet sound of fairies. 

Tmkerbells Kolbi Johnson. Pamela 
Rossell. Christy Byrd and Sarah 
Hdwards sing their class song, a 
remix of Beyonce"s Crazy in Love. 



She's a hustler, baby. Taki..^ 
everybody's money. Kristin 
Branaum plays cards. 

Hey, let's win Black Cat! Carrie 
Crosby directs the Sirens under 
the Gazebo. 

The Making of a Queen. Christin; 
Lee puts the finish touches on THl 


jBattte of the Classes 

t^^i^H From the time the bell tolls at twelve to the dance that 
ends it all, Black Cat is one of the highlights of the Agnes 

Scott experience. Welcome to the diary of Black Cat 

Spirit Week. Come with us as we go through the toils of 

a day. The Seniors in their last Black Cat, the Juniors at 

Junior Production, the Sophomores guessing the mascot, 

and First \fears-painting the campus green! 


(1) One of these things does not belong.. .Bevin Gaines 
prepares to paint the campus Queen Yellow (or is it Gold?). 

(2) Working Gal...Samantha Casne works the Trivia Ring 
Toss table at party day. (3) My outfit is way flier than 
yours...Michelle Los, Neda Tofangsazen, and Erin Turner 
celebrate Siren party day. (4) Go, Gkl! Ashley Rhodes takes 
a hard one for the first -years. (5) Chicago: The Party Day: 
Janel Ryder and Shiloh Booker are looking jazzy for the 
Broadway themed Vixens party day. 

Bounce wit me. Bounce wit 

me. Moving to the beat, first 
year Cherrelle Stokes grabs the 
attention of the audience. 

Above: Dancing 
Queens. ..Junior 

dancers, led by 
Hilary Parton. tear it 
up during Junior 
Production. Left: 
The Red Light 
Special.. .Strutting 
their stuff, the Lady 
Vixens show what 
they're workin" with. 

Spread designed by Jennifer Bartell, Nliia Bolen, Lindsay Deriso 
and Courtney Dredden. 

Oomi 6el^ Oon^ 


.ircic of III 
and it moves us all. Bonfire i 
-.Icbralion of womanhood at .\S(. i 

1 lime to rally around our sisters to sing 

hoola hoop. It's the time we take out of our 
istling Blaek Cat Week to sit around a barrel 
if burninj! wood and sinj: to our si^i 

18 Student Life: Bonfire and Junior Production 

VlUliOl^ (-iOtUIL-tiOlhx. 

Old college friends reminisce on their 
college experience. This is what the class 
of 2005 centered Junior Production around. 
Food wars, Captain Agnes, violation of 
parietals, and guest appearances from Dean 
Hudson and MBB made 2003 Junior 
Production a memorable one. 

Allison Trendel, LaTisha Cotto and 

Rachel McConoughey play the roles of 

college friends playing catch up. 

I ( (.^iiix-iis rule 

L'ooi! Ihe Juniors' mascot 

flfuud ttihl Utli. 2) lis Glad! Ji 


1 pets behind her I 


up. Nzingal 
up artist to i 
Captain Agnes 
are the heros that' 
woman from a Tec? 
2asy, Ma... Danielle 
violated parietals 
'boyfriend" Alicia Allen. 

Kul Chad 

Above: First Year 

Frenzy... Rebecca 

Sloan shakes the 

wrinkles out of a skirt 

as a fashionable first 

year. Right: You need 

some meat on your 

bones. ..Alicia Allen 

tries to get food from 

serving ladies 

Malathia Mobley and 

Aria Baker. 

Mary Brown Bullock and 
son to the crowd. 

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who's 
the greatest crier of them all? 

Left: I'm the man 
for you, 

baby... Meghan Jaffe 
listens to "tough 
beau" Katie Miller. 
Below: Beat it! Beat 
it! Beat it! Julianna 
Dow and Candy 
Creel duel it out 
Michael Jackson 

peri Yotir 6yes 


Spread designed by Jennifer Bartell and Nhia Bolen 

A group of Agnes Scott 

students rock the 

Swissotel after the Black 

Cat Formal. 

Formal is a popular place 
to gather for pretty 
pictures. Getting dolled 
up is all part of the fun! 


Open Your Eyes 

"My favorite things to do each 

year before Black Cat are shower, 

dance around the dorm with my 

roommates while we get ready . 

and then EAT!" 

Jenny Wiese, '05 

This year, a handful of friends got 

ready together in a hotel room. 

Before we left for the formal, we 

toasted each other in true college 

student fashion: cheap champagne 

in plastic cups - "To old friends 

and new, and to a womderful 

night together!" 

~ Katie Schroder, '04 

20 Student Life: Black Cat Formal 

Scotties bust a move at the 

formal culmination of 

Black Cat Week. 

Shake Yo' Groove Thing 

1) This couple can move! 

2) Abbey Weith and Rebecca 
Rogers boogy. 3) The Scottie 
girls get down while listening to 
great music. 4) Kristiana 
Larimore makes a toast. 5) Nicole 
Ledbetter and Jessica Davis enjoy 

Tickets! Outfit! Accessories! Hair and Makeup! Dinner? 
Hotel room? T-shirt? No matter how simple or elaborate the 
plans for Black Cat formal, one thing was for sure: it was fun ! 
The S wissotel Atlanta provided a beautiful dining room, great 
food, and a dance floor that let the Scotties boogie all night as 

only they can. D J Mike and the Thrift Shop band played 

funky favorites and encouraged dancers to be as bad as they 

wanted to be (although some decided to be good). Scotties 

enj oyed the view, posed for pictures, and danced with their 

friends. They showed off their dates, modeled their gorgeous 

dolled up selves, and some even caught a glimpse of Busta 

Rhymes to make the night complete . The formal ended the 

infamous Black Cat Week and marked the end of Orientation 

as the campus extended an official welcome to Agnes Scott' s 

newest additions: the first-years, class of 2007. Sophomores 

enjoyed the festivities, having finally figured out the whole 

Black Cat tradition. The juniors danced the night away after 

a successful Junior Production the evening before, while the 

seniors enjoyed their last bittersweet Black Cat. All in all, 

everyone made memories to treasure ! 

Spread designed by Heather Tovey, Kimberly Fober, 
& Catherine Horton 

open Your Eyes 

When you're exhausted 
after a really long day, what 

do you want to do? "ibu 

want what many Scotties 
want... to go to your room! 

Whether your roomate is 
great or sometimes strange, 

it is always nice to crawl 
into bed in your room. 


A M 




Katharine Strawser- 
Booth '06 zeigt uns ihr 
zimmer im Deutschen 

The Art House made their 
2003 Halloween party a 

Students in the Art House 
show their creative side 
while decorating their new 

Ever wonder what goes on inside the theme houses? 
Well, have a look inside the Art House and the 

22 Student Life: Dorms 

German House... 


ficottfes show w/haCit k liRe 
Ifvinq in dorms, apartments, and THEME MOUSES! 

1) Tatiana Farrow '06 makes herself at 
home. 2) Karen Reynolds "05 relaxes 
with her favorite friends close by. 3) 
Amy Hannigan '07, Samantha Swaney 
'07, and Whitney Brown '07 prepare 
to go out for to a party. 4) Courtney 
Dredden '04 and Alana Aisthorpe '04 
hang out together in Avery Glen. 5) 
Rosemary Dixon '04 studies away in 
her room. 

Did you get locked out? Call yor RA // 
first, your RD second, Residence Life 
third, and as a last resort, Public 

Spread designed b> Wliitne\ Brown, Candace Donaldson, and 

Stacev Lunsford 







"La Hora Hispana" 

Taking a language class isn't just about learn- 
ing the language, it is also about becoming 
familiar with the culture associated with that 
language. The Spanish department created 
"La Hora Hispana" in order to provide an 
outside culture component to class. Every 
Spanish class up to 202 must attend 4 of these 
culture hours each semester. Each week vis- 
iting student Blanca Diaz-Meza presents on 
a different topic ranging from musical groups 
to holidays. So next time you want a little 
culture in your life swing by the language lab 
Monday or Wednesday during community 
hour and interact with the Spanish student. 

Que Hora es? 

Blanca Diaz-Meza presents her topic of the week to her present 

24 Student Life: Acedemics 

"Agnes Scott College educates women to 

think deeply, live honorably and engage 

the intellectual and social challenges of 

their times." — The Agnes Scott Mission 

Statement. Students thiive in an 

academically challenging environment that 

includes opportunities for independent 

study and student-designed majors. 

Studying the liberal arts and sciences 

allows students to realize their creative and 

intellecutal potential. Agnes Scott women 

develop high expectations personally, 

educationally, and professionally. 

.Toe Krasevec shows Laurenij 
Bryant how to hold hei 

Having trouble deciding what P.E. 
class to take to fulfill the require- 
ments? These ladies chose fencing. 
What could be better than a whole 
hour and a fifteen minutes of poking 
someone with a foil? Fenc- 
ing teaches discipline and 
stamina, both qualities all 
good students should 

' Li and Lauren 
Bryant liy their hand at 
fencing with the electircal 

^ Class IS ou 

Scouies ivii 

Butintk at™ a fun houFoT 

Hdrd ateasaai '^ 

Jordsi^^K) and Nicole Jones 
Iir books for class. 

^^1^ 0^ ^^ g^ equipment. 

[Of Vllotnen 


There is 
going on at , 

^ *^- 



at your finger tfpQ 
fetu of academics. 

Nicoline Strom-Jensen 


.Itli, HIT 

I .11 ilu < 1.1 ( invi-rnof s 

l'riij; .it ' lo. Over I 

course (il the siv-vseek ic the best 

friends and led unsure ol where else our 

relationship inijihl go. 'Ili' (.ill uf 

found us ni Atlanl;i. hf< 

\^\\]\ Hrn .il fieni'ji.i 1 1. 

ot new triends. li 
friendship and m nes i 

Atlanta. How much lictier can it 
than to fall in love with your he 
friend'.' Now we are two-years into 
cominitted relationship (niK 
prows stronger by the ' 

Agnes Scott girls share stories of their most 
important relationships. 


'onathan is my boyfriend 
and my best friend. He 
knows exactly how to cheer 
me up and how to make me feel 
better. Lately our relationship is 
more difficult because I only get 
to see him once or twice a week, 
and I am used to seeing him 
much more often than that. Still, 
the best part is the fact that he 
can make me happy even if it's 
just talking on the phone, and 
that makes him really special to 
me. -Renn Judin 

26 Student Life: Relationships 

My roommates Kelley and 
Alice are the best! 
Roommate relationships 
are difficult because there is so much 
compromise that must happen to 
happily live together. One must take 
into consideration her roommates 
sleeping habits, study habits, and 
yes, partying habits. Luckily I've 
found roommates who I not only get 
along with, but can live with too. 
pnny Wiese 

Gotta have friends! 
From top to bottom: 

*Mindy Killen and KellyLindquist pose in 
their cop uniforms for Junior Production. 
*Sarah Thomas and Sara Scherer dance the 
night away. 

*Nicoline Strom-Jensen and Katie Vesser 
joke around in the yearbook office. 
*Molly Barnes and Amy Flaggs share some 
coconut milk at "Night Under the Stars" . 
*Courtney Dredden and Kim Lichtveld make 

'A circle is round. It has no end. jTiat is how long I'm going to be your 
friend." This is true for most people in their committed relationships and 
friendships. Through the triumphs and tribulations, through the good 
times and the bad, through the rough patches and fond memories, true 
friends hold the test of time. The strongest relationships are able to 
endure the hardships and struggles, because in the end, one is able to 
laugh about the fun times, reminisce about the good ole days, and will 
be able to look back and smile. No matter what label you use to define 
your relationship with any particular person, it is the love, respect, and 
understanding that keep us together. 

Zac and I have been dating since my 
senior year in high school. I was a 
teacher's aide, and he just happened 
to be in that same teacher's class. One day, 
out of the blue, he asked 
me to go to homecoming 
with him, and it has been 
pure bliss since then. 
Although he lives three 
hours away from me, we 
still remain close. He's 
always there for me when I 
need him. Through all my 
years, I've never known 
anyone like him. He 
makes my heart smile. 
-Heather Tovey 

Spread designed by Sara Haj-Hussein and Nicohne Strom-Jensen 

First Years 

runs around 
"e track 
hile wearing 
!r work out 


/' v^ JB^^Bi 

'- ^ 



W (Km~ 

Katie Ricketsonprepares her food 

while dressed in her coat. Many 

times, students had to prepare for 

the outside elements while 

rushing to get things done. 


Zenovia Barnes listens to music 
through headphones while walking 

to class. Many students carried 

books and cds to get them through 

the day. 

Open Xovx Eyes 

What's the most unique item of clothing that you own? 

"The most unique thing in my closet 

has got to be 'the thriller.' It's a 

copy of the jacket Michael Jackson 

wore in his video.. .It's definitely a 

fun going out jacket." 

Meghan Jaffe, '05 

"The most unique item I have in my 

closet is a beautiful piece of 

embroidery from Sri Lanka. It's 

really unique because I stole it from 

my cousin who in turn stole it from 

my grandmother." 

Naomi James, '07 

"The most unique item in my closet 
is a Scarlet the Harlet dress. It's red 

and reminicent of western bar 

women during the gold rush, or at 

least the stereotypical image of them. 

I was going to wear it for Black Cat 

Bonfire. It didn't happen. I was in a 

teeshirt and jeans mood that night." 

Sarah Meng, '06 

28 Student Life: Fashion/Trends 

ScottiGs bring their own styles to their learning environment. 

Dressed to Kill 

1 ) Rebecca Rogers and Melissa 
Gallegos smile from behind the door. 

2) Alaina Bull, Eva Chitty, and Jill 
Massie walk down the pathway after 
class. 3) Julianna Dow sips her 
smoothie. 4) Jennifer Chapman and 
Catherine Horton dress comfortably. 
5) Emilie Zampol shows off her style. 

Spread designed by Heather Tovey, Kimberly Fober, 
& Catherine Horton 

ASC students light up campus with their 


Artistic talent abounds at 
Agnes Scott College! Art 
majors take advantage of 
ASC's small size by utilizing 
their own studios to create their 
masterpieces. The imaginations of 
these students knows no bound- 
aries, as they create everything 
from metal sculptures to charcoal 
sketches. These works brighten up 
our campus and give the artists a 
chance to express themselves 
through their talents. 

.. eyes... 

When I look at art... 

Just one more step and I'm 

Hee Jung Chun '05 is in her own 

world, crafting a creative and 

innovative piece of art. 

Sounding off about 

art...Far Left: Kristin 

Pittman '05, says "Art makes 

you feel and it makes you 

think". Near left: Courtney 

Davis '05 says, "I feel some 

thing different every time. It 

just depends whether or not 

a piece speaks to me". 


Art comes in all forms... 1) Emily Bielawski '04 
twists and turns wires into a sculpture. 2) This 
portrait of Julia Lutgendorf '04 is made of charcoal 
and paint. 3) Heather Veal '06 and Christin Hartung 
'06 ponder the meaning of Nina Bovasso's "With 
You in Mind 2," a piece of ait made of acrylic on 
paint. 4) Alumna Claire Laye '94 used charcoal to 
create these drawings, which currently occupy the 
first floor of Alston. 5) The unique "Scottie" sculp- 
ture was created by Leo Sewell out of pieces of metal 
and other objects that are significant to Agnes Scott 
College, such as pins and buttons. 

Qeating a masterpiece is hard work...Courtney Davis' 

studio shows off her wonderful rendition of El Greco's "View 

of Toledo." 

From barren to bold and beautiful...above left: An art major's 
studio shows off one completed piece and one slate waiting 
for paint. Above right...Junior Hee - Jung Chun and sopho- 
more Carmen Cervantes work diligently on their class- 

room projects. 

Spread designed b\ LiiidsaN Deriso and C\>Lirlney Dredden 

The Child Pose 

modeled by 

Christen Craven, 


Sit on knees with your feet 

bit on knees witn your leet 

together. Place your hands on 

your thighs. 

Inhale, then exhale as you bring 

your chest between your knees and 

swing your arms forward. Rest 

your forehead on the floor. 

Bring your arms around until your 

hands rest near your feet, palms up. 

Hold for about one to two minutes. 

Repeat once more. 

ScottiGs sweat away. 

maintaining their 

fitness and health 

The Various Ways to 


32 Student Life: Fitness 

•pen Your 

'Stretch out a 

little during cool 

down so your 

muscles don't 

cramp up after 

your workout." 

Abbey Weith, '04 


"It's important to 
excercise 15 or 20 

^^^^hh_£ s^^^^^^ 

minutes every 
day not just 1 
hour a week. 

^^^^^^^*es>, ^^W 

Regularity is 
better." , 


-Vanessa Pelcat, '04 ■ 

Spread designed by Heather Tovey, Kimberly Fober. 
& Catherine Horton 

Througout our crazy lives, we attempt to find ways to relieve stres"nd 
have fun. Some people take yoga classes, some people go streaking on 
campus (well not actually but it could happen). Others find the familiar 
out of organizations on campus. The Handicrafts club knits and crochets 
beautiful scarfs and hats (which make great gifts for the holidays). Some wome 
find refuge with people who have the same backgrounds and interests as they 
do: from the African and West Indian Student Assocition, the International 
Student Association or even political and religious organizations, ASC clubs 
are like Sean Paul (they stick together like glue). The ties that bind us together 
as Agnes Scott women also tie us together in the diversity our clubs. New 
organizations such as the Dance Team will educate us through the art of getting 
crunk on the dance floor. Religious groups, such as the Muslim Student 
Association, will keep us spiritually grounded. The Close Ties that bind us find 
a way to tighten our connection with one another. 

34 Clubs and Organizations; Clubs Divider 



^^a!?w»8SB»,r ■'ryi ;-';>'• .n^wti 

Musical Organizations..! 
Profile & Silhouette... 
AWISA, ISA, MSA and Witk 
The Collective & Model UN... 

ing & Speaking Center... 

ius. Math Club, & TriBeta... i 

He K, NSCS, & Colonnade Club... 
__JLife, SOS, Orientation C, & Tower Coun 
Senate, SGA, Class Officers, & Honor Court.' 
Religious Groups On Campus... 
Showtime, Social Council, & Mortar Board... 
Political Organizations... I 

^'^""diworks and Dance Team.-j 

Spread designed by Jennifer Bartell. ^fhia Bolen, Lindsay- 
and Courtney 

am honored to be the j 
2sidenl of Blackfriarsj 
^ause of the strength i 

aire for women, offcri^ 
i)nunities that arc hail 
ind anywhere else. Ii i$] 
fclege to do Shakcspea 
^th over fifteen womeni 
nd do a fantastic job. 
bout any quest ion of o|i 
^ihtics as women to do 
urcat theatre." 

A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare 

October 24, 25, 26, 31 & November 1, 2 


February 5, 6, 7 

Parallel Lives 

theatreworks 2004: an evening of student-directed 


April 30, May 1,2 

Cast and Crew of 
A Midsummer 
Night's Dream 

The Officers 

Ann Willard (President), 

Allison Rodean (Secretary), 

Hannah Reuter (Treasurer), and 

Kenner Barnes (Vice President) 

Faculty Advisors 

David Thompson and Dudley Sanders 

36 Clubs and Organizations: Blackfriars 



The Blackfriare strut their stuff 
on stage for 89 years 

The Cast of Aladdin 

Meg Ginn, Jana Earnhardt, Tara Schultz, 

Ann Willard, HoUis Mutch, and 

Danielle Lonneman 


"Blackfriars, the student theater troupe, 
was founded in 1915 under the direc- 
tion of Frances S. Gooch, and claims 

the distinction of being the oldest 
producing theater in Atlanta, as well as 

the oldest organization on campus. 
Working in close cooperation with the 
theater faculty of the Department of 
Theatre and Dance, Blackfriars offers 
students the opportunity to participate 
in all aspects of production, from 
performance to technical theater. 
Blackfriars presents a major production 
each semester, as well as a production 
for children and a collection of student- 
generated productions." 

~ Student Handbook 

Spread designed by Catherine Horton and Heather Tovey 

Joyful Noise liad us all clapping our hands and made our 

spirits soar with their uplifting concert on December 3rd. 




See What We Did 

Agnes Scott's many musical 
organizations enrich our lives through 

their performances in our campus 

community, sharing with us their hard 

work and excellence through their 

music. Inspirational, a cappella, 

classical, jazz...every type of music we 

crave is provided by these exceptional 

artists. Their practices are rigorous, 

C their directors are driven, and in the 

end their accomplishments are 

acknowledged by their audience, 

making it all worth while. 

38 Clubs and Organizations: Musical Organizations 

Right: an enrapturec 

'■^ audience enjoys a Joyfu 

Noise performance, one ol 

many musical events held ai 

Agnes Scott this year., 

bers of Untitled performji 
»" specials in the Alstoi|^ 





Collegiate Chorale, 
fiotto Voce, Orches- 
tra, Joyful Moke, 
Flute Choir; Untitled, 
and Sigma Alpha lota 
fill the halls of Agnes 
Scott VA/ith the sound 

of music. 

JoyRil Noise 

Joyful Noise: "Joyful Noise is 
a student organization, which 
expresses a ministry through 
song in the form of tradi- 
tional gospel music. The 
music is not specific to a 
particular religious group or 
ethnic background but minis- 
ters to all persons of faith. 
Two on- campus concerts are 
performed each year in addi- 
tion to numerous off- campus 

At left, the Collegiate "" 
Chorale shares their voices 
with the world outside Agnes 
Scott by performing at local churches. 
Below, Sotto Voce, Agnes Scott's twelve 
woman, auditioned a cappella group 
performs at one of their concerts. Sotto 
Voce performs about twelve times a year 
and even travels the world to share thier 
music with others. 

Sotto V 


Sotto Voce: "Sotto Voce is a 

12- voice, highly selective 
chamber choir. Sotto Voce 
does an average of 12 con- 
certs per year, some on 
campus and others in the 

Collegiate Cnorale 

Collegiate Chorale: "Com- 
posed of 30 to 50 members, 

this group gives several 
concerts throughout the year. 

Two of these are the tradi- 
tional campus fall and spring 

concerts. Occasionally a 

concert is given jointly with a 

men's choral group." 

Sprtad designed by Whitne>- Brov\Ti and Stacey Lunsford 


Agnes Scott women work hard 
to give the school its ProfilQ. 




■"^'''11 "1 III 

Hard at work. 



Sarah Scoles perfects her 




article for The Profile. 
Whatcha' Readin? 
Katie Wright and Tiffany 
Gardner read up on the latest 




school gossip. 

\ 1 

"Writing for The Profile has been 

an enriching experience. I have met 

and talked with many students, 

faculty, and staff and learned so 

much about the school and issues 

that are important to women. 

Because the staff is so small, the 

newspaper prints every other week. 

Over the three and a half years I 

have worked on The Profile, I've 

come to appreciate the challanging 

process of putting a paper together. 

Articles must be assigned, written, 

edited, revised, edited, laid out in 

the special formatting program, 

edited again, and finally submitted 

for print. I alone spend about 10 

hours working on each issue. 

Though it is hard work, I'm proud 

to be able to say that my voice has 

both represented and influenced the 

Agnes Scott community." 

-Martha Gaston 

40 Clubs and Organizations: The Profile and The Silhouette 

Profile Staff 

From 1 to r: Rosemary Dixor 

Martha Gaston, Sara Haj- 

Hussein, Christy Powers, 

kKristcii Ralph. Erin Ea.stvec 

Right: Profiling? 

Kristen Ralph works on her 

layout for the next issue 

of The Profile. 

Below: Lounging around. 

Esther Somuah enjoys a good read and 

a nice break from working on 




The vA/omGn of the Silhouette work long hours to 
capture the great moments in an Agnes Scott 

Taking a look. 

Heather Tovey fixes a few 
things on her fitness layout. 
And who said Yearbook isn't 

Valerie Kote-Tawia, Janie 
Lopez, and Nicoline Strom- 
Jensen take a break from 
working on their pages. 

Silhouette Staff 
Top Row: Nhia Bolen, Jennifer 
Bartell, Sara Haj-Hussein, Whitney 
Brown, Cristina Montjoy, Janie Lopez, 
Courtney Dredden, Lindsay Deriso, 
Front Row: Kimberly Wallace, 
Nicoline Strom-Jensen, Katie Vesser, , 
Valerie Kote-Tawia, Kimberly 
Fober, Stacey Lunsford, Heather 


Left: Making it work. ^^^^^H 

Jennifer Bartell takes a ^^^H 
minute to examine her progress. ^^B 

Below: Crop it!!! ^ 
Courtney Dredden and Lindsay Deriso 
crop a picture for their spread. 




W^ '^^^j^( 

■^a^^ , ^ * ^'. 

See what A^ 
■ Did! 

Ironi three lo ouc. from few to many. 

ihc SilluHictic has devlo|H-il inlo a 

single publicalion with a dedicated 

iiiul hard workiii); stall. The cminllcss 

hours ol work thai goes into a 

ycarb«H)k olien lernains unseen lo 

those who receisc the book al the end 

of each year. Working on stall is 

often limes stressful and dilTicult. but 

none the less mixed with good Iricnils 

and man> hilarious moments, From 

layout, lo copy, lo hundreds of 
pictures. Ihc ladies of the Silhouelte 
do il all. Wh) you might ask? Well, 
frankly we don'l know either but for 
we will jusi s,i\ bei ,uise in the| 
end 111 

Spread designed by Janie Lopez and Nicoline Strom-Jensen 

E LO\/E 

The women of AWISA promote 
awareness of other cultures. 

yWISA (African and West Indian Students 
Association) was formed to make our college 
community more aware and more apprecia- 
tive of the numerous cultures, peoples and 
societies found in today's West Indian and 

African countries. All members of the 

Agnes Scott Community are encouraged to 

join J^ISA, meaning that you do not need 

to be a native of the Caribbean or Africa, 

just intrigued by the cultures. ONE LOVE, 

from AWISA. 

-Student Handbook 

E? Aware 9nd 

WitkazG achieves its goals by 
creating awareness and community. 

Witkaze is the Black Student Association of Agnes 
Scott College, founded in 1977. Since its establish- 
ment, members of Witkaze have sought to promote 
the awareness of African, African-American and 
West Indian culture, achievement, contributors and 
history int he community at large and on the 
Agnes Scott Campus. This organization also 
serves as a support group for all African-diasporic 
students. Witkaze 's goals are to promote a diverse 
community where African-diasporic students can 
achieve academic excellence and feel that their 
needs are recognized. 
- Student Handbook 

Th e Muslim Students Association gives the cam- 
pus the opportunity to learn about Islamic faith. 


The Muslim Students Association is 

an organization that works to increase 

Islamic awareness within the Agnes 

Scott community. MSA hopes to 

expand the understanding of the 

college with respect to the religion, 

the people, and the social and political 

aspects of the faith. Through the 
efforts of its members, the MSA has 
also established a prayer room for all 
Muslim students to utilize. The MSA 
encourages students of all faiths to 
join the organization and participate 
in its activities. 

42 Clubs and Organizations: Cultural Awareness Organizations 

See What 


hfern;^ti6)ii I li ricistindii ig 

The International Students Association brings 
the world to Agnes Scott, 

"The ISA encourages the exchange of cultural awareness and 
experiences among students from different backgroundb and 
ethnicities on campus. This ISA also serves as a support group 
for International Students, and also strives to promote diversity 
on campus." - Student Handbook 

Dance the night away! 
Agnes Scot^^Students 
share a darice with those 
who attended the ISA 

Frontrow from left: Linda Githiora, Maria Mandova 
and Alex Penkova Second row: Stephanie Ansah, 
Meghan Murphy (with baby Rebecca), Prajuna 
K.C., Karis Senanu, and Sandra Abrokwa Third 
row: Debbie Ogulu, Njamiu Wai, Esther Somuah, 
Veronique Lunganga, Abena Frempong, Sonal 
Chaddha and Sandrine Nyombaire. 

Officers: Hameet Kang (Secre- 
tary), Milena Todorova (VP). 
Camille Lindsay (Treasurer, 
Sonal Chaddha (IOC Rep.), Linda 
Githiora (President) 

We Did! 


ar was the first ever Fast-a-:: 
^]here students fasted for a day j 
Isposored by local businesses, ■ 
fjnoney going to the Atlanta ; 
|iity Food Bank. At the end of ; 
jihere was a huge banquet with 
■great food from Zyka and 
^ Cafe (see below) and Dr. ^ 

Front row, 1 to r: Dina Mokhtar, 
Qudsia Raja, Shireen Fischer, 
Samaneh Askarian Back row: 
Reem Faruqi, Salma Stoman, 
Hayatt Osman, Hajra Hasan 

Spread designed by Nicoline Strom-Jensen and Sara Haj-Hi 

See What We Did! 

Friends gather at the Collective Drag Party 


The Collective at ASC strives to promote Gay and 
Lesbian awareness through special activities. 



The purpose of the LBTQA ColleG 
tive is to provide a comfortable, 
safe and supportive meeting 
environment for lesbian, bisexual, 
transgender, queer and allied (LBTQA) 
community members of Agnes Scott 
College. In addition, the Collective 
strives to educate the campus about 
lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer 
and gay issues and to raise conscious- 
ness and promote acceptance and 
celebration of all members of the cam- 
pus community. - Student Handbook 

44 Clubs and Organizations: The Collective and Model UN 

2004- LBTQA Collective 


Model UN rG-GmergGg at 
AgriGQ Scott, saving the world 
one debate at a time. 

2004 Model UN Delegates ^ 

1-r: Kavita, Danielle, Milena, 
Koko, Christy, Vallen, Tiffany, 
Adrienne, Rene, Molly, Gaeliel, 
Camellia, and Nykki at the Model 
UN Southern Regional Confer- 
ence in Atlanta 

Left: At the SRMUN 
Conference, November 20- 
22, 2003, delegates Danielle 
Castonguay, Camellia Green and 
Molly Kott await their next debate 
at the Airport Mariott Hotel in Atlanta. 
Below: At the same conference, Molly Kott 
(Argentina), Milena Todorova (head del- 
egate), and Rene Charles (Thailand) prepare 
to debate. 

'Don't Cry for Me 

Delegates Koko, Kavita and Milena 
wait for the rest of the group out- 
side of the hotel. 

Spread designed by Christina Montjoy and Katie Vesser 

Wrf ie Tihas Way 

The Writing Center is a peer tutoring organization 
that provides students with individual assistance with 


\Ql From left 

III Top Row: Kristen Parks, Nicolette Lee, Christine 
Cozzens, Katherine Mohney, Andrea Comiskey, 
Katie Schroder. Lisha Daniels, Rachel Darr; 
Bottom Row: Megan Morris, Emily Norman, 
Christina Lee. Melissa Gallegos, Cailin Copan- 
Kelly. Not pictured: Amber Prentiss 

Students frantically finish papers 
duringfinals week. 

Lejla and Moutushi take a break from 
writing to chat. 

Andrea gives tips to a stylish first-year 

See WKat We Did... 

What do you like best about tutoring? 

"... helping someone to get through a writer's block, 

breaking through all of that fiustration to get to the great 

idea behind it." -Amber Prentiss 

"I love working with a student in the earlier stages of a 
paper and seeing her again later with an evolved piece of 

prose. I just love the idea that I helped her on her 

journey to becoming a better writer. I also love all the 

new people I get to meet." -Nicolette Lee 

". . . the intellectual discourse that springs up when you 

ask the tutee questions you can't answer yourself, and 

she rises to the occasion and challenges the session in 

the most beautiful and frutiful way." -Kristen Parks 

46 Clubs and Organizations: Writing Center and Speaking Center 

Right: Jewels DeBlasiqi 

works on her paper during 

finiils. She looks like she'| 

having fun! 


The Speaking Center provides students with tutoring in all public 

speaking/oratory areas, including improvement of volume, pitch. 

vocal variation, and gesturing. 

From left: Jenny Wiese, Tara Bech, Veronica Henson- 
Phillips, Sonal Chaddha, Crystal Pough 

Audience members enjoy the speeches 

during the 5th annual Persuasive Speech 


Left: At the Speaking 
Center, we can help you 
be this brave! 

Below: ASC Participants from the 
5 th annual Persuasive Speech Contest. 
(From left) Jasmine Adams, Celeste 
Fredericks, Susan Holliday, Kate 
Heidbrink, Veronique Lunganga. 

.or not!! The Speaking Center is here 
to help you with all of your oratory 

Tips from the Speaking Center: 

1. Speak up and project your voice. 

2. Speak with enthusiasm and 

3. Speak with confidence, but never lie. 

4. Pause. You can do wonders with 

5. Try to look your audience 
members in the eye. 

Spread designed hy Christina Montjoy and Katie Vesser 

WHO: Pre-law Club. 

WHY: Assits student who are considering a career in 

law or wish to attend law school in the future. 

HOW: The club sponsors speakers on various careers in 

the legal field, perspectives on law school and LSAT 

prep tests. 

Publisus President Courtney Dredden and 

Secretary April Hathcock have their ears penned 

to the lecturer. 

Publius members learn about being future law- 
yers through special LSAT help sessions, and 

Rachel McConoughey can get down 
with the interesting speech. 

Right: President Courtney | 

Dredden addresses the members. | 

Below: Speaker Kim Strove, I 

Admissions Director at Mercer | 

Law, smiles with Courtney | 

Dredden. i 

First year Publius members are excited 
about being in the Pre-Law Club 

48 Clubs and Organizations: Publius, Tri-Beta. and Math Club 




The AAath Club of f^s tutoring and fun 

numeral activities for the entire 

campus community. 


Heather Ann Veal 
Katherine Miller 
Andrea Zaplatynski 
Helen Oland 
Allison Rodean 
Shireen Fischer 

Kwa!g''j'»fi»-r.t-.i..iiM<ij^tait -i 

WHO: Beta Beta Beta (Tribeta) 
Biological Honor Society 
WHERE: The New Science 

WHY: ...dedicated to cultivating 
the intellectual interest in the 
natural sciences and promoting 
appreciation of biological study... 
HOW:. ..Tribeta has activities 
throughout the year ranging from 
social gatherings to attending 
scientific meetings. 



Lucy Dodd 

Vice President: Audrey Powers 1 


Hilary Parton 


Shemia Black 

IOC Rep: 

Azane Zuacoe 

Ad:iidd 1o Anili^D Add 


Tribeta Officers and Members 

Group Picture (bottom right). 1-r: Sylvia 
Ukonga, Shelley Bugeois. Sarita Patel. Randi 
Sullivan, Meg Spencer, Liza Lucht, Jennifer 
Hutchinson, Shireen Fisher. Christina Ward, 
Catherine Santello, and Tameika Campbell. 


Officers, 1-r: Meg Spencer, Shireen Fisher, Sarita 

Patel. Randi Sullivan, Sylvia Ukonga, Shelley 


Spread designed by Jennifer Bartell, Nhia Bolen, Lindsay Deriso. 
and Courtney Dredden 

"My favorite activity with Colonnade 

Club is Alumnae Weekend. I enjoy 

working with Alumnae and being able 

to connect with them about our funny 

memories of Agnes Scott." 

Courtenay Miller 
(3rd from Left) 


1st row: Lindsey Walsworth, Meghan Jaffe, 
Carrie Crosby, Kirby Hager, Misty Roache, 
Emily Henderson, Shemia Black, Ashley 
Spicer, Karis Senanu 
Back Row: Sandra Abrokwa, Abby 
Babin, Mary Osterbind, Hilary 
Mason, Courtenay Miller, 

Virginia Bain, Liza Lucht, 

Ruth Napier, Elizabeth 

Simpson, Eva-Marie 

Chitty, Martha lUe 

The Old Song and 
Dance Routine 

During the Senior Champagne Party, 

a Georgia Tech man tries to get the girls to 

dance. Part of the ransom for getting their 

mascot back was for the Georgia Tech Circle K 

members to dance in drag and sing 

"It's Raining Men." 

See What We Did... 

Members of the Colonnade 

Club serve ASC alums and keepj 

our campus a close-knit 


Serving Together 

At their first meeting of the js 
semester, Circle K members enjoy , ' 
pizza and comraderie as they talk | 
,;„...j^;...;,^efore the meeting begins. 

?0 Clubs and Organizations: NSCS, Colonnade Club, Circle K 

-^ " ^ 

"Pan of 

being in 

Circle K is 


Dther clubs 

many of the clubs 

have a mascot. Our' 

is a Scottie dog named 

[rvine, after Agnes. An 

nterclub is when 4 people 

From each club are present. (It 

;an be 2 clubs or more.) Circle K 

1st row: Michelle Williams, 

Katherine Lauderdale, Tami Stuart 

2nd row: Sara Scherer, Lauren 

Lorentzson, Liza Lucht, Shireen 

Fischer, Sarita Patel, Courtney 

Ware, Sylvia Ukonga 

3rd Row: Heather Tovey, Sandra 

Abrokwa, Lindsay Cronk, Emily 

Rose, Diana Walters, 

Heather Veal 

encourages clubs to interact with 

each other, which they call "interclub." 

\ way the GA district encourages this is 

hrough mascot stealing. If a club has their 

nascot and it is an interclub, it is up for grabs 

Tom other clubs. Irvine was stolen by Tech the 

;ame weekend that we stole their mascot, a small 

nonkey. There is a limited amount of time to write 

■ansom, and the club that wants their mascot back has 

io whatever it says in the ransom. For instance, we 

Pech that they had to come to our first meeting in drag and 

;ing 'It's Raining Men' on campus. The tradition is all in g 

'un, and it is just a means to encourage clubs to get together for 

;ome service and laughs. We even put a t-shirt that says 'Someone 

rom Agnes Scott Loves Me' on their monkey!" ~ Sarah Murphy 

ASC students interact with 
other schools to help others. 

Planning For College Sucess 
(PFCS) is a program that partners 

an NSCS chapter with a local 
middle school. Agnes Scott NSCS 

members travel to Henderson 
Middle School (in Dekalb County) 
weekly to lead a discussion with a 

group of about 30 female 

Henderson students. The topics 

discussed include: goal setting, time 

management, study skills, 

considering colleges and preparing 

for high school. This is the second 

year that Agnes Scott NSCS has 

partnered with Henderson Middle 

School to bring PFCS to Hendersor 


Michelle Wilhams, '04 

The National Society of 

Collegiate Scholars 

promotes scholarship 

through service. 

Spread designed by Heather Tovey and Catherine Horton 

Wi<arF Life 

The Residence Life staff 
and Tow/er Council lend a 
helping hand by providing 

Charlisa Danieljs'05, Bevin Gaines 
'05. Eva- Mari ; Chitty '06 , and 
Twan Farmer "94 work together as 
a team. 

services to 

current and future 

students of 

Agnes Scott. 

The women of Residence Life 
gather around a game of 

Agnes Scott"s RAs build diversity 
^•v and open-mindedness with the 
help of Tinker Toys. 

52 Clubs and Organizations: Residence Life and Tower d 

The Class of 2007 was welcomed to our campus 

community with a series of events organized by 

Agnes Scott's Orientation Council and Student 

Orientation Staff (SOS). 

Agnes Scott's Orientation council 

hamming it up as they show their school 

spirit during "Party Smart." 

"..The sessions were worthwhile." 

commented Crystal Perkins '07. All 

of the staff and volunteers succeed 

in making the transition smooth for 

the new students that arrived this 

past fall. 

Left: Rebecca Rodgers 
'04, and April Hathcock '04 
show how fun it is to be on 
Oiienldtion Council. 

Below: The seniors of Tower 
Council believe they are the 
Charlie's Angels of Agnes 

FAh*^t^'V >1 U.- 

■l^M: ^ 

Tower Council and advisor Kathleen Edwards are 

shown. When you visited Agnes Scott, you were 

probably greeted and given a tour by one of these 

lovely ladies. 

Spread designed by Whitney Brown. Candace Donaldson, and 

Stacey Lunsford 

L^islatDrig with PDV^ar 

Senate links the students 
with the administration. 

Senate Members: Abena 
Frempong, Arsed Joseph, Monisha 
Lewis, Mizanta Gray, Mia 
Douglas, Ashley Bivens, Terica 
Black, LaTwanda Broughton, 
Christy Powers, Sarah Simmons, 
Jahmilla James, Sylvia Ukonga 

Senate Officers: 

Vice President- Ashley Bivens 

President- Sarah Simmons 

Treasurer- Sylvia Ukonga 

Secretary- Lauren Butler (not pictured) 

Honor Court Members: Back: Aimee Mccoy, 
Samaneh Askarian, Jessica Taylor, Rebecca Rogers, 
Shaya Gregor>', Zeenat Pasha, Natasa Pajic, Tiffany 
Williams, Rosemary Lokko, and Dina Dafeamekpor 
Front: Michelle Currica, Shani Franklin, Jina Kim, 
Kim Kouch 

Honor Court Officers: Tiffany Williams (Secretary), 
Kim Kouch (President), Rosemary Lokko (Vice 
President), Michelle Currica (Treasure) 

SGAMembers: Mary Callis,NinaTioleco, Sarah Simmons, 
Kim Kouch, Kateena Johnson, Jermy Wiese, and Monique 

''The three things that I enjoy the 
most about being SGA president 
are: 1) the high level of 
responsibility that is placed on 
student leaders, 2) the relationship 
that we have with administration 
as student leaders is phenomenal. 
I really feel as if my ideas are 
valid and considered, and 3) I 
enjoy working with the other 
student leaders whose ideas are 
quite different from my own. This 
allows me to leani more about 
myself and to view issues from 
another stand point." 

Kateena Johnson shares a 
few thouahts on why she 

and rnore importantly, a 
.leader on the ASC 

54 Clubs and Organizations: Senate. SGA, Honor Court, and 
Class Officers 

Lerfrg with Glas5 

These leading ladies 

take charge of their 

class activities. 

Sophomore Class Officers: 
Secretary: Lizzie Casey 
Vice President: Kayleigh Shebs 
President: Ashley Clark 
Treasureer: Amy Flaggs 


'■[ especiall) ciijo> being a class officer 
because I get to work with various, 
members of my class and on a number 
of different levels. This interaction 
allows me to get to know my peers, and 
regardless of whether or not we become 
great friends, our work together will 
have an impact on our futures." 

MHf- l\M'lf> 

See What We 
Did: The Truth 

About Being a 

Spread designed by Janie Lopez and Nicoline Strom-Jensen 

Baptist Student Union Members: Misty Roache, Candy 
Creel, Victoria Hamilton, Kristen Mangum, Heather 
Veal, Christiaa Ward, Nhia Bolen 

fie Baptist Student Union is a Christian student 
organization whose purpose is to promote a 
better understanding of the Christian faith. It 

hopes to provide people with the opportunity for 

spiritual growth. 

New Life Members: Kristin Youngquist, Karolina 
Magnusson, Alex Capell, Carolyn Floumey Katie 
Schroder, Jessica MacNaughton, Morgan Floumoy, 

lewfeh StudG 
fornnGd agai 

56 Clubs and Organizations: Religious Organizations 

. wman Club Members: Back: Katherine MoIhk n 
Michael Tigue, Rachel McConoughey, X 
Front: Emily Bielawski, Catherine Fraas, X, Rhiannon 

Newman l.iud is tne campus organization for 
students of the Roman Catholic faith. It meets 
weekly for Sacred Grounds, a combination 
Bible study/discussion group for which students come 
together to share their faith and to talk about different 
topics related to Catholicism and Christian living. 
Students also attend mass together at Emory 
University 's Canon Chapel and participate in activities 
with Emory's Newman Club. 

eVf^'^^ff^^^^ an interdenominational 
Christian organization who seek to 
provide opportunities for fellowship and 

personal growth. Their goal is to unite the Christians 

within the Agnes Scott community. 

"It is a joy to work with 
spirituality and volunteer service. 
1 see them as two sides of the 
same precious coin: one side that 
locuses on service to God and the 
other service to the people Goi 
has created." 

Spread designed by Janie Lopez. Valerie Kote-Tawia, and 
Nicotine Strom-Jensen 

Top Row. from left: Carrie Crosby, Sara Scherer, Mary Osterbind, 

Abby Babin, Kelly McQueen, Meridith Shelnutt, Natalie Reckard, 

Lauren McClain. Bottom Row: Kate Miller, Renn Judin, Susan Lee, 

Terri Entricht, Danielle Nichols, Cherelle Stokes, Alexis Fillos 

Each ye* Rational S^n ^or^a«y• 


'■^/b- ^'''i 



Santello, Renn 

Judin, and 

Pragati Patel 

pause to catch 

their breath at 

2003 's Black 

Cat Formal. 

Bottom Row, from left: Sofia Becerra-Liccia, Ashley 
Brady, Nina Tioleco. Second Row: April Hathcock, 
Alexandra Pajak, Katie Jordan, Morgan Edwards. 
Third Row: Sarah Neal, Kimberly Fober, Rachel 
Hale. Fourth Row: Nicolette Lee, Tiffany Lee, Emily 
Crews, Erin Turner. Fifth Row: Anna Holloway, 
Aindrea Davis, Abby Babin, Jenn Coker, Jami Stuart. 

Senior Abby 

Babin raises her 

hand to ask a 

question as 

fellow members 

April Hathcock, 

Kim Fober, Anna 

Holloway, Sarah ' 

Neal, and Ashley 

Brady look on. 

3y Babin 

and Terri Entricht pose 

for a picture during Social 

Council's Pajama Jam party. 

Below: Co-Presidents Erin Turner and 

Nicolette Lee answer questions about 

Black Cat and upcoming servic projects 

that Mortar Board will sponsor. 

38 Clubs and Organizations: Mortar Board. Sliowtime, and 
Social Council 

Students chow down at the ASC premiere of "The Ring. 

The ehow/tfme Programc Board helps students relax during stressful (and not 
so stressful!) times, by sponsoring various forms of entertainment such as 
concerts, hypnotists, and movies on the Quad. 

Top Ten Grossing Movies of 2003 

1. Finding Nemo 

2. The Lord of the Rings: The 
Return of the King 

3. Pirates of the Caribbean: The 
Curse of the Black Pearl 

4. The Matrix Reloaded 

5. Bruce Almighty 

6. X2 

7. Elf 

8. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines 

9. The Matrix Revolutions 
10. Bad Boys II 

Trivia and a 
members quiz 
the movie 
knowledge of 
the audience 
before the 

- Database (hItp://'ears/2(lli v/iop ;:n 

Left: The audience ' 
eagerly waits for the 
movie to begin. 

Asia Hall 
and Hajra 
Hasan make 
sure they 
have good 
seats for the 

Below: Asia Hall and Lee 

Yarbrough agree that this show needs 

to start! We've already been sitting 

here 5 minutes! 

Spread designed by Christina Montjoy and Katie Vesser 

ASCR Wonders: 
Mew Year. New Members? 

Written by Ashley Spicer 

President of the Agnes Scott College Republicans, Catherine Horton, 
emphasized the importance of recruiting new members at the club's 
January 28"^ meeting - the first of 2004. "On a campus where the majority 
of students are Hberal." she said, "maintaining not only a conservative 
organization, but a Republican one, is challenging. It took us six months 
just to find an advisor." 

In addition to recruitment, ASCR struggles with low attendance 
among its current members. Of the approximately 20 students on the 
roster, only nine were present at this week's meeting - six of whom are 
seniors. Similar difficulties plagued ASCR's counterpart: the now 
defunct Agnes Scott College Democrats. "I hate to say complacency," 
stated former ASCD President Erin Eastvedt, "but I'm not sure there's a 
perceived need among liberals to organize. We're confident in our 
majority on this campus and though, initially, we got a lot of good 
response, the club just kind of petered out." 

President Horton is unwilling to see ASCR meet a similar fate. 
While the club has previously focused on smaller functions, they will 
now begin incorporating more visible events into their agenda. Horton 
hopes that this vigorous new recruitment strategy will "announce our 
presence on campus, welcome conservative students into an 
understanding fellowship, and establish the organization for the next 

First among these larger activities is a bi-partisan movie night 
scheduled for February 26"' and featuring the political drama "Wag the 
Dog." The viewing is a joint effort between ASCR and the Agnes Scott 
College Conservative Forum - a group of students with a traditional, 
though not necessarily Republican, mindset. Georgia Tech Republicans 
may be included as well, but no invitation has been formally extended 

Plans for an upcoming ASCR bake sale were also in the works at 
this week's meeting. Horton delegated cooking and selling duties and 
discussed possible vending locations. Beyond the iminediate exposure, 
the club hopes this event will provide, proceeds will supplement their 
budget (currently $80 for the Spring semester) and help fund expenses 
incurred in the production of promotional flyers. 

As a third possible function, ASCR members eager to encourage 
voting in the upcoming Presidential race explored the viability of setting 
up a table in Alston to provide information about 
absentee voting and give students an opportunity to 
register. They also discussed an alternate, more 
aggressive door-to-door option that would allow 
Agnes Scott Republicans to canvas the campus and 
approach conservatives who Horton worries may 
"actually fear 'coming out' politically." 

Conservative student Erin Lemon shares 
Horton's concern: "I am sure many women of Agnes 
Scott would be excited to join a Republican 
organization, as a classroom discussion dominated 
by the liberal majority may be overwhelming." As 
for whether or not a new year really will bring new 
members to ASCR, Lemon fears that "the campus's 
current political environment inay hinder 
recruitment efforts." 

60 Clubs and Organizations: Political Clubs 

Conservative Tbrum 

First Row: Kimberly Fober, Catherine Horton 

Back Row: Jacqueline Courturier, Lauren Giddings, 

Jessica Creel, Sharon Kelly, Erica Schulz-Durren 


"ASCF aspires to promote 

campus wide discussion of 

political issues, agendas, and 

philosophies — vM\& insisting on 

the right to free speech." 

Jessica Creel, President 


See Whai: We Did 

After giving their 

opinions of the issue, the 

^ debaters turn the discussion over 


to the audience. Many thoughtful 

questions were asked, by students 

like Crystal Wiley, right, and only 

by keeping on their toes were the 

debaters able to compete well. 

Florida Congresswoman and Agnes Scott 

Alumna Katherine Harris visited the college and spoke 

with conservative students from the ASCR and other 


The ASCR members clown around and enjoy themselves 
meeting together during the Tea Party. Entertaining meetings such 
as this one are used to attract potential members. 

Members of ASCR: 

Catherine Horton. President 
Courtenay Miller. 
Vice President 
Stephanie Large, Secretary 
Ann Willard. Treasurer 
Ashley Spicer, 
Social Liaison 

Kelly Aungst, Jennifer 
Chapman. Elizabeth 
Colton. Taylor Gandy. 
Martha Gaston. Carolyn 
Floumoy, Kimberly 
Fober. Heather Foster. 
Ashley French. Shelby 
Harwell, Jessica 
MacNaughton. Kristin 

Spread designed by Heather Tovey and Catherine Horton 

Mgw organizations on campus open 
different doors of activities to ficotties and 
breathe a breath of fresh air into campus life. 

Handiworl<s Qub 

The Handiworks Club exists to teach others the 

concepts of crochet and knitting. Members of this 

club are expected to make or donate at least one 

item to benefit a homeless shelter for battered 

women. - Student Handbook 

What makes the Hanc: 

worthwhile dut 

Club a 
'on campus? 

"We have a good time in that it's fun 
getting together to crochet and knit 

scarves while we teach people at the 
same time. We also sell the scarves 
and donate the money to a battered 
woman's shelter so we are able to 

have fun and help people at the same 
time!" - Reem Faruqi, President 

pictured above with Christina Ward, 
Treasurer (right) 

62 Clubs and Organizations: New Organizations 

Right: Treasurer Christina Ward and Vice 

President Jennifer Hutchison help a group of 

new'handiworkers as they perfect their knitting 

and crocheting skills. 


2003-2004 ASC Dance 


Standing, 1-r: Maria Banjo, 

Bevin Gaines, Lauren 

McClain, Mariah Bozeman. 

Kneeling, 1-r: LaTisha Cotto, 

Tbccara Allen, Jenny Wiese, 

Carrie Cooper. Sitting, 1-r: 

Catherine Santello, Pragati 


Ipip-hop IS ihe^lB^irticuLii gciue ot 
music that I like to dance lo the most, 
however pop music has a soft^aoot in ni\ 
heart too. For our up and coming ytat as 
seniors we look forward to continuiiȣui 
performances at basketball games anooh 
campus events but we would like to "take 
the show on the road", as in a dance 
competition and maybe a performance tor i 
local pubUc school." - Lauren McClain, 
left, with co-captain Maria Banjo 

Spread designed by Christina Montjoy and Katie Vesser 


Agnes Scott College participates in NCAA intercollegiate 
athletics at the Division III level of competition. The seven 
varsity sports offered at Agnes Scott include swimming, 
basketball, cross country, soccer, softball, tennis and volleyball. 
Although the college's athletes must commit much of their time 
and endure tough practices, it is worth every moment because of 
the bonds that are built and maintained among teammates. The 
athletes learn about commitment, responsibility, and teamwork, 
which in turn prepares them for the world outside of Agnes Scott, 

64 Sports; Divider 

Table of Contents 





Cross Country.. 






Spread designed by Valerie Kote-TawiaJanie Lopez, and 
Nicoline Slroni-Jensen 



ir:^' rc-r; 

jckinq up dust on the competition 

Back L-R: Rachel Dooley, Karen Edwards, Susan Simpson, Susanna Lewis, Wren 

Cheatum, Hannah Scarborough, Sally Troy, Kate Thomason, Alaina Bull. Middle 

L-R: Jayme Walton, Christina Engelbracht, Lauren Tuttle, Megan Ryan, Katie 

Rubesch. Kate Kroell. Bottom L-R: Lesley Com-ad, Jennifer Cook. 


.Vy. ■ V ■ 


- . - ^c 

■ ■ ''i' , 

^ ■'.■'■• ^'W^ 



^% :^r^ 

■ •..'■.' 

„ V , ■. ■ i>^ 

'- *■'.•' 

■ ' ■^:>::. 

'':-■■ ,, 

' ' -y 

;■ t'--^ 

I f 

^■■* : 



Converse College 


Meredith College 



University of 


University of the 


Wesleyan College 

Emory University 

Huntingdon College 

Maryville College 

Spelman College 



LaGrange College 



The fearless Scottie soccer team 

chases after the ball against 


66 Sports: Soccer 

Laura Tuttle and Jennifer Cook 

smile brightly for the camera in the 

team van. 


Business as Usual f 

The soccer taems was sensational this 

season. They went to the GSAC 
hampionship game. The ladies fought 
a good game and lived up to their 
motto: nothing free, nothing easy. 
Next year the spirit of this motto will 
lead the Scotties into another success- 
ful season. 



Lesley Conrad 
Laura Tuttle 
Megan Ryan 
Sally Troy 
Rachel Dooley 
Christina Englebracht 
Katie Rubesch 
Karen Edwards 
Alaina Bull 
Jennifer Cook 
Hannah Scarborough 
Jayme Walton 
Kate Thomason 
Wren Cheatum 
Susan Simpson 
Susanna Lewis 
Kate Kroell 

"Eat it Cow!" is a phrase that the 

team uses to describe the "witchy" 

cows of Wesleyan. 

Katie Rubesch pla\ s 


like a bisi woman. 

Cliristina Englcbiaeht seems 
content after a tough game. 

Meg Ryan, Karen Edwards, Susan 

Simpson, and Alaina Bull relax in the van 

after competition. 

The team helps Lesley Conrad 
celebrate with a nice MCAT cake. 

Susanna Lewis puts her game face on 

Spread designed by Jennifer Bartell, Nliia Bolen, Lindsay Deriso, 
and Courtney Dredden 



players serve 

up the 







2002-2004 Volleyball Team 

1st Row: Adrienne Kendall, Toni Craig. Jennifer Bartell, 

Kaleah Overton 

2nd Row: Jennifer Simmons, Charlisa Daniels, Julia Slack, 

Maritza Aldir 

3rd Row: Coach James Hilleary, Coach Hughes, Deidtra 












Jennifer Simmons 
Jennifer Bartell 
Julia Slack 
Adrienne Kendall 
Charlisa Daniels 
Toni Craig 
Maritza Aldir 
Kaleah Overton 
















09/ 06/03 




10/ 04/03 




1 1/ 01/03 

Opponent Result 

Reinbardt College W 

Fisk University W 

Maryville College L 

Piedmont College L 

Huntingdon College L 

LaGrange College L 
Oglethorpe University L 

Brenau University W 

Wesleyan College W 

Spelman College W 

Piedmont College W 

Berry College L 

Fisk University W 

Maryville College L 

Shorter College L 

Wesleyan College W 

Spelman College L 

Ogle(baipe University L 

Huntingdon College L 

LaGrange College L 

Reinhardt College W 

Berry College L 

Great South Conference L 
Home games in Italics. 

Sports: Volleyball 

The AA^moriGs.., 

"My favorite memory of this past 

season was senior night. I was the only 

senior and I feh so proud to be a part of 

such a great team and reaUzed how 

much they all meant to me and how 

much I will miss the team comraderie 

and the coaches." 

~ Julia Slack, '04 

"I have 2 favorite memories of the past 

season. One of them is when we left 

Kaleah at Huntingdon's gym when we 

went to get lunch. The other is the trip 

home from the GSAC tournament; 

Jennifer Simmons has got to be the 

greatest Karaoke partner of all time." 

-Charlisa Daniels, '05 

"My favorite part of the season was 
when we played back to back games 

and came back to win against 

Wesleyan, and then beat Spelman in 4 


~ Kaleah Overton, 07 

"I really appreciated the work ethic of 

the team, the way the returning players 

welcomed the first years, and the way 

the whole team accepted the new 

coaching staff. I look forward to 

working with them next year." 

together, the 
Scottie girls listen" 
to the directions. 

Spread designed by Heather Tovey & Kimherly Fober 

ASC SwimrriGrs have high expectations after a 
winning season last year. 


^^^^ML^BP'^mL i 

"^t- ' . Jfr 1 






w^v^' ^ 


B^pi^^^^B ' ^^^^^H 

^^^m* ^t \ 1 



^^Bi il^^HHi i 


*~ JJjfe'^-.'f^MM 

t^^d^s. ^^ 




Members of the 2003-2004 Agnes Scott Swim team pose 

before their meet against Savannah College of Art and Design 

on January 31st, 2004. 

At left, Ukraine Jane 
tiies to stay warm 
while on the bus 
headed to LaGrange 


Joy a Banerjee 


Aislinn Belton 


Elizabeth Casey 


Lesley Conrad 


Ruth Grune 


Yevheniya Krutko 


Casey Mclntyre 


Dana Notestine 


Kiki Puntervold 


Hannah Reuter 


Lauren Smith 


Kate Thomason 


Maja Tokic 


Amy Zvonar 



Oct 25 



Oct 30 

Boo Bash Relay Meet 

Oct 31 

Catawba, NC 

Nov 1 


Nov 8 


Nov 21-23 

Gardner- Webb Fall 

Classic Swim Invitational 

Dec 2 


Dec 6 

Warren- Wilson, NC 

GA Tech 

Jan 11 

Florida Southern 

Jan 17 


Jan 24 

Florida Southern 


Jan 31 


Feb 7 

Georgia Southern 

Feb 20-22 

Atlantic States Swimming 



NCAA Swimming & 

Diving Championship 

Right: Aislinn Belton 

and Lizzie Casey do 

their best Zoolander 

impressions while 

waiting for the meet at 

LaGrange to begin. 

70 Sports: Swimming 



The Agnes Scott Swim Team 
was busy as usual this year 
as they swam to be top 
Scotties. Last year, they were 
the best women's college 
swim team in the Middle/ 
Southern Atlantic states. 
This year, we can are sure 
that they will do even better. 
Already, they have placed 3rd 
in the Atlantic States Cham- 
pionship. This year's wins 
show the Agnes Scott swim 
team has the spirit because 
they are and forever will be 
Scotties. Being a swimmer 
for Agnes Scott leaves little 
time for other activities, but 
the women of our swim team 
are always willing to do what 
it takes to proudly represent 
ASC in the best way possible. 

Does this look like the face of a 

winner? Lesley Conrad '04 after the 

win at LaGrange College. 

Left: How long do you 
think she can stay in the 
water?! Dana Notestine 
'06 prepares for the 
/ Georgia Tech/ Warren 
Wilson swim meet. 

Spread designed by Whitney Brown, Candace Donaldson, and 

Stacey Lunsford 

uc^fRr^G Vi^fep 

The ladies of the Cross Country team 
took huge steps this year! 

Above: Coach Fred, M. Morris, K. 
Quarin, M. Osterbind, C. Fraas, B. 
Barnard, C. Hall, L. Grimaldi, and Y. 
Rodriguez enjoy a meal together. 

Above: Chrissy Hall, Phyllis Tuggle, Megan 
Morris, Laura Grimaldi, Kelley Quann, and 
BrittanyBamard pose for a team picture. 

Above: Chrissy Hall 
streches her leg 
muscles so they are 
ready to go. 

Left: And they are 
off and running! 

Brittany Barnard FY 

Catherine Fraas FY 

Laura Grimaldi So 

Christina Hall FY 

Megan Morris Jr 

Mary Osterbind Jr 

Kelley Quann Jr 

Phyllis Tuggle Sr 

Sept. 6 University of the 

Sepf. 13 Mountain Top 

Sept. 20 LaGrange College 
Sept. 27 Oglethorpe 

Oct. 04 Georgia Collegiate 

Oct. 11 Covenant College 
Oct. 25 Southeast Classic 

Nov 1 Great South 

Athletic Conference 

Nov 15 NCAA Regional 


Below: Kelley Quaim and 

Megan Morris strech in 

reparation for thei r next 


72 Sports: Cross Countr>' 

Running with 
the TEAM! 

'The words 'T^ast Women 

Have Good Times" arch 

across the back of our bright 

purple cross-country T-shirt; 

the motto fits us. The 

pictures show part of the 

story, but they leave out some 

of our best times off the 

course: pulling pranks on 

the night before our 

championship, laughing at 

Phyllis' house afterwards, 

and squeezing into Coach 

Fred's dining room for a 

final dinner at the end of the 

season. Every person 

counted this year - our 

different personalities and 

abilities worked together to 

form an amazing team. 
People say that running is an 
individual sport; it isn't true. 

We cheered each other, 
pushed, and supported, right 
through the end. Phyllis, our 
first All-American, was our 

hero, but we were her 

champions, even as she was 

ours." -Megan Morris, pictured 


Kelley Quann and 
Catherine Fraas 
take time out from 
the meet to have a 
few laughs. 

Coach John 
Roberts gives the 
ladies some 
friendly pointers 
before the heat. 

Above: Megan Morris take big strides against her. 


Left: Brittany Barnard jogs to the finish line! 

Spread designed by Janie Lopez and Nicoline Strom-Jensen 



Agnes Scott dribbles hard 
with new coaches and a 
dedicated team. 

Back: Coach Joeleen Akin. Denise Draper. Jane Bigham. Kaleah 

Overton. Diana Davies. and Coach David Akin 

Front: Jennifer Bartell, Toni Craig, Zenovia Barnes, and Erin Byrd 

Jennifer Bartell 

Jane Bigham 


Erin Byrd 


Diana Davies 


Toni Craig 


Zenovia Barnes 


Kaleah Overton 


Nov. 21 

Warren Wilson 

Nov. 22 

Toccoa Falls College 

Nov. 25 


Dec. 01 


Dec. 04 


Dec. 08 

Atlanta Christian 

Jan. 07 


Jan. 09 


Jan. 10 


Jan. 12 


Jan. 14 


Jan. 17 

Clearwater Christian 

Jan. 18 


Jan. 21 


Jan. 24 


Jan. 27 


Jan. 31 


Feb. 01 


Feb. 04 


Feb. 07 


Feb. 1 1 


Feb. 13 


Feb. 16 


Feb. 18 


Feb. 22 


Feb 26-29 

GSAC Tournament 

74 Sports: Basketball 

One on One... 

with Assistant Coach 
David Akin 

Why did you want to 
become a coach? 

"I had nan-owed it down to being 

an actor or a basketball coach, 
and Joeleen gave me the proposi- 
tion about being a coach here, 
and I chose basketball in a 

What are your 

expectations for the 

basketball team this 


"My season outlook is a bit 

skewed, because I am optimistic 

about everything I do. The first 

goal is a winning record." 

What are your aspirations for 

the future? 

"I would like to stay in women's 

athletics, because I have a vision. I 

really want to take women's 

basketball to another level. It has 

so much potential to be at a higher 

level, and I invision that I will 

have a team of girls dunking the 


"Go hard, or go home! If you 
a't give it all you hav 

I you have waste 
timef ' 
; '-'Zenovia 1 

call the female coach 
'Coach Akin" and the guy 
I 'Coach Dr 

erson are "I am proud 
of you." 
-Coach / ' ■ 



Head Coach 

Joeieen Akin 

ight: She shoots. ..the 
3'atiently await the ball's 
Lthe court. 

ft: Kaleah Overton 
makes her way back down the 
court in hopes of scoring. 

Bottom Right: An injured 
Jennifer Bartell stays attentive 
on the bench and listens to 
Coach Akin's pointers. 

f *4_|^iiifi'":*i5» fi? 

Spread designed by Janie Lopez and Nicoline Strom-Jensen 

P(^r±/\ i^'^- 


cc LxzmQ 

The 2004 Softball team gears up to top last 

year's record through more experience 

and motivation. 

2064^ ASC Softbainb^in 

' /{HESS' « 'fHtSSCOI-', 
- COLLt "i: OLLESii 

i - # ^^ 
- V' V -^ 

^0S%m' \5NESSC0- -OLLEg/ 'fflESSCOr , 

Back^^,Amanda Starr (assistant coach), Epp^GantJ 

Jayme Wfton^^^AHm^^^^^j^Sally^roy, Laura 

Derajinski, and Jim Hilleary (head coach). Front Row: Tai 

Sudan, Julia Alexander, Courtney Sotherland, and Lauren' 





Kristin Branaum 



Sally Troy 



Lauren Giddings 



Laura Derajinski 



Alina Smyslova 



Courtney Southerland 



Emma Gant 



Jane Bigham 



Julia Alexander 



Tara Sudan 



Zenovia Barnes 






Huntingdon CoUeg 



Suwanee College 


Clark-Atlanta Univ 



Fisk University 


Emory University 


Piedmont College 


Brenau University 


Wesleyan College 


LaGrange College 


LaGrange College 


Fisk University 


Piedmont College 


Wesleyan College 


Judson College 


Maryville College 


Shorter College 


Emory University 

4-16-17 GSAC Toumamen 


Coach Hilleary pitches to Laura 

Derajinski as Julia Alexander^ 

plays third base 

76 Sports: Softball 

Courtney Southerland throws the 

ball to first base as quickly as 

possible for the out. 

Captain Julia Alexander: 

"To motivate my team mebers I 
basically try to set a good example 
on the field by always giving 100% 
and encourage them to do their best 

when they are out there as well. 

We've got a small, but talented and 

close knit team, so we're looking to 

hold our own against the schools we 

compete against and improve our 

record from last year." 

Coach Jim Hilleary: 

"Our hope is to improve our performance 

on the field, particularly with the 

offensive side of the game. Last year we 

emphasized defense and it improved 

dramatically. We hope that the same 

happens this year with our run 


Coach JfffT Hilleary and 
in Julia Alexander 


Spread designed by Katie Vesser 


Above: Shivering in the 

cold, Adrienne Alexander, 

Nhi Ha and Kelley Quann 

put on their warm-ups 

Right: With undeniable 

determination, Nhi Ha 

shuffles her feet ready to 

move in a aiven moment. 




Patricia Brooks 

Nhi Ha 


G?Q>fK(l champQ\A/ork 
hard to defend title. 

Left: Anticipating the fly- 
ing tennis ball, Kelley 
Quann "s fancy footwork 
and perfect form will en- 
able her to hit whatever 
comes her wav. 

Kim Kouch 


Kelley Quann 

Right: Using her hand as a 

means to direct the ball 

and her racket, Michelle 

Mathieson positions her 

body for a perfect hit. 

78 Sports: Tennis 

I ihinu hci head and 

watching the ball tl> 

towards her, Adrienne 

Alexander prepares 

herself to send the ball 

flying to the other side of 

the court. 

Pumpin ItUpfora 

filammin New 



again, not only for a new season, j 

but for a second championship 

title. Facing the challenge of 

idapting to a new coach, the 

Scotties anxiously awaited 

nioiher great season. Realizing 

the importance of body 

conditioning and teamwork, the 

ladies eagerly prepared for new 

lys to greet old competition. 

Lncouraging each other along t 

v\a\. each Scot tie is dreaming ol 

)btaininB a second GSAC 

TENNIS TEAM - Front Row: Nhi Ha, Adrienne Alexander, Michelle Mathieson. Back 
Row: Kelley Quanii, Kim Kouch, Patricia Brooks, Coach John McLamb. 

Coach John McLamb 

dishes out tennis balls for 

the Scotties to hit. 

"A lot has changed for us since last 
year, with the coaches and all, but 
we are really happy with where we 
are right now and what this season 
holds for us." 
-Kelley Quann 

"Coach is trying to kill us! We've 

been doing a lot of agility and 

endurance drills to help us on little 

things that are imperative to a good 

all around game. After that, we can 

handle anything!"' 

-Adrienne Alexander 

"It was exhilirating to win the 

GSAC last year, especially since it 

was our first year in the 


-Michelle Mathieson 

"Winning the GSAC was a great 

experience because it was 

something that we accomplished 

as a team. In general tennis is an 

individual sport, and it was nice 

to be able support one another 

and bring the team to victory." 

-Patricia Brooks 

"To have tons of fun and get 

better every day!" 

-Kim Kouch 

Spread designed by Jennifer Bartell. Nhia Bolen, Lindsay Deriso and Courtney Dredden 

Earlier this year, the yearbook staff asked the seniors what they 
would miss the most about Agnes Scott. You can find many of 
their answers in the pages that follow, but we found Kimberly 
Fober's reflections about her time at Agnes Scott particularly poetic. 
'The way the campus looks around 3 in the afternoon on a cloudless 
sunny day under a deep blue sky in early fall with the leaves still on the 
trees and a cool breeze in the air. The glimpses of the moon over the 
round tower of Main from my sophomore room window, Rebekah 324. 
Knowing my friends are just down the hall. The Black Cat procession 
into Gaines for Junior Production. The way the light moves over the 
beautiful coral walls of 2nd floor Rebekah as the day winds down... The 
sense that I belong to this small, vibrant, challenging community" Class 
of 2004, this is your time to shine. Make us proud and make each other 
proud. Stay close and take your memories with you. 

Student Life; Name of Page 


labLe or 

Senior Investiture 82 

Senior Portraits 84 

Spread designed by Valerie Kote-Tawiajanie Lopez, and 
Nicoiine Strom-Jensen 



Almost Alums. 

The class of 
'04 lines 
up to greet 
Jones (left) 
is all 

'Sr. Investiture is an example of 

the recognition and honor 

bestowed individually on 

students at Agnes Scott." 

-Prof. P Campbell 

For seniors like Yuan 

Mei, senioritis 

kicked in 

before the 


'This signifies the quickly 

approcahing end of all of my 

hard work here at Agnes." 

-Valerie KoteTawia (left) 

Martha Dawsey, Jenn Coker and 

Jill Carson bask in the glow of 

being seniors. 

82 Seniors; Senior Investiture 

'SR. Investiture 

symbolized being 

almost over the 

wall to freedom 

from Agnes Scott." 

-Victoria Gwinn 

(far right) 

'04 Pa- 
waits to be 

"Senior Investi- 
ture signalled 
I another change 
in my life." 
(left) with 
Victoria Gwinn 

Smile, you're seniors now! | 

Jessica Davis and Gabrielle 

Durden enjoy the day to- 1 

gether. \ 

Emily Crews... senior andj 
lovin' it. i 

Going through 
Sr. Investiture 
made me feel 
onored to have 
achieved the 
status of 'Se 
nior.'" ~Kim- 
berly Fober 

(left, with 

fellow senior 



Tiffany, save some 
smile for the actual 
graduation! Shannen 
Williams gives Tiffany 
Williams advice for the 

Senior Investiture is an Agnes 

Scott tradition that brings to , 

life the reality of being a ^^M 

senior. During this ceremony, 

seniors are capped with their 

mortar boards to signify their 

status as an Agnes Scott senior, 

soon to be an alum. The class 

of 2004 is eagerly anticipating 

the real thing, to take place on 

May 15, 2004. Congrats, 

Seniors ! 

Spread designed by Valerie Kote-Tawia and Nicoline Strom- 



Shelby, NC 

Coundl; 1, 2, 3, U; Cirde K: 1, 2; f re-Med 

Yjrq,mh. E-lkaLetF* Bairj 


What are you going to do after 
you graduate? 

"Biological work in the Atlanta area." - E. 

Music and Biology 
Avondale Estates, GA 

Orchestra; I, 2 (frindpal Cello), 4 (frindpal Cello); 
Chorale: I, 2, 3, 4; ASC String Quartet: I, 2, 3; 
Astronomy CluD: I, 2; ASC TV: 3, 4 (Co-Treasurer); 
Colonnade CluD: 3, 4; Sigma Apna lota: 2, 3, 4 (Sgt. 
Arms); Canterbury Gub: 3 (Co-f resident), 4 (Co- 
fresident); League of Namers: 3, 4 (Seaetaiy); Keligious 
bfe Coundl: 3; AO: 4; Tri-6eta: 4 

S'jfra Becerra-IkBa 

Music and Spanish 

San juan, f uetto iNico/TucRer, (oA 

"I will be attending law 

^school. ..somewhere.. .any where. ..hey, 

Where's my acceptance letter??!!" 

- C. Dredden 

"Travel as much as possible until 

I run out of money and need 

to get a 'real' job. So, I'll 

probably travel for a week 

and a half." - A. Fillos 

Chorale: I, 2 (Treasurer), 3 (Vf), 4 (President); Sotto 
Voce: 2, 3, 4; Grcle K; I, 2; NSO: 2; Music Guild: 
2; Sigma Apha lota: 3 (Recording Secretary), 4 (Co- 
fresident); fYl Laden 2, 3, 4; Big Sister: 2, 3, 4; 
Orientation Coundl, Day Student Coordinator 2002, 
2003; Gass Officer: 3 (Co-Secretary), 4 (Seaetary); 
Mortar Board: 4 

KaTneecIa Bello 

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 

London, England 

Scott's Orientation StafF: 2; Grcle K: 2; ISA 2 

(Secretary), 3 (Seaetary), 4; Student Senate: 2, 3; 

FYl Leader: 4 

84 Seniors: Senior Portraits and Directory 

fiTTillif J^-nv^ Biewlaw^ki 

Wadsworth, OH 

Cross Country: I, 2, 3; Newman Qub: I, 2, 
3, 4; Trifieta: 1, 2, 3, 4; JoyRil Noise: 2; 
Religious Life Coundl: 3, 4; Faith and Learning 
Committee: 4 




ey my&is 

What is your best memory of 

"Winning Black Cat this year." - A. Powers 

"My friends and the ever so green green grass." 
- R. Poole- Ward 

"The Sister Hazel concert and all the fun 
I had with the girls." - J. Dykman 

"Performing the dances at JP— it 
really brought us all together 
and it was such a feeling of .'^ 
accomplishment when we 
finished." - A. Brinegar 


SBetlv Marie Bourgeois 


Knoxville, TN 

GEO: 1, 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer); Tri-Beta: I, 2, 3, t 

A5'F>leV lorrairie Bradv 

International i\elations 

Houston, TX 

Witkaze: I, 2 (farliamentarian, riistorian), 3 (Co- 
President), 4 (Co-f resident); Model UN: 2, 3, 4; 
Senate: 1, 2 (i ariiamentarian), 3; Qrde K; I, 2; NSCj; 
Mortar Board: 4; futlius: I, 2, 3 (President); Women 
in Business: 2 (President); Joyful Noise: 4 

MtuTnr) FaWTi Brirjegar 


Athens, GA 

Best Buddies: I, 2; jodal Council: II; Varsity Joccen 

I, 2; Cirde K; 3; Black Gt Qair: 3, 4; Study 

Atroad: 3; Residence Life: 2 (RA), 3 (RA 4 (RD); 

Operation Cnristmas Child: 3 

Patricia Jearj Brooks 

lacksonvllle, rL 

Varisty Tennis: I, 2, 3 (Captain), 4 (Captain); 

Omioon Delta Epsilon: 3, 4; NSG: 2, 3, 4;| 

Putlius: I, 2; Qass Officer 2 (VP) 

Spread designed by Christina Montjoy and Katie Vesser 

QiCfeavla l^&ntt Srowrj 

tconomia and Business 
Atlanta, GA 

loyful Noise: I, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Alpka lota: 2, 3, 4 
( rrcasurcr); Omiaon Delta tpsilon: 3, U (Ireasurer); 
INROADs Intern: I, 2, 3, 4 

Tarp.eika Nickello Cairiplset 

WoodnjfF Scnolais: 2, 3 (Treasurer), 1; Career 
Advisory Board: 2, 3 (Vf ); Track Out: 2 
(Treasurer/Seaetary); Tribeta: 2, 3, 4; ACS: 2, 
3; GEO: 3 

Liarjrja to Carsorj 

tnglish and Jtudio Art 
Winston-Salem, NC 

, ^ 

Art Qub: I, 2, 3, 4; untitled: 3, 4 (Seaelary); 
Qiorale: I, 2, 3, 4; Sotto Voce: 1, 2, 3, 4; JoyRil 
Noise: 3, 4; League of Namers: 3, 4 (T£R); fsi 
Cki: 3; Canterbury QuL: I, 2, 3, 4; DfS: 3, 4; 
Orientation Council: 3; frofile: 2, 3 (Art 
Director), 4 


f olitical Science 
Dirmingnam, AL 

Best Buddies: 1, 2, 3, 4 (IOC Rep); IOC: 2, 
3, 4 (txectutive Board: Worksnop Coordina- 
tor); Tower Coundl: 2, 3, 4; NSCS: 3, 4; 
Mortar Board: 4; FYI Lader: 2, 3; New Life: 
1, 2, 3, 4; Big Sister: 2, 3; SKowtime: I, 2 


Who are youi 
favorite professors 
4 and why? 

"I love Dr. Redmond's sense of 

humor and his willingness to 

stand up for what he believes in. I love 

Tina Pippin's refreshing take on our 

modem-day society." - S. Franklin 

^acFiel Crai^^ 


3 (RA); ACS: 2, 3, 4 (Secretary); 
4; Junior f reduction 

86 Seniors: Senior Portraits and Director)' 

"Dr. Hubert (cause she's Dr. Hubert!) and Dr. 

Cozzens, because she is always willing to go the 

extra 50 miles to help you, and her classes are the 

only I've taken here where I consistently *wanted* 

to keep going to class." - K. Kallaher 

"Dr. Paulsen (my first voice instructor) and Dr. 
Schenbeck for their unceasing faith in me (Dr. P- 
thank you for allowing me the space to boohoo in 
my lessons when I needed to.). Todd Skrabanek, 
my piano teacher, who is the MAN!!! His amazing 
understanding (and quirkiness) made it easier for 
me to learn to play the piano." -N. Frye^ 

ieSSicQ. Cree 


fimitif Diarje Cr&DS 


ixeligious Jtuaies and History 

Damwell, j(_ 


NSO: 2, 3, 4 (VP Community Service); 

Mortar Board: 4 (Vi Community Service); 


TArC 4 (f resident); Faitli and Learning 

f Hm 

Committee: 4; SGA: 2, 4 (Treasurer); Varsity 

1 u^^Hv 

Soccen 2; Dean s Honor List: 1, 2, 3, 4; 


Religious Lire Council: 1, 2 


What is your 
best memory of 

"I will remember the friendships 
I made and the unceasing support 
they provided me. I will be forever 
grateful to Tracy and Debbie and 
Simone and Vera and Zarita and every 
other Woodruff Scholar who appreciated 
how very hard it really was. To every 
Woodruff Scholar I leave behind, I say, 
YOU CAN DO THIS!" - E. Harper 

"All those days where I turned simple 20- 
minute meals into 2-3 hour long talk and 
laugh fests with my friends in the dining 
hall in a feeble attempt to avoid my 
work." - A. Hathcock 

"Dean Shuronda Smith." - S. Reid 

Tirgirjia Caroiirje "C^rri^' 


Isle of 1 alms, SC 

Grcle K; I (Sunshine Cnair); Softtall: I, 2 
(SAAC Rep); Qass of 2004 Qairperson: 2, 3, 
4; Sodal Coundl: 3, 4 (IOC Rep); IOC: 3, 4 
(Seaelary); Joykjl Noise: 3, 4; Tsycnology Cluo: 
3 (r resident), 4 (iresident); Colonnade Club: 4; 
festle Doard: 4 

^lair Ciis?)mq, 

Latina Human Services (self-designed) 
OmaKa, N£ 

Hispanic Awareness Society: 3, 4 (fR Chair); 

NSQ: 4; Big Sister: 3, 4; FY\ Lader: 3; 

Circle K: 2; f ronle: 2 

1/^actLtet MkF>ete Daviclsorj 



AWISA: I, 2, 3, 4; Witkaze: 1, 2; Profile: 1, 2; 
Student Calling Program: 1, 2 

Spread designed by Cliristina Montjoy and Katie Vesser 

AJTiclrea Keelevf Davi.? 

Economics and Business 
Plantation, rL 

Studio Dance Tlieater: I, 2, 3, 4; Sodal Council: 2, 
3, 4; Class Officer: 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer every year); 
Mortar Board: 4; NSCS: 3, 4; Omiaon Delta 
Epsilon: 3, 4; Tower Council: 3, 4 

What is the one class that 
made you go 'Wow" at ASCP 

Jeo.s-ka-Sif^ar^T^e Davi5 

International Relations and Business Economics 
Mannkeim, Gemnany 

Profile: 1; Women in Business: 2, 3 (President); 


Delta Epsilon: 4 


"Psychology of Sexual Behavior with Jenny 
Lucas. Who wouldn't enjoy that class?" - E. 


'Wstory 335: Black Protest Thought. This 

class is so intense as far as the racial, 

political, and social aspects are 

concerned. Dr. Violet Johnson should 

^ be given a reward for having the 

cou rage to teach this class in an 

^Environment of women that 

^ are passionate and ready 

for conflict and 

controversy." - 

\ V. Gwinn 

Mar*:r-. a V/alli5 Daw^e\j 

Marietta, 6A 

Grcle K; I, 2; Hatitat for Humanity: 3, 4; New 
bfe: 1, 2, 3, 4; Astronomy Qub: 4; Scott's 
Orientation StafF: 4 


llriclS'aif Zveif Deri^o 

History and Antnropology/ Sociology 

Leslie, GA 

Silnouette Staff: 4; Junior Production: 3 




^iT[r <^4 

Sa ra Pos&if DBe-)^ed.etto 


Marietta, GA 

Senate: 2; ACS: 2, 3, 4 (Vf); Career 
Advisory Board 

Seniors: Senior Portraits and Director)' 


What are you going to do after 
you graduate? 

l^oS&n&T^ DixoTi 

Atlanta, GA 

Profile: 2, 3, U (Copy Editor); Circle K: I, 2, 3, 
4; FYI Leader: 3, 4; Witkaze: 1, 2, 3, 4 

'I am getting married, and hopefully going to 
law school." - A. WiUard 


'Read all the books and watch all the movies 
I've been saving up for the last 4 years and 
put all my pictures in scrapbooks! And 
i job, maybe?" - K. Fober 

'I will return to Germany to ge: 
my university "Diplom" there 
md later on work for the 
German State Department." 
- J. Davis 


CariclaiCe Do'oalcls'orj 

■'^ 1 

Atlanta, GA 

Joylul Noise: 1, 2, 4; Qorale: 3; Tower 

Council: 3, 4; Silhouette Staff: 4; Class Officer: 

4 (Vf ); Witkaze: 1; fsychology Qub: 3, 4 

jHH^^^ '^^^^^Rli /. 

Delsorap) Ao-^rnS Dooley 

Antfiropology and Sociology 

Atlanta , GA 

WoodnjfF Scholars: I, 2 (Vf ), 3, 4; FYI Leader: 
3, 4; 


fiowie, MD 

Dasketball: I; Tower Council: I, 2, 3, 4; Dig 

Sister: 2, 3, 4; f ubiius: I, 2, 3 (Vf ), 4 

{f resident); ulack Cat Chair: 3, 4; Silhouette 

Staff: 4 

Trench and Anthropology! 

Auburn, G A| 

f rench Club: 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 6 Co-f resident) 

French Honor Society: 2, 3, 4; Volunteer 

i\€iugee Family Sen/ices: 3; Career Advisory 

Board: 3, 4 

JerjTiifer Dylonarj 

Cross flains, Wisconsin 

Spread designed by Ciiristind MontjoN and Kjtie Vesser 

MoTOarj Z.wick& Bclwardi' 

Tsycnology and Early Cnilanooo toucation 


Varsity Ooss Country: I (SAAC Rep), 2 
(Qptain and SAAC Rep), 3; SAAC: I, 2 
(President); Residence bfe: 2 (RA), 3 (RA), U 
(Complex Manager); AAortar uoard: 4 (Co- 
Black Cat Qair) I 

Twarj FarTner 

Engiisk Literature and Creative Writing 

Cedar Rapids , lA 

Orcliestra: I, 2, 3; Grcle K: 2 (Sunskine Ckair), 
3; Campus Girl Scouts: 1, 2, (Vf ), 3 (President), 
4 (President); Residence Life: 2 (RA), 3 (RA), 4 
(RD); DPS: 3, 4; Profile: 4; Volunteer Board: 2, 
3, 4; Exkikition Art: 4; Aurora: 2, 4; Scott's 
Orientation Staff: 2; FYI Leader: 2, 3, 4; Big 
Sister: 2, 3, 4 

Alexia Fi 

Women s Studies and Psyckology 

Decatur, GA 

Varsity Swimming: I, 2; Circle K; 3, 4; Habitat 
for Humanity: 3; Social Council: 4; Big Sister: 
3, 4 

CarolifT} toms& Flo^T^ey 

Economics and Business 

Cu mming, QJA 

NSQ: 2, 3, 4; Omiaon Delta Epsilon: 3, 4; 
German Honor Society: 3, 4; Faust Club: I, 2, 
3, 4; New Life: I, 2, 3, 4; College Republicans: 
2, 3, 4; Big Sister: 2 


Who are your 
professors and whyP 

Kinrtlserlvf J^nm^-H&rciQ. Folder 

Economia and Business 

Qiay Court, SC 

Orientab'on Council: 2, 3 (VP), 4; Tower Council: 2, 
3, 4 (TC Intern); NSO: 2, 3, 4; New Life: I, 2, 3, 
4; Witkaze: 3, 4; loyful Noise: 2, 3; Omiaon Dcka 
Epsilon: 3, 4; Habitat for Humanity: 3, 4; Colonnade 
Qub: 2; Mortar Board: 4; Dana Sckolar: I 


^ "First, Dr. Lynn because he has so 

^ much energy when he teaches, and he 

enjoys his topics so much that the students 

are motivated and excited to learn the 

knowledge he has to share." - C. Horton 

"Nell Ruby, because she has taught me to be the 

_best artist that I can be. She has helped me to see 

I the woman I am becoming and how to live life 

with a Uttle more enthusiasm." - A. Jones 

"Ayse Garden and Jennifer Lucas- take a class 

with either of them, you will understand. I have 

also been lucky enough to have both of them as my 

advisors." - N. Ledbetter 

90 Seniors: Senior Portraits and Directory 

HeatF>er Foster 

Antnropology and Sociology 
AAarietta, GA 

Economics and Business 

Litnonia, GA 

Witkaze: 1; Aurora: 1 (Seaelary); Senate: 2; 
Honor Court: 4 

Melii'^'a Vo (i)iLleQoi 

Winter f ark, FL 

Writing Gnter Tutor: 2, 3, U; New Lie: 3 6 

4 (Small Group Leader); OrcKestra: I, 2, 3, H 

(Concertmaster); Harmonic DifFerences String 

Quartet: 2, 3; Qorale: I, 2, 4; Sotto Voce: 4; 

League of Namers: 3, 4 (President); NSCS: 2, 

3, 4; fiig Sister: 3 

What will you 
hnisQ most about 

MartF>a ^astor^ 


'Living so close to my friends." 
■ H. Lemon-Steiner 

'Being able to wear pajamas... any where r 
■ E. Pace 

Englisn Literature and Creative Writing 

HigKlands . NC 

Profile: I, 2 (Copy Editor); 3 (Assistant Editor), 

4 (£ditor-in-Qief); NSCS: 2, 3, 4; Orcliestra: 

2, 3; Delta Pki Aplia: 3, 4; New Life: 3, 4 

"The people, the chicken caesar wraps and the 
perfectly trimmed grass." - A. Pajak 

'All the amazing people I've met and the intimacy^ 
af everything." - R. Scoggins 

'Blackfriars and most of all, my wonderful friends 
and professors." - A. Willard 

:he ^L 

MitTilra (sokat 


Religious Studies and fiusiness/Economics 
iMverdale, GA 

Asian Continental American Student Associa- 
tion: 1; Subcontinental Student Association: 1; 
. MSA 1, 2; fiig Sisten 2 

Spread designed by Ciiristina MontjoN and Katie N'esser 

StiialjetF) Fair (®oocF> 

AAatnematics and Economics 
Roswell, GA 


What is your worst memory of 

Antnropology and Jodology 
ackson, AAS 

Mary Dar^a ^ow&ri 


"Freezing firedriUs at Sam." - E. Bielawski 
"First- Year dorm life." - J. Davis 

"Black Cat 2003...WAY too much pettiness 
X and drama." - C. Dredden 

w "ASCPD ticketing me for 

■ everything." - S. Franklin 

^ "September 11, 2001." 
- - E. Turner 

ElsOTjif (®reer;e 

Americus, GA 

ickfiiars: I, 2; New Life: I, 2 (Activities Coordi- 
nator), 3 (Activities Coordinator); Grcle K: I; 
Haoitat for Humanity: I; RLC: 3 


Ykfjoria (^wmv 

English Literature and Oeative Writing 

Atlanta, GA 

JoyfijI Noise: 2, 3; Cnorale: 3; Studio 
Dance Tnealer: 2, 3 

92 Seniors: Senior Portraits and Directory 




Who is your favorite professor 
and why? 

'Dr. Steve Guthrie— this man is monotone beyond 
behef but is funny as hell! He has an excellent 
sense of humor, he is very knowledgeable in 
English Literature, he is always helping students 
to think outside the box, and he is a professor 
that does not give a damn and will tell you 
iust the way it is. I respect him so much 
For that. He ROCKS!" - V. Gwinn 

'Dr. Gail Cabisius, my advisor,ir 

because of her kindness and 

5specially her encouragement 

in my pursuit of all things 

Greek and Roman. Dr. 

Cal Johnson, my organ 

teacher, because he 

tias constantly 

encouraged me 

to pursue and 

use my musical 




f rench and History 
Kfinnesaw, Qlr\ 

OrcKeslra: 1, 2, 4; Chorale: 1, 2, 4; SAI: U 

(Secretary); rrencn Club: I, 2 (Secretary), 4; 

CGS: I, 2 (Treasurer), 4; Mortar Board: 4 

ick Gt Co-Chair); f i Delta f hi: I, 2, 4; f hi 

Alpha Theta: 4; Haoitat for Humanity: 2; 

SfiJYF: 3 

Me^Ba-nrj Kainitter 

Olney, MP 

i&i Wr&r; Harper 

Atlanta, GA 

Woodruff Scholar: I, 2, 3, 4 

April MkBelte HatBcock 

Psychology and French 
Apopha, rL 
rellowship of Christian Students: 4 (Co- 
founder); New Ufe: I, 2 (Coordinator), 3, 4; 
Withaze: I, 2, 3, 4; Mortar Board: 4 (Vf ) 
Senate: 2; Tsi Chi: 3, 4 (Treasurer/ Secretary) 
NSCS: 1, 2, 3, 4; fuhlius: I, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary); 
f i Delta f hi: 2, 3, 4 

Kate Keicl^rirjl' 

Anthropology and Sociology 
Irvine, CA 

New Life: 1, 2 (Study leader. Crossfire), 3 
(Servant Team, Clowning Around); French 
j Jub: I (Seaetary), 2 (Co-r resident); Orchestra: 
} I, 2; leer Educator for Religious Studies: 3 

Spread designed hy Christina Montjoy and Katie Vesser 

Becky H&isoTi 

International Kelations/jpanish 
Tucker, QdA 

Varsity Swimming: I, 2; fublius: 3, U I Treasurer); 
5enate:li; Habitat for Humanity: I; Baptist 
Student Union: 4; Mortar Board: 4 

Jakit hvlwn&tt^ KiU 

Religion/Sodal Justice 
Atlanta, GA 

Witkaze: 1, 2, 3 (Vf), 4; Residence Lie Staff: 
(RA) 2; Awisa: 1, 2; Awisa Dancer: 1, 2; Joyful 
Noise: 2; Studio Dance Uieater: 2; filackfriars: 2; 
Minority Council: 3 

M^vql Kolloway 

folitical Sdence/Women s Studies 

Effingnam, JL- 

eiackfiiars: I, 2, 3, 4; NSQ: 3, 4; Mortar 

Board: 4; Mock Trial: 2 (Vf , IOC Representa- 
tive); Big Sister/ Little Sister: 2, 4; Tower 
Council: I, 2; fublius: 1, 2, 3, 4 

Music: Tneoiy, History, i crformancc 

Lawrenceville, tlA 

Ckorale: I, 2, 3, 4; Sotto Voice: I; QISC: 1, 2, 3, 
4; Sigma Alpba lota: 2, 3, 4 (Vf, Membciskip); La 
Casa JHispana: 2; froliie: 3, 4; Social Council: 3, 4; 
Yearbook: 4; CMENC: 4; Conxervalive forum: 
4; College Republicans: 2 (Sec), 3 (Vf ), 4 (f res.); 
Senior Gift Campaign: 4; Astronomy Qub: 4; Black 
Cat Songs Cnair: 4; Orchestra Manager 2, 3, 4 

.ia (Nicky) HOTt 

NSQ: 2, 3, 4; Omicron Delta Epsilon: 4; JoyLl 
Noise: 3, 4 

94 Seniors: Senior Portraits and Director)' 

What are you 

going to do after 

you graduate? 

"Either Teach for America or the M.A.T. 
jt program here at ASC." - K. Kallaher 

"On the real- NO graduate school for this 

femme! I will receive further knowledge from 

other sources besides an institution of any kind. 

I'd like to spend a month on spiritual retreat. 

Travel a little bit, too. Perhaps move out of GA. 

And of course, work and pay the bills." - N. Frj'e 

"Work.. ..somewhere! Probably in a medical 
setting." - M. Gokal 

"After graduation? I plan to do the one thing I 
have always wanted to do, but never dreamed I 
would. I am going to be a teacher." - E. Harper 

JerjTiifeT filalrie lSQ,i2S 

International Relations 
Tampa, rL 

Mf ^^ 

Tower Council: 1, 2, 4 

^^Hlk '^^'M'" i 

Marie (Mi^S'if) Iza^nirre 

iW >^? 



b JINS^. ^ 

Kateerja I Jofoi'orj 

■Hk 1 

DrunswicR, GA 

./ .' 


JuJidal Board: 3; SG/ 
(f resident); 

V Volunteer Board: U 
AWISA: 1, 2, 3, 4 


A/hat is the one 
;lass that made 
jou go "wow" at ASC? 

Women's Studies. It changed the way 
iiat I think and feel about things allowing 
fie to analyze the world from a different 
lerspective. I feel that I can have a more enlight- 
ned view in all areas of discussion because of the 
nain ideas I have taken from that class." - A. Jonea 

Class as in the that thing I'm supposed to go to- 
)rganic Chemistry, WOW, I actually passed." - Hj 

The Global Awareness Class: Ghana. I got a 
hance to go to Ghana for three weeks." - T. 

Alairja Diarie hv&s 



Studio Art 
Ft. Mye5, f L 


Black Cat Decorations Ckair: 1; Designed Stir Fry 
Logo for Spring Student Art Exhibition: 3 

Jordar^ to JoTie-S" 

Ormond Beacn, rL 

Circle K: I, 2; Softtall: I; Black Gt f arty Day 
Cnair: 4; Student Intem-Spedal Events: 2, 3 

Spread designed by Cliristiiiii Montjox and Katie X'esser 

Nkole JoTTeS" 

Mannheim, Gennany 


What are you going to do after 
you graduate? 

"Graduate school in Afro- American Studies." 
- S.D. Williams 

KriS'tei^ KallaFver 

Memphis. TN 


OfFice of Communications Intern: 2, 3, 4; I he 
frofile: I (News Editor); The Collective: I, 2 
(Secretao^); W.A.V.E.: I, 2 

"Travel to Canada, Hawaii with my 
ioyfriend— then on to graduate school." 
- A. Brinegar 

'Go to graduate school for masters in 
.^.teaching history and social 
^ studies." - J. Dykman 

ntemational delations 
St.Simons Island, GA 


NSQ: I, 2, 3, 4; French Honor Society: 2, 3, 4; 
RHA: 2; Mortar Board: U 

Valerie A" Kote-Tawia 

Economic and Business 

Atlanta, GA 

oyLl Noise: 1, 2, 3, 4; Women in Business: 2; Sigma 
Alpha iota: 2, 3, 4; YearLooh: 4 


Kim Sim KoacF* 

StatesDoro, GA 

Honor Court: I, 2 (Seaetary), 4 
(President); SGA Exec Board: 4; Psi- 
Qi: 2, 3, 4; Tri-Beta: I; Goss- 
Country Team: I; Tennis Team: 3, 4 

95 Seniors; Senior Portraits and Director>' 

Who are your favorite profes- 
sors and VA/hy? 

"Dr. Garden because she's the epitome of 
strength and the nicest lady ever. Dr. Lucas 
because you have to give mad props to 
someone who can make performance 
appraisals sound interesting and who 
voluntarily dresses like a lab rat every 
year. And Dr. Kachelski because he's 
so conscientious and the best 
advisor ever; if it weren't for him, 
I wouldn't be graduating!" 
- A. Hathcock 

^■FlizalsetF) H^rmqtov Imh&t 


^W History and Art 

^ Qarleston, SC 


Best Buddies: 1, 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer); Colonnade 

Club: 1, 2, 3 (Seaetary), U; Mortar Board: 3, 4 

^^Hh^ <% 

(Historian); NSCS: 1, 2, 3, 4; Canterbury Club: 


1, 2, 3 (co-leader), U (co-leader); Circle K: 1,2, 3, 


4; Religious Life Council: 1, 2, 3, 4; Volunteer 


Board: 1, 2, 3, 4; f Ki Alplia Tbeta: 4; Allocating 


Committee: 2, 3 (Seaetary) 


KrMa-r^a lariTnore 

"Dr. Glower, Dr. Scott, 
and Dr. Wistrand- They 
made class fun, but 1 also 
learned a lot froni 
them." - H. 


KatFterJT^e Jarje laixclerdale 


raiinope, AL 

Asian Women: 3 (f resident), 4 (President); NSQ: 3, 

4 (executive Vt ); National Coalition Building 

Institute: 3, 4; Habitat for Humanity: 2; Best Buddies: 

3; Minority Council: 4 

Nicole lecllsetter 

Winter Park, f L 

Grclc K: 1, 2, 3 (President), 4 (Lt. Govemor); 

slack Cat Cnair: I; Tower Council: 2, 3, 4; Junior 

T reduction Stage Manager: 3; Dana Scnolan 3; 

jtuoy Abroad-jalamanca, Spain: 3 

.Mariatar^Tia tm^s lee 

m»- ^^^^H 


frcncn and Women s Studies 
Lafayette, LA 

A Buddies; 1, 2, 4; f rencli Honor Society; 2, 3, 4; 

Black Cat franks Qiair; 2; Dean s Honor List; 

Sweetbriar Junior Year Abroad in Paris: 3 

Spread designed by Christina IVlontjoy and Katie Vesser 

Nkolette Joarjrie 

f olitical Science 
fanama City, rL 

Common Ground: 4; Cross Country: 2 (AAosl 
Improvea Runner); rll Leader: 2,3; AAortar 
Board: 3, 4 (Co-Fresident); NSQ: 2, 3, 4; 
Profile: 1; f ublius: I; Writing Center Tutor 2, 3, 

Sarasota, rL 

luJicial Board Rep: 4; Colonnade Quo: 4; Student 
Calling frogram: 23; CDC Intern \Antn ISicRetlsial 
Diseases: 3, 4; AG: 2 (Historian, IOC Rep), 3 
(President), 4 (Co-Seaetaiy); Senior Qass Dance: 4; 
ruLlic Safety Haunted House for Cnaiity; I, 2, 3, 4; 
Dana Scnolar: 3; Junior Production: 3; Introductory 
Qiemistiy Tutoring: 3; IOC Rep: 2: Tower Coundl:2 

Tower Council: 4; Junior Production: 3; CDC 
Intemsnip: 4; Soccer: 1, 2 

MkP)eUe J^wi& Los 

German Studies and History 
Navarre, FL 

Faust CIud: 2, 3 (co-President), 4 (co-f resident); 
Cross-Country: I, 2; riaLitat for Humanity: 3; 
NSQ: 1, 2, 3, 4; Pki Alpka TKeta :3, 4; 
Delta Phi Alpha: 3, 4 

: IS your 
worst mGmory 
from ASC? 


98 Seniors: Senior Portraits and Directory 

"Don't have one." - C. Miller 

^Hearing the news about September 
llth."-E. Mishoe 

"First Year refrigerator theft. Who Stole My 
Pickles??!" - E. PacS 

"Physical Chemistry." - R. Poole- Ward 

"The worst memory that I have of ASC is the 
overload of classes and the rigorous class sched- 
ule." - V. Gwinn 

"When the class of '03 ran through Winship all 

night my first year at ASC banging pots, pans, and 

drums." - A. Willard 

Priva So Mala-oi 

OwensDoro, KY 

Tower Council: 3, 4; Black Cat: 2, 4 

(Cnair); Junior froouction: 3 (Cnoreog- 


Beverly !<» Hwnmso 


SF>araifTje Do Mark 


AWISA: 1, 2 (Dance/Event Coordinator), 3 

(fresident), 4 (Dance Coordinator); Tower 

Council: 1, 2; Witkaze: 1 

yA/hat is your 
?Gst memory 

'The Lovely Ladies of Witkaz< 
• S. D. Williams 

'That feeling of intense relief when I walk 
3ut of Buttrick after my last exam each exam 
Deriod, usually with a runny nose and my 
glasses on because I have slept about 2 hours 
if the last 40, but (wo)man, there is no time I've 
felt freer." - K. Fober 

AJTTiee I 

Actor/ Director in A5C productions; Woodruff 
Jcnolar fresident; Honor Court Rep; Orienta- 
tion Council: 3 

'Running at 5:45 am with the Cross Country team." 
■ E. Bielawski 

'The challenge; I feel this will make me a more 
Droductive person in the fumre." - T. Campbell 

Carrie McCardv 

Jssp?''' CA 


NSQ: 2; Black Gt Overall Qair: 2, 3; 
ODE: 4; f uUius: 4; flute CKoir: 3,4 

Spread designed b)' Christina Montjo> and Katie X'esser 

SiiSarj MglailQptliri 

iCRSonville, rL 

Cnorale; I, 2, 3; Career Advisory Board: 2, 3, 4; 
ACS: 2, 3 (Co-Vf ), 4 (f resident); Mortar Board: 
3, 4 

Ca5'5ar}clra . 



What is the one class that made 
you go "wow" at ASC? 

"Dr. Hackett's Intro to Women's Studies. If you're 

a senior and you didn't take this one, you really 

missed out!" - C. Dredden 

Music and Early Cnildnood Education 
Trenton, GA 

Chorale: 1, 2, 3, 4 (Exec Board Rep, Asst 
Conductor); Sotto Voce: 2, 3, 4; SAl: 2, 3 (Sodal 
Committee), 4 (Editor, Caoaret/ AAusicale Com- 
mittee Qairpetson); CMENC 3, 4; NSCS: 2, 
3, 4 

Vimn Mel 

Economics and AAathematics 
Snangnai, China 

ntemational Student Association: I, 2, 3, 4; Sodal 
Coundl: I; Cultural Events Committee: 2, 3; 
Academic Committee of the Board of Trustees: 2; 
Mortar Board: 3, 4 

"Psychology of Women. Not because I am 

a Women's Studies/Psychology major, but 

because the women in the class were 

■^ able to open up about personal 

experiences that have affected 

them. It was a big awakening 

to realize that the problems 

in this society affecting 

women don't just affect 

■^omen, they affect 

women sitting 

■miext to you in 

^ class. They 

affect your 

friends." - 

A. Fillos 

■ I. .-1 \ \ 

K^^ < 

CatF)eriy])e CoOTterjayf Milter 

Savannah, (3A 

Sodal Coundl: 2, 3 (Treasurer), 4 (Treasurer); Black 
Qt Chair: 3 (Pranl^), 4 (Head); Baskettall: 1 ; 
Colonnade QuL: 3, 4; Key Qui): 1; ASC 
RepuUicans: 3 (Exec Board), 4 (Entertainment); 
Dean of Students Intern: 4; CDC Lat Asst: 3; 
f rolile: 3, 4 (Copy Editor); Tri-Beta: 3, 4; ACS: 
3, 4; f uUius: 3, 4; Silhouette: 4 (Business Manager) 


'iffar^if Milter 

Economics and Business 

Belleville. IL 

' f^ Qass President: 2, 3; Qass Co- 
f resident: 4; Women in Business: 2; 
Sodal Council: I 

100 Seniors: Senior Portraits and Directory 

Bli^alsetPt Siism Mi-S'F>oi 

International delations 

Winter Park, FL 

less Sodety: I, 2, 3, 4; Circl( 

ispanic , 

What vA/ill you miss the most 
about ASC? 

"Trackside." - K. Kallaher 

"The smiling, friendly people." - S. Fri 


"J^mvQ. Va-yp) 

"Black Cat/JP, Capping, the Special Events 
and Conferences Staff, and the most 
wonderful people in Facilities and 
Food Services." - N. Frye 

"I will miss the friends and 
the campus. I love having 
all of my friends and 
everything I need on 
one little block of 
Atlanta." - C. Horton 

AAusic ferformance 
College Park, GA 

Varsity Tennis Team: 3; Witkaze Step Team: 3, 

SaraF) Veal 


Political Science 
Maryville. TN 

GEO: I, 2 (Seaetary), 3 (Treasurer), 4 

(President); PuLlius: i, 2, 3 (PR), H (VP); 

EAC: 2, 3, 4; Environmental House: 2; Tower 

Council: 3, 4; Mortar Board: 4 

DarjjellM lee Nichols 

International Relations 

Isle of f alms. SC 

Grcle K: I; Social Council: I, 2, 4; Mock Trial: 
2 (Treasurer); S.I.F.E.: 2,4 

Morika Solan 

Economics and Business 
Atlanta. GA 


\WISA 1, 2, 3, 4; Witkaze:: 1, 2, 3, 4; JoyJul 
Noise: 2, 3, 4 

Spread designed by Christina Montjoy and Katie Vesser 

i\eligion and jodal Justice 
Durham, NC 

Grde K: I, 2 (Seaetary), 3 (Vf); Newman 
Quo: 2, 3, U; Residence Ufe: 2, 3, tt; Religious 
Life Council: 3, 4 (rAeeting Coordinator); fsi j 
Qi: 2,3: FYI Leader: 2, 3, 4; SOS: 2 


5o Vkole Pace. 

International Relations 
AtlanU, GA 

Witkaze: 1, 2, 3 (Co-Vf), U (Co-f resident); 
Model UN: 2; Women in Business: 2 (Vf ); 
f ublius: 1, 2 (Secretary), 3; www.REALITE: 2 
(Treasurer); Joyful Noise: 2, 3; Mortar Board: 4; 
Omiaon Delta Epsilon: 3, 4; Board of Trustees 
Student Rep: 2; SIFE: 2 

Alexarjclria Pa ^ak 

Music Composition/Theory/History 
Qarksville, MD 

Grcle K: I, 2 (Vf of Membership); Career 
Advisory Board: I, 2, 3 (f resident), 4 (f resident); 
Orchestra: i, 2; Mortar Board: 3, 4 (Secretary); 
Elizabeth R. Griffin Research Foundation Intern: 
3, 4 



T^elsecca tdqf> Poole-Ward 

udidal Board: 2, 3 (Vf); AQ: 1, 2, 3, 4; 
NSQ: 2, 3, 4; Dana Scholar: 2, 3 




CiMStat lo PoixaFt 

Collins. GA 

New Life: 1, 2, 3; f rofilc; 2; 


102 Seniors: Senior Portraits and Directory 

E Who arQ your 
favorite professors 
^^fc and why? 

"Dr. ToUiver because he is so nice and 

easy to understand and work with." 

-C. Miller 

"Dr. Scott, because she is so funny and down-to- 
earth and integrates Missy Elliot lyrics and Austin 
Powers scenes into her lectures. Everytime I go to 
her office, I end up staying for 30 minutes or 
longer laughing and cracking jokes. Dr. Allende 
because although I think he has alzheimer's, he is^ 
just so funny and interesting, and I love Latin 
American studies. Dr. Venable, because he made 
science, specifically chemistry, interesting (and I 
usually hate science) and just because he is so 
intelligent- there is not a thing this man doesn't 
know." - E. Mishoe 

Au.clrevf lifrjr^e Powers 

rAa.u\ and Spanish 

Molorege. NE 

Qass Secretary: I, 2, 3; QassCo-f resident: 4; 

Tower Council: I, 2, 4; NSCS: 2 (Seaetary), 

3, U; Mortar Board: 4; Orientation Coundl 

Seaetary: 2; SOS: I; Grcle K: 1; Hispanic 

Awareness Society: 3 

- Vv y. 

Kikl PLirjtervolcl 

Gainesville, FL 

Varsity Swimming: 1, 2, 4; Grcle K: 1; 

Colonnade Out: 1, 2; CkessQub: 2; Residence 

Lfe Staff:4 

Alkia T^er^ee Purvi-S' 


Oayand, CA 

Grcle K: 2, 3, 4; Witkaze: 2, 3 (Historian, 
farliamentarian), 4 Board: 4 

*A/hat will you . 
miss most about 

'My irreplacable friends and 
)rofessors and our beautiful campus."^ 
E. Turner 

'Defmetely the sisterhood and the familiarity." 
A. Brinegar 

'Its beautiful campus and long hours in the library.' 
T. Campbell 

'Without a doubt, the thing I'll miss most will be 
iving so close to so many friends. It's going to be 
lard being far away from my girls!" - C. Dredden 

'The fact that when clothing, advice, or a friend is 
leeded, all you have to do is knock on your 
leighbor's door." - A. FiUos 

Best Buddies: 2; Showtime: 2, 3 (Films Chair), 4 
(President); Psychology QuL: 3, 4; Withi 

Keligious Studies 
Stone Mountain, GA 

laToifa latrke ^Jvev-S 

BasketUI: I; Witkaze: 1, 2; AWISA I, 2, 

udidal Board: 2 (Rep); lychology Newsletter 3 

(Co-Editor); Tutor: I, 2, 3 

Spread designed b)' Christina Montjoy and Katie Vesser 

T)awrj Marie, ^oel' 

Woodtine, GA 

Newman Qub: 3, U; SAFE Women: 2, 3 
(Vf), 4; Orientation Council: 2, 3 (Vf); 
Showtime: 2, 3; FYI Leader: 2, 3, 4; Big Sister: 
2, 3, 4; Grde K: 1 

" I ^elsecca Yirgirjia ^ocier5 

Economics and Education 

Vancouver, WA 

Orientation Oiundl: 2, 3, 4 (f resident); Sotto 

Voce: 2, 3, 4; Qiorale: I, 2, 3, 4; College 

i\eput>licans: 2 (f resident); Honor Court: 4 

' ictoria 
only jirom riesnman 
Year, 2000! 

Good fnenas 

Courtney Dreaden 

ana Lindsay Deriso 

snare a smile in tne 

Siinouette office. 

KafjFtrifr^ T^elsecca ScF>rocler 

Englisk Lterature and Creative Writing 

MarUnez, GA 

New Life: I, 2 (Group Leader), 3, 4 (Servant 
Team Coordinator); frofile: I, 2 6 3 (Head of 
Layout and Design and Dear Agnes), 4; NSC5: 

2, 3, 4; Mortar Board: 4; Flute Ensemtle: 1, 2, 

3, 4; SFW Qair. 2 (Worship Oair) 

4- l£)Ct<,>.<,>. 


Brka Saffror; Sc?)iiUrDmr&n 

International Kelations 

Atlanta, GA 

Dekalb Symphony Orchestra, and Georgia 
ferimeter College Wind Ensemble: 1,2 (rrindple 
Qarinet); ASC Orchestra: 3,4 (Principle 



SaraF) Blfealsetfi Simmovs 

f olitical Science 

Blue Springs, MO 

Senate 1, 3, 4 (President); LBTQA ColiecBve 
I, 2 (Treasurer), 3 (President) 

104 Seniors: Senior Portraits and Directory 

r filisialietF* SmoSor) 


International Relations 
Warner Rotins, GA 

Agnes Scott Flute Ensemble: 1, 2, 3, 4; 

Orcliestra: 1, 2; Gjlonnade Qub: 3, tt 

(f resident); HaLitat for Humanity: 2, 3, 4 

Wlio is tkat ad 
Daoy? Its senior 
Valerie Kote-Tawia. 

riameeaa ana Joy 
snaie a moment at an 
ISA potluck dinner. 

g. Lg /^ 

AAusic and f sychology 
Roanoke, VA 

Vanity Volleytall- I, 2, 3, 4 (Gptain); Vaisity 

Sofiiall- I, 2(Gptain), 3 (Gptain), 4 (Gptain); 

Mortar fioard- 4; Sodal Gundl- 2, 3(Secrctaiy); 

NSG- 1, 2, 3, 4; Student AtWelic Advisory 

Gmmittee (SAAQ- 2, 3, 4 (President); f si Qi- 

3,4 (Vf ); Residence lie: 3 (RA), 4 (RD); Qorale- 

1, 2, 3, 4; Sotto Voce- 2, 3, 4; Leadershape- 3 


Marciaret Ai^r; S-p^c^c 

Athens, GA 

NSCS: 2, 3, 4; Tri-fiela: 1, 2, 3 (Associate 
AAember Rep), 4 (Seaetary); joyRjl Noise: 4 

Studio Art 

Atlanta, GA 

Habitat for Humanity: 2, 3 (r R Cnair), 

4(rundraising Cnair); Exnibition Art: 3, 4 

(fresident/Supreme Deity); Astronomy Quo: I, 

2, 3, 4; He G>llective: 2, 3, 4; Qmpus Gid 

Scouts: 2, 3; Residence Life: 3 (RA) 

Tami Sfaiay 

Waipanu, Haw aii 

NSCS: 2 (Vice-President of Community 

Service), 3 (Vice-President), 4 (President); 

Mortar fioard: 4 (Treasurer); AQ:2,3 

(Treasurer), 4; Tri-fieta: i, 2, 3, 4; Grcle K: I, 2 

Spread designed by Christina Montjoy and Katie Vesser 

^ar^cli SuJUvwn 

Woodstock, GA 

Swim Team: I (Captain), 2; Orchestra 2; flute 
Qioir 2, 3, 4; Tri-6eta I, 2, 3, 4 (Co-president) 


Cnemistry and Religious Studies 
Granada riills. CA 

FYI Leader: 2, 4; SAFE Women: 23 
(Treasurer); Snowtime: I; ACS: I, 2, 3 (Co- 
VP), 4; Grcle K: 1, 2; Best Buddies: I, 2, 3, 4; 
Tri-6eta: I, 2, 3, 4; NSCS: 3, 4; Volunteer 
Board: 3; IOC: 3 (Seaetary), 4 (Cnairperson); 
Mortar Board: 4; SGA Exec Board: 4 (IOC 

Biology and r sycnology 

Sari rrandsco Bay. CA 

AAedical Explorer Post Quo: I (Program 
Director); Biology Quo ICC Rep: 1, 2; College 
Youtn Group: I, 2; Washington Hospital 
Volunteer and Mentor: I, 2; Physical Therapist 
Ade: 2; Peer Tutor: 3 

■Miso- n Kaf.p Trprjflall 

Anthropology/ Sociology 
Marietta. GA 

Tower Council: 2, 3, 4; Joyful Nolse:2, 3, 4 
(Treasurer); Sofctall: 3 (Manager); WICT 
Mentor Program: 4; D.P.S.: 3, 4 

Aindtea Davis, Hanieeda 
Beflo, Nicole Leaoetter, 
Audrey tcmkis, Jon 

Jones, and Emily Dull 

celebrate tneir last ragnt 

oF Junior f reduction 

Srir) SlizialsetFi Turrjer 

Best Buddies: 1, 2, 3; Mortar Board: 3, 4 (President); 
Psychology QuL: 3 (President); Psi Qi: 3 (VP), 4 
(President); Sigma Delta Pi: 3 (VP), 4 (VP); Pi 
Deb Phi: 3, 4; NSO: 2, 3, 4 


V '^ 

106 Seniors: Senior Portraits and Directory 


Orange, TX 

GEO: 2, 3 (Secretary), U (Vf); FYI: 4; 
IOC: U; Black Gt Qiair: 2, 3, U 

At Bonfire 2003, seniois 
Hameeaa fiello, oianca 
Yiorin, ana Jessica Davis 
all celebrate tneir interna- 
tional accomplisnments at 
Agnes Scott College. 


tmir&i Mo W&y^ 

Economics and Business 
AAicanopy, rL 


5l\f5ia Ao V/F*eat- 

Alt witn a focus in Stuo 
Mobile. AL 

Aurora: 1, 2, 3 (Art Editor), 4 (Editor in Qiief); 
NSQ: 2, 3, 4; Exkitit Art: 4 

Aw BlizalsetFt Willard 

Qassical Languages and Literatures 

Rossville, QA 

BiacRlriars: I, 2 (puolidty), 3 (vice president), 4 

(president); SAFE Women I, 2 (treasurer); 

College Republicans 3, 4 (treasurer); Senior 

Qassical League 4 (president); NSCS: 3, 4; 

New Life: I 

Coiirferjevf WileVf 



Spread designed by Cliristina Montjoy and Katie Vesser 



Crystal Wil 




MkFielle WilliaTn^ 



108 Seniors; Senior Portraits and Directory 

S FtarjTjer^ Dee V/illlaTn^ 


Memphis, TN 

SGA Bean): 4 (AAinority AJvisor/Qiair of Multicultural 
Student Affaire); Honor Court: 2 (Rep.), 3 (Treasurer); 
Witkaze: I, 2, 3 (G)-f resident), 4; Mortar Board: 4; 
Tower Council: 2, 3; Dana Scnolan 2, 3, 4; fni Alpna 
TKeta: 3, 4; Orientation Council: 3 (Mnorily Student 
Coordinator); NSCS: I, 2, 3, 4; )oyfcl Noise: 2; Board 
of Trustees Standing Commitlec on Development: 2; 
Softball: I 

TiffaTDVi Nkole WilUsmS 


JacRsonville, AR 

Witkaze: I, 2, 3, H; NSCS: 2, 3, 4; Honor 

Court: 3, 4; Grde K: 2; Mortar Board: U; 

Women in Business: 2 

Biarjga VilsiriTi 

Business and Economics 
Barranquilla, Columbia 

Qrcle K: I; Residence Life: 2, 3; 
Mortar Board: 4 

Kristfn Nkole '^oimOi(imst 


Co rdova, TN 

Habitat for Humanity: I, 2 ( Vf), 3 (fresioent), 

4; New Life: I, 2, 3 (Volunteer Cooainator and 

fiiLle Study Leader), 4; Joyful Noise: 2, 4; 

Orientation Council: 3 (SOS), 4 (Design 

Coordinator); NSQ: 2, 3; Mortar Board: 4; 

College Republicans: 2; Circle K; I 

Maria ZannWarjo 



A'HcIr&a M, Xaplatjfr^ski 

Cnemistry and Matnematics 

Apopka, rL 

Tower Council: 2, 3, 4; American Cnemical 

Society: 2, 3, 4; Orientation Council: 3 

(SOS), 4 (FYI Coodinator); Black Qt Qair: 

2, 4; Sopnomore family WeeRend Cnair: 2; 

Junior T roduction: 3; Senior (3m. Campaign: 4 

MiM Bli^alsetFt &/orjar 

Jonesboro, GA 

Varsity Swimming: I, 2, 3, 4; Student Athlete 

Advisory Committee: 1, 2, 3, 4; Tri-6eta:3, 4; 

NSCS: 2, 3, 4; Planning for College Success 

Mentor: 4; ASC Community Orcnestra: 4 

NkRelte Frye 

Spread designed b>' Christina Montjoy and Katie Vesser 

Every girl experiences something new and exciting each year of her stay 
at Agnes Scott. Unlike other colleges, Agnes Scott opens a new door 
[o the world for students year after year. Each and every student is part 
of a collective body that makes up the Agnes Scott family Her class has 
something to look foward to with the coming years : the first-years hf come 
offical members of the Agnes Scott community during Black Cat the 
sophomores receive their beautiful onyx class rings, and the juniors stage 
best production ever, the annual Junior Production. With the help of 
amazing faculty and staff, daily life at the college runs smoothly As we move 
into our niches in the world, we will always have the fond memories of the days 
we spend in class and the sleepless nights we spend studying and working 
those As. Until then though, we will all do what is expected of us-- work hard,!] 
think deeply, and live honorably Scotties, are you ready for your closp ups? 




'„ ^"^ '^^'>\ 


■ l^-"^*^ 


110 People Divider 

,.^,!: .,.> Kjl^^^ja^. 



i i 









1 J 













Sk" ^^ 




'^■' ^~^^^^^^^^B '^"'■■* 



Table of Contents 

Juniors... 112 

Sophomores... 12C 

Firsfifears... 12? 

Faculty... 136 

Staff... 142 

Spread design^ 

. Haj-Hussein and Nicoline Strom- 

Toccara Allen 

Gaeliel Apostolou 

Kimberly Austin 

Maria Banjo 
Zenovia Barnes 
Krishna Barrett 
Jennifer Bartell 

Michelle Beer 

Clarissa Bell 

Laura Benton 

Michelle Berg 




1 1 2 People: Juniors, class of 2005 

Audrey Beverley 
Anju Bhandari 
Shemia Black 
Jennifer Brabson 

Nzinga Brooks 
Samantha Casne 
Heather Cason 
Bonnie Castro 

Sanquanette Causey 
Hee-Jung Chun 
Amanda Clark 
Latisha Cotto 

Spread designed by Jennifer Bartell, Nhia Bolen. Lindsay Deriso. 
and Courtney Dredden 

Lucy Dodd 

Julianna Rose Dow 

Mia Eklind 

Sarah Faber 

Nancy Fernandez 

Shireen Fischer 

Ashley French 

Bevin Gaines 

Emma Gant 

Sarah Gaputis 

Laura Gargala 

Kristen Gaynor 

Holly Ann Geldhauser 

Linda Githiora 

Sameera Gokal 

Zarita Gray 

"I have changed a lot since my 

first year at ASC. I have learned 

to never take people for granted. 

This is something I did not 

understand my first year. I 

learned that family is really 

important. Also. I have become a 

happier person, and I am now 

more social." 

—Ariel Harrison 


since first 


"Life at Agnes has 
made me much more 
outgoing and willing to 
take risks. Although 
ASC is my comfort 
zone, having this place 
has given me confi- 
dence to be in any 

—Danielle Johnson 

114 People: Juniors, class ot 2005 

Anna Griffin 
Nikki Hafenbrack 
Heena Harpalani 
Candace Harrington 

ZaLithia Harris 
Ariel Harrison 
Laurel Henninger 
Alice Hudson 

Meghan Jaffe 
Danielle Johnson 
Jennifer Jones 
Katie Jordan 

Nicole Kilby 
Christina Lee 
Susan Lee 
Tina Lee 

"The language lab after ten 
pm. Everyone is doing 
last minute studying and 
you know it's going to 
be a long night." 
-Zenovia Barnes 

Favorite Hangout 

"My room is my favorite 

place to hangout becasue 

it is so big (I'm in the 4th 

floor tower room)." 

- Rachel Darr 

" I have more 

confidence in 

myself. 1 have 

strength to stand up 

for my beliefs and 


- Tara Sudan 


since first 


Spread designed by Jennifer Bartell, Nhia Bolen, Lindsay Deriso, 
and Courtney Dredden 

Alice Li 

Kelly Lindquist 

Rosemary Lokko 

Jeanette Long 

Lauren Lorentzson 

Michelle Mathieson 

Lauren McClain 

Rachel McConoughey 

Sarah Milford 

Jennifer Milholen 

Katie Miller 

Malathia Mobley 

Katherine Mohney 

Christina Montjoy 

Sheena Moore 

Anna Morgan 

CbarUsa Daniels says: 

"The best thing about being a 
Junior is knowing that you 
WILL make it. It may take 
some time and more effort 

than you feel Uke exuding, but 
everything will be all right." 

Alice Li says: 

"The worst thing about 

being a junior is realizing 

that it is too late to imporve 

your grades dramatically 

and knowing you won't get 

into Yale Law." 


1 16 People: Juniors, class of 2005 

Megan Morris 
Kieva Alana Morrison 
Ruth Napier 
Frances Nguyen 

Emily Norman 
Jalila Nur 
Mary Osterbind 
Ruth Owen 

Kristen Parks 
Sarita Patel 
Monica Foe 
Kelley Quann 

Aria Bater says: 

"Coining to ASC, I was 

naive and gullible. But 

now I realize you have to 

use insight and wisdom 

before making decisions. 

have become more 

confident and disciplined 

Now as a junior, I am 

aware of the goals that I 

would like to pursue in 


Qudsia Raja 
Karen Reynolds 
Claire Richardson 
Misty Roache 

Meghan Jaffe says: 

"My favorite place to 
hangout on campus is most 
definitelythe library. We are 
all supposed to be studious 

and quiet when we are in 

there, but it just never seems 

to work out that way! I 

mean with make-shift 

couches on the floor and all 

your friends in one place it's 

bound to get rowdy!" 

Spread designed by Jennifer Bartell. Nhia Bolen. Lindsay Deriso. 
and Courtney Dredden 

Allison Rodean 

Kat> Rosenbaum 

Katie Ruhesch 

Brianna Schneider 

Alissa Schram 

Elizabeth Selk 

Leslie Shaver 

Megan Shaw 

Megan Skelton 

Rebecca Sloan 

Chelsea Stertz 

Katharine Strawser-Booth 


Monisha Lewis... 



walks with a 



1 18 People: Juniors, class of 2005 








Tara Sudan 
Karen Swain 
Katherine Thomason 
Sylvia Ukonga 

Tina Valenti 
Katie Vesser 
Lindsey Walswortli 
Kathleen Wairen 

Jenny Wiese 

Amelia Ziadie 

Jenna E. Zoino 

"A Queen of the Nile walks ^^ 
with dignity, confidence, self-«| 
assurance and above all atti- 
tude because she is royalty. 
She is not overpowering or 

condescending, but she 
knows her own worth and ^ 
shows it in every step." 

Spread designed ^y Jennifer Bartell. Nliia Bolen, Lindsay Deriso, 
and Courtney Dredden 

Sandra Abrokwa 

Ekiko Aiken-Reedy 

Julia Alexander 

Samaneh Askarian 

Joya Banerjee 

Mollie Barnes 

Erika Bames-Ford 

Laura Baum 

120 People: Sophomores, class of 2006 

Shelley Boyd 
Molly Braeunig 
Kristin Branaum 
LaTwanda Broughton 

Lauren Bryant 
Erin Byrd 
Ashley Carr 
Lizzie Casey 

Spread designed by Heather Tovey 

Jennifer Cook 

Sequanda Craig 

Laura Crompton 

Lindsay Cronk 

Tramela Cummings 

Michelle Currica 

Yolanda Curtis 

Rachel De Urioste 

Denise Draper 

Erin Eastvedt 

Jenna Edmonds 

Terri Entricht 

Denise Farley 

Tatiana Farrow 

Reem Faruqi 

Amy Flaggs 

Meghan Fleming 

Kamil Francois 

Maame Frempong 

Shaday Galliraore 

122 People: Sophomores, class of 2006 

Taylor Gandy 
Leslie Gibson 
Meg Ginn 
Suzanne Gordan 

Shaya Gregory 

Laura Grimaldi 

Ruth Grune 

Wendy Guiles-Trombetta 

Spread designed by Heather Tovey 

Jennifer Johans 

Lisa Jones 

Michelle D. Jordan 

Arsed Joseph 

Renn Judin 

Harnit Kang 

Rashmi Khanal 

Annie Kim 

Leilah King 

Shannon Kipphut 

Emilie Kirkup 

Kiistina Kontak 

Lauren Lewis 

Natali Lovell 

Liza Lucht 

Veronique Lunganga 

124 People: Sophomores, class ot 2006 

Hilary Mason 
Alexis McDavid 
Ashley Meister 
Sarah Meng 

Elizabeth Miller 
Meggan Murphy 
Mollis Mutch 
Mahnaz Nazir 

Katie Newburg 
Dana Notestine 
Heather Owen 
Pragati Patel 

Aleksandrina Penkova 
Asheley Poole 
Moutushi Rahman 
Kristen Ralph 

Shristi Rawal 
Hannah Reuter 
Bretoya Rhodes 
Laura Richardson 

2. Cioinj: to sec u game (Thrasher's Hocke) aii<l 
Braves' baseball) 

3. High Museum ol Art 

4. Ealing out (Catt* Internuv/o. Atlanta Fish 

t the Masquerade and Tabem.u 

^. Georgia Tech (anything from visiting friends to 

walLhiiif i.'M.iils .11 tlic Foist f '(.'tiler) 

Spread designed by Heather Tovey 

Angela Rogers 

Emily Rose 

Megan Ryan 

Christina Sandema 

Catherine Santello 

Elizabeth Sattin 

Sara Scherer 

Elizabeth Schwartz 

126 People: Sophomores, class of 200fi 

Heather Tovey 
Connie Tran 
Sally Troy 
Heather Veal 

Lauren Wagner 
Maryanne Wallace 
Diana Walter 
Christina Ward 

Courtney Ware 
Brianna Wolf 
Lea Ellen Yarbro 
Kati Zoino 

Wuilmj; lor a gDod 

Irivia i|iiosiii)it. Icllovv 

sopluiinorcs talk 

amongst ihemsclvcs 

while caliiig their 

Jjiiiier Over the year, 

Iriends would lioU 

opiHirtunilies to enjoy 

each other at places 

like Ruby Tuesday's. 

Lealinp through broch 

study abroad opportunities, 

rooniniates .Sarah Meng and 

)enise Dra|xrr think about their 

futures. Throughout the 

ophoniore year, students begin 

thinking about future 

opportunities such as study 

pad nips .iiul inlciii'.hips 

Spread designed by Heather Tovey 

Jasmine Adams 

Kaha Ahmed 

Adrieraie Alexander 

Ariane Anderson 

Stephanie Ansah 

Carol Ashong 

Mariam Attarwala 

Kelley Aungst 

Stacey Badour 

Mallory Barbae 

Brittany Barnard 

Latoya Belcher 

Ashley Bohnert 

Nhia Bolen 

Mariah Bozeman 

Tiffany Brand 


128 People: First Years, class of 2007 

Amanda Brown 
Whitney Brown 
Christy Byrd 
Julie Ceigler 

Amira Cerimovic 
Jennifer Chapman 
Julia Charles 
Rene Charles 

Wren Cheatum 
Heather Clarke 
Anne Clayton 
Tiara Cochran 

Emmeline Creasy 
Elizabeth Dahl 
Luciana Dasilva 
Diana Davies 

What did you 

think of your 

FYS (First- Year 


if I thought it would 

sort of 'Getting to Know 

"fou' fun class, when in 

actuality, it's hard as..." 

Elizabeth Yates 

TYS gets first years to 
study a subject that interests 
them from different points of 
view. It allows students to 
study a subject without the 
stresses of normal academic 

Quinn Perkins '07 

Spread designed by Whitney Brown. Candace Donaldson, and 

Stacey Lunsford 

April Deans 

Sherri Diston 

Anni Dong 

Rachel Doolev 

Angelica Dopson 

Mia Douglas 

Sarah Edwards 

Parke Espy 

r-.'/ole: First Years, class of 2007 

Martha Guajardo 
Amelia Haggerty 
Sara Haj-Hussein 
Kristin Hall 

Amy Hannigan 
Rebecca Harris 
Kristina Hartmann 
Tabitha Head 

Christina Himebrook 
Heather Homsby 
Naomi James 
Erica Jarrell 

Kolbi Johnson 
Kyoko Johnson 
Kaleh Karim 
Jasmine Kennedy 

Do you get along with your academic advisor? 

regBffBBfBn: easy." - Crystal Perkins '07 

"I have to honestly say that we got off to what one would call an interesting start. As time passes on however, I can really connect with 
him and I have to admit I really like him- as an advisor and a friend!" -Sara Haj-Hussein '07 




Spread designed by Whitney Brown. Candace Donaldson, and 

Stacey Lunsford 

Caroline Kilpatrick 

Rachel Kish 

Kara Knight 

Moll)' Kott 

Katherine Kroell 

Ye\heniy3 Krutko 

Geraldine Ledent 

Susanna Lewis 

1 32 People: First Years, class of 2007 

Tiffany McKenzie 
Catalina Morillas 
Brooke Napier 
Katharine O'Brien 

Debi Ogulu 
Hayatt Osman 
Rliiannon Owen 
Ivy Oxendine 

: complain, it is liKe a never ending sleepover, 
have to wear shower shoes." -Sara Haj- Hussein '07 

"What's not to love? Small closets, public toilets, showering with 
Elizabeth Yates '07 

"I like dorm life although it's been a totally new experience for me. I've never had to 
live with so many people from completely different backgrounds. It's awesome, but 
sometimes the conversation is rather random." -Nhia Bolen '07 

Spread designed by Whitney Brown, Candace Donaldson, and 

Stacey Lunsford 

Katie Ricketson 

Nyla Rock-Vanloo 

Carmen Rodgers 

Yazmin Rodriguez 

Brenna Rosenstein 

Pamela Rossell 

Sara Rosta 

Elizabeth Sandy 

Tara Schultz 

Sarah Scoles 

April Seay 

Gwendolyn Shearer 

"I loved my first week. I found the friends I was destined to be 
with." - Sara Haj- Hussein '07 

"I had fiin. It's so much better than high school. I miss my 
family, but I'll be akight," r Jenna Wells '07 

134 People: First Years, class of 2007 

Salma Stoman 
Ouida Stuber 
Ashley Tate 
Carlie Tilson 

Maja Tokic 
Michelle Tumey 
Callie Tyner 
Graciela Vaneerde 

Margarita Velez 
Njamili Wai 
Spring Walker 
Jayme Walton 

Meredith Watkins 
Janet Weber 
Charleen Wilcox 
Elizabeth Yates 

Spread designed by Whitney Brown, Candace Donaldson, and 

Stacey Lunsford 

Dr. Charlotte Artese 

AssisTAKT Professor 

dj\, Yale University 

fn.D, Northwestern University 

a c 


Dr. Sandra Dowden 

Charlb A. Dana 
Professor of Biology 

B.5., Georgia Southern College 
MA, U of North Carolina 
PLD, U of North Carolina 

Dr. Arthur Dowling 

lAssooATE Professor of 

B.5., College of William and 


MS, U of Illinois, Urhana 

PLD, U of Illinois, Urhana 

Dr. Maiy Gin 

AssisTAKT Professor of 
HlST(^ ^ 

B./\., Yale University 
Mj\., Emory University 
rh.D, Emory University 

Dr. Rosemary Cunningham 

Profbsor of EcoNOAAia 

D./\., roranam University 
Mj\., Eoraham University 
rh.D, Eoraham University 

Penelope Campoell 

Pr ofessor of History 

BA, Baylor University 
MA, The Ohio State U 
PhD. The Ohio State U 

Dr. /Vvarylin Darling 

Professor of Danct 

BA, floriaa State University 
M.M., Florida State University 
Ph.D, Georgia State University 

Dr. Augustus Cochran 

Professor of PounoM 

ByV, Davidson College 
PAA, Indiana University 
PhD, U of North Carolina 
I.D., (jeorgia jtate U College of Law 

Dr. Christopher De free 

Associate Professor of 

BA., Duke University 
Ph.D, U of N. C Qapel Hill 

Ever wondered why they LOVE their job? 

We asked them what their favorite part of being a Professor was and they said. 

Seeing that "aha" look in the eyes of 

students as they see a Vermeer for the 

first time, or reahze how sophisticated 

Greek Temple design was. 

-Dr. Donna Sadler 

Getting to know the students. 
-Dr. Jennifer Lucas 

People call me Doctor. 
-Professor Nell Ruby 

'eople: Faculty Portraits 


C U 

Dr. Detnany Foley 


B.5., AuDum University 
AA.Ea., University of Georgia 
Tn.U, University of Georgia 

Dr. Karin Gi 

Assistant f rofessor 

^1MAN_ .__ 

Wesleyan University 
AAyx, Wesleyan University 
fn.D, Emory University 

Dr. EizatctK Hackett 

Assistant Professor 
OF Women's Studcs and 


BA, U of Notre Dame 
PAjv, U of fennsylvania 
Tn.U, U of fennsylvania 

Dr. Heather Heckel 

Instruqor OFfouncAL 


D./\, Duke University 
nAj\., Georgia State Universi 
Tn.D, Georgia Jtate University 

Dr. Marquita Jackson-Minot 

Assistant Professor 
OF Education _^ 

B.5., Boston University 
AAjv, Gambriage College 
Tn.D, Emory University 

eronica Henson-f hillips 

Assistant Professor 
T heatte 

Grossmont College 
BjX, U of California San Diego 
M.FA, U of California San 

., Kalamazoo Com 
M.M., Northwestern 
D.AA., Northwestern University 

Dr. Drenda rloRe 

iooATE Professor of 


/V.C. Central University 
ijv, /xtlanta University 
\ A State U of N.Y. Stony Brook 
\PLD. State U of N. Y. Stony Brook 

Dr. RoDert Kacnelski 

Assistant Professor 
of psyohology 

BA, University Of Notre 


fh.D, University of Wisconsin- 


Being able to read, reread, and think 
about some of the most amazing 
texts; having really bright and in- 
quiring students to talk about and 
help me discover new ideas in those 
-Dr. Richard Parry 

The Students! 
-Dr. Rosemary Eberiel 

I get B\ID to read Ifeats. 

-Dr. Rachel Trousdale 

Spread designed by Valerie Kote-Tawia. Janie Lopez, and 
Nicotine Strom-Jensen 

r a 

Dr. Katherine Kennedy 

ICharlb A. Dana 
I hoFESSOR OF History 

ByX, Duke Univeisity 
MJ\. Jtanfora University 
rn.D, Jtanfora University 

Dr. Alan Koch 


Bj\, Univeisity of Vemont 
\MA State U of N. Y. at 


Dr. Tracey Laird 

AssisTAKT Professor 

OF Music 

Byx, Loyola University 
Mj\., Univeisity of Michigan 
Tn.D, Univeisity of Michigan 

Kichard Lyies 

iNsreuaoR N EcoNOAAig 

B.S., (jeorgia Institute of 


M.J., Qjeorgia Institute of 


Dr. i\obert Leslie 

Associate Professor 
OF Matheaaatiq 

B.J., Daviason College 
M^x, University of Georgia 
fh.D, Univeisity of (jeorgia 

Dr. Sally MacEwen 

AssooATC Professor 
OF Classical Languages 


By\., Mount HolyoRe College 
rn.D, University of lennsylvania 

Dr. /v\yrtle Lewin 

Professor OF 

D.jc ana B.ScHons, U of the 
Witwateisiana, Jonannesouig 
MA and fk.D. Univeisity ol 

Tneodore ^atnews 

Professor of Music 

/T.D., Brown Univeisity 
j\M.T., Harvara Univeisity 
rn.D, Univeisity of A^icnigan 

Excuses Excuses...ever heard a good one? 

No one is ever ever late to my classes, 

nor ever ever late on homework. 

~Professor Nell Ruby 

Best excuse I have ever heard was "terrible 

moon wobble prevented me from studying 

for the exam—it was too disorienting." 

-Dr. Donna Sadler 

"I'm going to get the paper in late 
because my secret society is meeting 
-Dr. Rachel Trousdale 

Here is what they said... 

When I was working as a teaching assistant at 
a large university, a student once told me that 
he was too upset to make a class presentation. I 
explained the late policy to him and asked if he 
understood that it was his choice to accept a 
lower grade on the assignment. He wanted to 
know if it made any difference that he was 
upset because he had just discovered that he 
had contracted an STD. Furthermore, he foimd 
out that his best friend had infected his girl- 
friend who had in turn infected him. 
-Dr. David Thompson 

People; Faculty Portraits 

H a c 

Dr. Dennis /V\cCann 

WAiiAd AA. Alston 



A.B., St. Charles Borromeo Semmaiy 
S.T.L, Gregorian U, Rome, May 
pAt^. U of Chicago Divinity School 
fkD, U of Qic^gc Dmniiy School 

I t 

Laura /v\ungavin-Salva 

iNSTT^uaoR IN Spanish 

ByK., Jiate University of New 

York at flattsDurg 

AAj\., Univefsity at Aioany 

Dr. KatKy Negrelli 

Assistant Professor 
OF Japanese 

D.A., Miami University 

pAJx, International CJ^ristian 


Tn.D, The University of Qleorgia 


Dr. Yvonne Newsomt 

Associate Professor 


DJ^., University of AAempI 
Mj\., University ofAAempi 
Tn.D, Nortnwestem University 

Dr. f yiip Ojo 

Assistant Professor 
OF French 

B.Ed., U of Ibaaan, Nigeria 
MA, UoflUan, Nigeria 
Tn.D, University of CJregon 

Dr. Gisela Moral 

Associate Professor of 

B.S., St. Peters College 
Bjv, Montclair State College 
MA, New York U, MaJriA 
PkD, Washington U, St Louisl 

Dr. iNicnara Parry 

Fuller t Callaway 
Professor of Philosophy 

BA, Georgetown University 
MA, Yale University 
PkD, University of North 

Dr. Rafael Ocasio 

Professor of Spanish^ 

BA, University of Puerto Kco 

M.A, Eastern New Mexico 


Ph.D. University of Kentucky 

Dr. John T liger 

Professor of Biology 

B.S., University (^Southern 


Ph.D, University of Southern 


Eye to Eye with Dr. Charlotte Artese 

New professor divulges her favorite Shakespearean plays and more. 

Why did you choose Agnes 

Agnes Scott first attracted me 

because of its focus on 

teaching, and its support of 

faculty research. It seemed like 

the right balance for me — a 
chance to work intensively with 
students, while still having an 
opportunity to pursue my own 
research projects and writing. 

What are your top three 
Shakespearean plays? 

Only three? Lear is my favorite, 
even though, as my Enghsh 101 

class pointed out to me this year, 
it's incredibly depressing. I love 
all the Big Four tragedies ("Lear . 
Hamlet . Macbeth . Othello ). I also 
have a soft spot for Antonv and 
Cleopatra . 

How did you decide to 

become an English 


My mom still has something I 

wrote when I was about eleven 

years old, in which I say I want to 

be an English professor and write 

books when I grow up. 

Unfortunately, I misspelled 

"professor," which maybe wasn't a 

good sign. I don't know when or 
how I got this idea, since I'd 
never laid eyes on an English 

professor until I went to college. 
But I think I recognized at an 

early age that I wanted to read all 

the time, and that's really the 

reason I chose this career. 

What profession, other than your 

current one, would you like to try 

your hand at? 

I would love to write full-time for 
awhile. Luckily, that's what 
sabbaticals allow you to do. 


Song: Sixteen Horsepower's 

version of die folk song 

"Wayfaiing Stranger" 

Movie: right now it's 

Miyazaki's Princess 


Novel: John Crowley's 
Little. Big 

Place to eat in Atlanta: 

Watershed is my favorite so 

Aspect of ASC: the people 

Spread designed b)' Valerie Kote-Tawia, Janie Lopez, and 
Nicoline Strom-Jensen 

k a 

Dr. lina Tippin 

f RoressoR OF Reugious 

BA, Ma,s Hill College 

M.Div., CanJIer School of 


fh.D, Northwestem University 

u I t y 

Dr. George Redmond 

Assistant Professor 
OF English 

D.BJx, /assumption College 
M.ByX /Assumption College 
/xB.D, Nova jouthearstem 

Dr. Lany ixiddle 

Professor OF 

D.J., Camegie-AAellon Urwerst^ 
rAS., University of Illinois 
fh.D, University of Illinois 

Dr. RutK Riter 

Assistant Professor 

B.5., Tennessee Technological U 
AA.5., Tennessee Technological 


rh.D, vanaerDik University 
Dudley janders 

Associate Professor 
OF Th eatre 

/xB., Kenyan College 
M.FA., Northwestem 

Nell Ruby 

Assistant Professor 
OF Art 

Bj\, nice University 
AA.rj\, Washington University 

Dr. Edward Sayre 

Assistant Professor 

DTu, U of lexas at /\ustin 
Ml, U of Texas at Austin 
fh.D, U of Texas at Austin 

Dr. Donna Sadler 

AssoGATE Professor of 

dTT, Boston University 
AAj\., Indiana University 
fh.D, Indiana University 

Dr. Rosalyn jcnenbeck 

lAssooATE Professor 
of Music 

B.S., State U College, Potslam, New 


MS., State U College, fotsdam, New 


D.MA, U of Colo Jo. BoulJer 

Professors Not Pictured 

Dr. Juan Allende 

Dr. Ayse Garden 

Dr. Rosemary Eberiel 

Professor of Political Science 

Professor of Psychology 

Assistant Professor of French 

Dr. David Behan 

Dr. Lesley Goia 

Dr. Timothy Finco 

Professor of Philosophy 

Associate Professor of Education 

Assistant Professor of Biology 


Anne Beidler 

Dr. Eileen Gooley 

Dr. Phil Gibson 

Associate Professor of Art 

Associate Professor of Psychology 

Associate Professor of 

Dr. Barbara Blatchley 

Dr. Ghristine Gozzens 

Associate Professor of 

Associate Professor of English 

Dr. Steve Guthrie 


Dr. Julia De Pree 

Professor of English 

Dr. Gail Cabisius 

Associate Professor of French 

Dr. Lilia Harvey 

Associate Professor of 

Associate Professor of 

Classical Languages and 

Dr. Laura Denis 



Associate Professor of Philosophy 


Faculty Portraits 


a c 

Dr. McKael ScKlig 

assooatc f rofessor of 

Bj\, Dickinson College 
MA, MJMury College 
Tn.D, University of lexas at 


Dr. Edmund jheehey 

Hal and Juua T. Smoh 


BA. ForJh^ University 
MA, ForJU University 
PkL WcoJstock College 
M.Div., WoaJstock College 
PkD, Mickigm State University 

Dr. Katherine jmith 

Assistant Professor 
O F Art 

BA, University of (jeorgia 
AAA, Institute of fine Arts New 
York University 

Tn.D, Institute of fine Aits New 
York University 


Dr. David Thompson 

Associate Professor of 

.jJi l1 

Bj\., University of Tennessee\., University of Tennessee 
rh.D, University of Texas as 


Dr. Peggy Thompson 


Ellen Douglass Leyburn 


Professor of Engush 

^^^r ^'w^^^^^H 

ft/\, /\izona State Uruversity 
MA, (Philosophy) Emory U 
MA, (flurrunitjes) Azona State U 
MA (English) Inidiana U 
rh.D, Indiana University 

Dr. Leon Venable 

Associate Professor of 

D.J., Uaviason L-ollege 
Tn.D, University of Virginia 

Dr. Ingrid Wieshofer 

Associate Professor of 
G erman 

Teachers Diploma, University of 


Tn.U, University of Vienna 

Dr. Linda Hubert 

Terry McGehee 

Professor of English 

Professor of Art 

Dr. Willie Tolliver 
Associate Professor of 

Dr. Violet Johnson 

Dr. Patricia Pinka 


Associate Professor of 


Professor of English 

Dr. Rachel Trousdale 

Dr. Amy Lovell 

Dr. Hong Qu 

Assistant Professor of English 

Assistant Professor of 

Assistant Professor of 


Rehgious Studies 

Dr. Harry Wistrand 
Professor of Biology 

Dr. Jennifer Lucas 

Dr. Catherine Scott 

Assistant Professor of 

Professor of Political Science 

Dr. Feng Xu 


Assistant Professor of Political 

Dr. Karen Thompson 


Dr. Michael Lynn 

Associate Professor of 

Assistant Professor of 



Spread designed by Valerie Kote-Tawia. Janie Lopez, and 
Nicoline Strom-Jensen 

Preskknfcs OHioe 

1-r: Katnerine Kennedy, Gndy Newsome, 

Lea Ann Huoson, i resident Mary Brown 

Dullock Jeannie AAaxwell, and Emily Drinkley 



■n jtephanie Dalmer, Holly iNaiFord, Kay 

Connelly, Linda Lael, Alexa (Baeta, 

Qiristine oarakat, Ann Carter-Duncan 

fesfcUoe Lfe «iJ 

l-r: fiaioara f ravost, <^Aac Pitts, and Kiisty 


People: Staff 


hack, l-r: Laura Cox, Susan Carter, Susan 
Haymore, Chip Wallace, Demaroo 
Villasenor, oen Tompkins, Joanne Davis. 
Iront, l-r fat Wildman, Emily Henderson, 
Betsy Dilbro, Betn N\a., Waura Boylan, 
Beverly AAancuso, Bonna Faulkner, Lisa 
Tillman, Amy Nasn, Betty Quilo, ana 
Angela Bailey 

j^Numnae Relations 

r. Marilyn Hammond and Martha Hie 

instibuiional Aavanoemenfc 

■r: Lewis Thayne and Lee Dancy 

Spread designed by Katie Vesser 


l-n Denise Viscogliosi, Cneryl rerebce, and 
Nancy Aloert 


l-r: James Gleghom, Joeleen Akin, David 
Akin, Amanda Starr, Jim Hillcary, Deidtra 
i\dd, vHay (Gardner, Kevin Konler, and fat 


Financial JT^ 

l-r:l heresa Senenuk, Karen Smitii, and 
Melva Loid 

People: Staff 



\-r. f am Doyd, Jennifer Cannady, and 
rrandne Travis 


l-r: Gail Dell, Wisty Dumas-fatterson, and 
C^tnerine Neiner 


l-r: Lai Oian, Oiana Deny, Keginald 
Walker, Irian /v\omin, and Deboran Green 

Spread designed by Katie Vesser 


Penonal Counseling 

AAeade Conley, Snanc Blasko, Qaire 

Fuller, Holly fiyrd, Deora Moore, 

Grace Heitman, and Jonn Lucy 


l-n Doug Taloott, Henry Eyer, Carolyn 

AAalcom, Aoour Razzak, Tami Stanko, 

Neta Counts, Frank Manganaro, Cnris 

Cannon, Alan Surette, Jonn Grant, Linoa 

Simmons, ana Mark Bishop 

l-r: 1st row: Druce raulsen; 

2na rovA/: Ginny ^Aorelana, 

AAarianne Dradley; 

3ra raw: Kesa ilamey, 

Svetlana Sinanovic; 

4tn row: Darla Kitzka, 

Linda Gray, L^eoDie Adanns, 

QracJne Tioages 

People: Staff .f^ 


Religious Life 

Snaun Sanders and Sylvia Wilson 

£vans Dining riafl 

standing, l-r: rrankie Speer, nnaiy Bolaen, Snane tntrekin, 
rAano Jonnson, Marion ilamilton, fietty Hart, Vironia 
Lendon, Tracy 71311, Teny Tnomas, /V\elinaa Williams, 
Agnes Ingram, fete Wilier. Seated, l-r: Annie ly\ae Davis, 
Snayvenia fiillingsley, Renita rope, Gloria ferry, Warion 


l-n fete Wilier, Laura f hillips, Kim Nolley, 
GjTie Wells, and Eulctte folly 


l-r: i\undy jwanson, tK/is f arris, William Droome, 
Aaron pAcrAeaDS, /V\el 1\amsey, Connie 
Winder, fissena Haotamu, Jerry Overton, Marvin 
McGary, Earnest Sanfoid, Willie Stanford, f T. 
Lovings, Tim ulankensnip, Snaron AAiller, Ed 
Woods, Jerome Ward, 'Harvey Edwards, Jeanette 
AAooley, Jerry Klotn, Veronica Williams, Araceli 
■Rivera, AAaiia Ramos, Wynetta Reid, Vivian 
Tnomas, Altnea Fitzgerald, Ron Keeton, Delissia 

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Nhia Bolen 



Nzinga Brooks 



Whitney Brown 



Lindsay Deriso 



Courtney Dredden 



Kimberty Fober 



Sara Haj-Hussein 



Catherine Norton 



Valerie Kote-Tawia 



Janie Lopez 



Stacey Lunsford 



ChristjnaMontjoy ^^^^^ 

^^^^ Staff 



Pagemaker 7.19 "and Jos^f^^l^arTprh 2004. Thr pagr?rlfWfl!F!ntP(1 tisfnjf a HrulPtf''Pftff<arrt 

2500CIVf. Copy and caption s are in AYTLynri font in various font sizes. Headiino fonts vai\ by sections: 

Cover: AYTDavid; Student Life: AYnickTo(k; Clubs: AYTTheHawk; Sports: AYtSprint; Seniors: 

AVTAmorle; People: AYTOodles. Subfieadlines are in AVTCIarenc e and are sfiown in various font sizes. 

Vi pages in tfiis book were produt ed t)v Jostens School ProdiK Is Group in Clarksville. TN. This's 

• 3 ^roated with the help of Jostens Vi'arbook Representative Natluin Speers. I tulerc lasswoinen 

^jien by Treasured Memories (Athens, GA). Senior Portraits were taken by Prestige 

;-'n, GA) and were taken on ( ainpus in the Rebek.ih lobtn and on the Woodruff 

r ^{ fion shots and candid photos are taken by Silhoui'ttt' staff members .ind b\ 

^oi i t';e stitdent body. Cameras used for produi lion are the Minolta Mawum 450si. the 

ui ;^'t I '0, and the Olympus C-400() 7oom Digittil Cameras. 35mm Film v\«»s developed 

at Ja' *< fih Decatur Rd. The yearbook staff would like to sincerely thank the Agnes 

Scott (Mnii. support of the produ( tion of the 2004 SilhoiwUe. 

i %vai^ to bog^ by thaf^kir^ everyoi^ i 

III lilt; iiiiiuiuiiiuii ui iii^> u(iui\- ictuit^^ (III Man, Dtiiiy, ami i^iiii 

you for your suppotH I also would like to thank the campus communi 
for the conipliments towards last year's book and the continuous sup- 
port for this year's edition. Your kind words go a long way, whether you 
realize it or not! It has been a rewarding year for the Silhouette staff 
and for me. I would like to make a f(^w personal thank-yous. Heather, 
you are one great gal. I hav^very bf^rf faith in you and in your posi- 
ive attitude. Nicoline, I consider everyone on staff a friend, but you have 
been there to talkja me about stuff when it's gQ|ten rough, and your 
sense of humor has made the frustrations bearabl^li Jennifer, you al- 
ways work harder on your pages than anyone else, iffld they are always 
"ice cold" and for that, I thank you thank you thank you! Courlenay, you 
saved our ads section, and that is a phenomenal feat I didn't think could 
be accomplished. I thank you for taking the reins and making us a suc- 
cessful business. Nathan, I forgot to thank yoti for your help last year, 
when you were such an integra^ar^yh^roduction. I thank you this 
year for coming by and chat^ffBH^^re support. Finally, I want to 
thank my fnends who aren't on staff: Tina, Zee, Sarah and Liz- you guys 
make life in Main fun, and I appreciate you alt listening to me complain 

about everything :). 

riiariks a^ain, everyone! 

WW " 



^^.SL. ■ 



The accomplishments you've made as a young woman couldn't 

make us any prouder; from ASC, swimming, study abroad, and 

your care for others, you did/do it all with style. Never lose your 

passion for caring, striving for your dreams or remembering those 

who helped you along the way. Cherish the friendships you've 

made here and abroad. God has a great plan for you. l:bur time 

is now. We love you and are ADAAYS here for you 

- Pop, Mom, Kari, Kelli and Bowzer. 

'Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no 

path and leave a trail. " - Ralph Waldo Emerson 

A^Blev Bradv 

ASHLEY you have had a Great 
Four \fears at College, you've 
traveled from England to Af- 
rica to The Dominican Repub- 
lic. A Graduate of Episopal 
High Houston, Texas. Congratu- 
lations from your parents Eric 
Brady & Lorraine Williams, Grandparents Mr. & Mrs. J.E Jacquet, Mrs. Milder Brady 
Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Harris, Mrs. Marvella Brady Bro. Sisters Eric II., 
Clinessa, Dominique, Erica, Jacqueline. Keith Cox, cousin Keitha, Lynda, Joshua, 
Little Lee, Endrika, Tiffany, Jaresiah, Azihona, Syihon, Jermiah. 

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Sweetie Pie. 
We love you, 

Mom, Dad, Libba, Bob,August, Carolina 

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Congratulations Catherine Courtenay Miller. 

We love you our Little Miss Priss. 

All our love, 

Mama, Daddy, Elizabeth and George 

Spread designed b>Katie Vesser 

CloUv Cornon- Sfoioor 

From baby to babe, from child to woman, from immocemce to wisdom. 

Holly, you bring us joy, pride, laugh- 
ter, adventure, inspiration, love, and 
more. Reach high, for stars lie hid- 
den in your soul. Dream deep, for 
every dream precedes the goal, ^u 
are amazing! We love you. 

The Moms 



Always speak out for what is right 
and work to make the world a better 

place. Congratulations on your 
graduation. We know you will cher- 
ish the memories you have of Agnes 
Scott. We're proud of you! 
Dad and Mom 

"^'^^"^'ife-i ■'''■--.* fr 


1 ■' -^^^f ^ 



I fxiuii'V^ Vik'bl 

In you, we have the memories of yesterday, 

the happiness of today, and the promise of 


May your future bring to you as much laughter 

and love as you have given to us! 

Love, Mom and Dad 
Austin, Jordan, Chandler, Michael, 

LaBeth and 

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Wnat a raoulous and adventurous four years tnese 

nave oeen! jo many new Iriends, so many new 

places, so many new experiences, all of wnicn nave 

contributed along tne way in your journey to 

becoming an amazing young woman. You nave 

faced your snare of cnallenges and nave proven 

yourself by emerging a stronger and more complete 
penon, and by doing so, you nave prepared yourself for tne cnallenges to come. We trust tnat you will enjoy tne few remembrances 
we nave included nere. We are so very proud of you. Doodle, and we love you so mucn more tnan words can say. 
We looR forward of tne adventures yet to come AAom and Dad 

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/ v/iurnri I dV/n UStTi^^r 

Qass of 2004 

Autumn! ^u are a born leader...from pounding the 
pulpit in Nachoochee with your five year old sermon 

on "love, love and more love" to Captain of the Re 
gional State Soccer Chamoionship team and chosen 

' Warrior' of the year at Oconee County High introducing a much needed competitive 
spirit to Agnes Scott's soccer program, to Residen- 
tial Assistant to Residential what's next!? 
"feur international spirit at the University of Grenada 
in Spain was captivating. Our country, our world 
needs leaders with integrity, courage, joyful charm 
and friendliness, and respect for human life and our 
environment, "feu have all these gifts and more! 
^ur mother and I gave you life. Agnes Scott Col- 
lege has given you knowledge. And now, you give us 
hope! What an honor and privelege it is to be your 
parents, "ibu have our blessings. %ur brother Kyffon 
and sister Keily join us in deep respect and apprecia- 
tion for what you have accomplished. We love you! 


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Congratulations, we are proud of you! 


Mom and Dad 


Two pictures showing you at dramatically different times in 
your life. One shows a little girl with a shy smile, comfort- 
able in the protective environment provided by your family. 
The second shows a young woman with an encouraging 
smile, confident in her ability to meet whatever life may 
You have come a long way, but life's journey is just begin- 
ning. May you experience the same joy and happiness in 
your life as you have brought to our lives. 
Love, Mom and Dad 

Spread designed bvKatie Vesser 

Hicele Uedbetter 

Armj S 

who Ueep oj 
errtertai!^ ... and 
togsthsr we're s 

whole circus." 

Mom, Dad 
and Noel 

The best things you can 
give your children 
besides good habits are 
good memories. Sail 
on- for no memory is 
ever alone, it's at the 
end of a trail of memo- 

Congratulations our dearest Neda! 
We are very proud of you. It seems a 
short time ago, you were knee high to 
your father at his graduation; now it's 
your turn. We cannot begin to express 
what a joy and treasure you are to us. 
^u have inspired so many smiles. It is 
truly an honor to be your parents. We 
will always hold so very precious the time we share to- 
gether. As you embark on life's journey, always ask God 
for guidance and never take anything for granted. Em- 
brace life with compassion, courage, optimism, and wis- 

We wish you love, success and happiness. 
Mom, Dad, and Naseem 

Patrida B-ooks and Kim Kouck 

Patricia. When I came to college. I 
wasn't worried about friends, grades, 
or adjusting. What I wanted was a best 
friend who understands me & who I 
connect with. 1 got so much more. 
Thank you for the late-night listening, 
relentless trips to craft-stores and pa- 
tience with my quirks :) And most of 
all, thank you for trusting me & allow- 
ing me into your life. If friends have 
soulmates, you are mine. -Kim 

Dear Kim. In four years of being roommates, we have been 
through so much: the late night psychology sessions in 
which the questions only end by me dozing off, the random 
creative activities, the scheming for Sean and whomever my 
crush happens to be, the "'interesting" Christinas and birth 
day gifts, the mountain trips and so much more. Yet, I will 
miss it all next year when we are at our respective graduate 
schools, and, yes, I will even miss the constant picture 
taking. Although we will no longer be roommates, I know 
that we will be best friends for years to come, and in our old 
age, we can reminisce about our college years spent at 
Agnes Scott. It has been a great four years, and I cannot wait 
to see what the future holds for both of us. Love. Pali iciii 

igk ^^ 

Spread designed by Katie 'Vesser 

Rebecca H 
Sell m kit 

To my lovely wife: 
'You Did It, Babyf 

I love you, Mircea 

^^^^T'*^ , wjH 




1 1 M^i y^^l 

l,'\ ^ 

yn ^^nm 

1 i 

Congratulations on your graduation from 

college. May you continue to realize your 

future goals and fulfill more dreams. We 

are all proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, David, Katie and Lisa 

Eboni- daughter dearest, 

we are truly proud of 

you— congratulations! 

We know that your future 

is bright. Continue to aim 

high, look up and know 

that nothing is impossible 

to you. All glory to God! 

Num. 6:24-27, Jer. 29:11 & 

Prov. 16:3 

Much love always!!! 

Mom, Dad & Kendall 

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Nicole Jo lies 

Liebe Nicole. 

schon wieder ist ein Abschnitt in Deinem Leban erreicht. Du hast 
uns mit Deinen Leistungen immer nur Freude gemacht. Dein Fleiss 
und Ehrgeiz habin Dir bisher immer den richtigen Weg gezeigt. Wir 
sind sehr stolz auf Dich und wiinschen Dir fiir Deine weitere 
berufliche Entwicklung alles erdenklich Gute. 
Mach weiter so! 
Mama und Papa 


You have come a long way in life and 1 am proud of you for the 

strong woman you have become. You are a wonderful person who 

deserves only the best. Continue to follow your heart for it will lead 

you in the right direction. 

With Love and My Heart 


J L.-Ld 






W ^■'^' 


Ale)candra Pajak 






Spread designed by Katie Vesser 

Qh&Wu AAsrfa BouroeoFs 

Lo, children are the heritage of the Lord. 

Psalm 127:3 

Congratulations to our favorite daughter who 

has been a blessing every day of her life. 

May God keep you safe, healthy, and faithful 

all your days. 

]ev\]iy UyuTur^r 

Mom and Dad 

To our daugher Danielle, 

The world is a book and those who do not travel 

read only a page. Your journey begins with a 

single step. God bless you on this path. 

We are with you always. 

Dad, Mom, Kyle, and Max 

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From England to Wales to Tennessee to 
Atlanta, you have never allowed change 
to interfere with your achievements. 
Albert Einstein once said, "Imagination 
is more important than knowledge." You 
have been blessed with both: your won- 
derfully original and vivid imagination 
shines through in your paintings, and 
your excellent grades reflect your abundance of knowledge. "Well done Nicolette 
Congratulations, we're so proud of you and we love you very much. 
Mum, Dad, Edward and Daniela 

Spread designed by Katie Vesser 



Sweetie! ^u did it! We 

really appreciate all 

your hard work and 

effort you've given, not 

only over the last four 

years, but all of your 

life. We love you! 
Mom, Dad, and Daina 

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"My mother drew a distinction be- 
tween achievement and success. 
She said that 'acheivement is the 
knowledge that you have studied 
and worked hard and done the best 
that is in you. Success is being 
praised by others, and that's nice, 
too, but not as important or satisfy- 
ing. Always aim for achievement 
and forget about success.'" Helen 

We are proud of you and love you 
very much- The Family 

Spread designed h\ Katie Vesser 



Kinbay roter ana Eira^ Cjeuvs 

When you go on your way 
May you seek ways to share. 

Ma>' God always find you. 
When you need loving care. 

May you always have courage 

To take a chance. 
And never forget 

How to sing, laugh and dance 

From her very proud Aunt Martha- ASC "58 

Eeeemily and KFo 

Can you deal with 



So maybe you actually are 
crazy and into Metallica, but 
I wouldn't trade you! Speak 
the tnith, pale face, and re- 
mernber the rules of life: 
Have a good time, be safe, 
and Don't Get Drunk! 

I love you! 
Cute licks, 


Take time to listen to the song 

That plays within your heart and soul 

Then follow the path that is uniquely 



Dad and Mom 

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Kimberly Annie- 
Marcia Fober 

We love you so mch and are so very 

proud of you! Remember it's "not by 

might, nor by power, but my Spirit, 

says the Lord" (Zech 4:6). He's got 

plans for you! Jer. 29:11 

-Daddy, Mama, and Christian 


Priya. Words cannot adequately express the joy you bring to our lives. 

Since your birtli, you have lived every day with such passion. Strong 

and determined, yet tender and loving are all the words that describe the 

young woman you have become. Always keep that love at the very 

core of you, letting it be the star by which you set your sail.' Sail far 

and wide, dear one, and make every day of your life a treasure to 

behold. With all our love. Mom, Dad, Nisha, & Sonia. 

I Congratulations!!! 
We couldn't be prouder 

of you and your 
accopmlishments. We 

know you will be 

equally as successful 

in your life. 

We love you, 

Mom and Dad 

Spread designed by Katie Vesser 

Zainab Pasha 

You have persevered 
through many struggles 
and emerged with new 
strength and confidence. 
We couldn't be prouder 
or love you more! Mom, 
Dad, Saira and Zeenat 

Executives, Inc. 

Each Oltice Independently Owned And Opofaled 

Jim Jarboe 

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Decatur Square 

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CmqraiufaUons Class ofzooi^l 

"Best of Hmkfrom murfrienasaf: 

Herff Jones College Division 

Paul Messier & Associates 



34-0298 9^ 

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Atlanta's Finest Impression 

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Proudly Supporting Agnes Scott College 

Exceeding Expectations Every Day!! 


A Regional General Contractor and Construction Manager 

Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC 

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Phone: 678.581.6400 

Fax: 678.581.6401 


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Since 1999" 

Geoff W. Barkley 

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Select Dtcatur*" 



c -J' 


130 Cl9ir«mont Av€. 

Decatur, GA 30030 


F«x 404/377.2726 


# Attention Leaoeis! V 

j^ Don t forget to contact Katie V esser ^ 

(mvesser^agnesscott.eau) \AAtn Information 

aoout your duo or organization s events for 

tne upcoming year, and if you would like your 

organization to oe faetured in tne jilnouette. 

Also, pictures are on sale for $0.10 or 12/ 

$1.00 in tne yearoook office. If you see one 

you like, purcnase it now, before tne school 

\ year is over! Contact Heatner Tovey # 

%■ (ntovey^asc) ror more info. # 



Best wishes from your friends at 

/ima umiar 

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92, 100, 103, 104, 148, 159 

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Farley, Denise 122 

Farmer. Twan 52. 90 

Farrow, Tatiana 23, 122 

Faruqi, Reem 43, 62, 122 

Faulkner, Bonna 143 

Ferebee, Cheryl 144 

Fernandez, Nancy 114 

Fillos, Alexis 84, 90, 100, 103 

Finco, Timothy 140 

Fischer, Shireen 10, 43. 49. 1 14 

Fisher. Shireen 49 

Fitzgerald, Althea 147 

Flaggs, Amy 25, 27, 55, 122 

Fleming, Meghan 121, 122 

Flournoy. Carolyn 61,83,90 

Fober, Kimberly 6, 41, 60, 61, 80, 83, 

90, 99, 148, 168. 169 

Foley, Bethany 137 

Foster, Heather 61.91 

Fraas, Catherine 72. 73 

Francois. Kamil 122 

Franklin. Artesia 130 

Franklin. Margaret 33 

Franklin, Shani 54, 86, 91, 92. 101 

Fredericks, Celeste 47, 130 

Frempong, Abena 43, 54 

Frempong, Maame 122 

French. Ashley 16. 61, 114 

Friend, Bonnie 130 

Frye, Nichelle 29, 86, 94, 101. 109 

Fuller, Claire 146 

Gaeta, Alexa 142 
Gaines, Bevin 17, 52, 63, 114 
Gallegos, Melissa 29.46.91 
Gallimore. Shaday 16. 122 
Gandy, Taylor 61. 123 
Gant, Emma 76, 1 14 
Gaputis, Sarah 1 14 
Gardner, Eleanor 130 
Gardner, Gay 144 
Gardner. Tiffany 40 
Gargala, Laura 1 14 
Gassenhuber, Alexis 130 
Gaston, Martha 40, 61, 91, 169 
Gaynor, Kristen 1 14 

Geldhauser, Holly Ann 114 

Gibson. Leslie 123 

Gibson. Phil 140 

Giddings, Lauren 60, 76, 77 

Gillmore, Alexandra 130 

Ginn, Meg 37, 123 

Githiora, Linda 43. 114 

Gleghom, James 144 

Gokal, Munira 91,94 

Gokal, Sameera 114 

Gooch, Elizabeth 92 

Goodman. Jessie 92, 152 

Gordan, Suzanne 123 

Gowen, Mary 92 

Graefe, Maria 130 

Grant, John 146 

Gray, Linda 146 

Gray, Mizanta 54 

Gray, Zarita 1 14 

Green, Camellia 45 

Green, Deborah 145 

Greene, Ebony 24, 33, 92 

Gregory, Shaya 54, 123 

Gresham, Mia 130 

Griffin, Anna 1 15 

Grimaldi, Laura 72, 123 

Grune, Ruth 70,71,123 

Guajardo, Martha 131 

Guajardo, Zulema 55 

Guiles-Trombetta, Wendy 123 

Guinn, Sara 123 

Gunnemann, Karin 137 

Guthrie. Steve 140 

Gutierrez, Catarina 123 

Gwinn, Victoria 82, 83, 88, 92, 93. 9S 


Ha, NM 78,79 

Habtamu, Fisseha 147 

Hackett, Elizabeth 137 

Hafenbrack. Nikki 115 

Haggerty, Amelia 131 

Hair, Leslie 123 

Haj-Hussein, Sara 40, 41, 131 

Hale, Rachel 93 

Hall, Asia 123 

Hall, Christina 72 

Hall, Kristin 131 

Hall, Tracy 147 

Hamiller, Meghann 93 

Hamilton, Marion 147 

Hamilton, Victoria 15. 123 

Hammond. Marilyn 143 

Hannigan. Amy 12. 23. 28, 131. 134 

Harpalani. Heena 115 

Harper. Ellen 87, 93, 94 

Harrington. Cora 33,115 

Harris. Rebecca 131 

Harris. ZaLithia 14, 15, 115 

Harrison, Ariel 14, 114, 115 

Hart. Betty 147 

Hartmann, Kristina 131 

Hartuns, Christin 31 

Harvey, Lilia 140 

Harwell. Shelby 61 

Hasan, Hajra 43, 62, 123 

Hathcock, April 48, 53, 93, 97 

Hauth, Jacquelyn 123 

Hayes. Amanda 29, 123 

Haymore, Susan 143 

Head, Tabitha 131 

Heckel. Heather 137 

Heidbrink. Kate 47. 93 

Heitman. Grace 146 

Henderson. Deanna 123 

Henderson, Emily 143 

Henninger, Laurel 115 

Henson. Becky 94 

jHenson-Phillips. Veronica 47. 137 

Herring, Amy 123 

I Hicks, Tiffany 123 

IHill, Jakil 94 

Hilleary, James 68, 69, 76, 77, 144 

iHimebrook, Christina 131 

'Hodges, Dracine 146 

iHoke, Brenda 137 

Holcombe, Carole 33 

jHoUiday, Susan 47 

HoUoway, Anna 94 

Homsby, Heather 131 

Horton, Catherine 29. 60. 61. 90, 94. 101. 


Hubert. Linda 141 

Hudson. Alice 115 

Hudson. Cue 19 

Hudson. Lea Ann 142 

Huffman. Amanda 1 1 

Hughes, Coach 68 

Hurt, Janequia 94 

Hussein. Sara Haj- 133, 134, 148 

Hutchinson, Jennifer 49, 62, 123 

Die, Martha 143 
Inglis, Pat 144 
Ingram, Agnes 147 
Isaias, Jennifer 95 
Izaguirre, Marie 95 

Jackson, Selena 123 

Jackson-Minot, Marquita 137 

Jaffe, Meghan 19, 28, 52, 115, 117 

James, Jahmilla 54 

James, Naomi 28. 131 

Jarrell, Erica 131 

Johans, Jennifer 124 

Johnson, Alix 24 

Johnson, Calvert 137 

Johnson. Danielle 9. 19, 114, 115 

Johnson. Kateena 54, 95 

Johnson, Kolbi 16, 131 

Johnson, Kyoko 131 

Johnson. Mario 147 

Johnson, Violet 141 

Jones, Alaina 82, 95 

Jones, Andrea 90 

Jones, Jennifer 1 15 
Jones, Jordan 25, 95. 106 
Jones, Lisa 124 
Jones, Nicole 25, 96, 163 
Jordan, Katie 10, 37, 115, 119 
Jordan, Michelle D. 124 
Joseph, Arsed 54, 124 
Judin, Renn 26, 124 
Jung, Hee - Chun 31 

Kachelski, Robert 137 

Kallaher, Kristin 9, 1 1, 86, 94, 96. 101 

Kang, Harneet 43. 124 

Karim. Kaleh 131 

Keeton, Ron 147 

Kelly. Sharon 60, 96 

Kendall, Adrienne 68, 69 

Kennedy, Katherine 138, 142 

Kennedy, Jasmine 131 

Khanal, Rashmi 124 

Khwaja, Waqas 43, 138 

Kilby, Nicole 115 

Killen, Mindy 27 

Kilpatrick. Caroline 132 

Kim. Annie 9, 124 

Kim, Jina 54 

King, Leilah 124 

Kingdom, Bob 7 

Kipphut, Shannon 124 

Kirkup, Emilie 124 

Kish. Rachel 132 

Kloth, Jerry 147 

Knight, Kara 132 

Koch, Alan 138 

Kohler, Kevin 71, 144 

Kontak, Kristina 124 

Kote-Tawia, Valerie 9. 41, 82, 96, 105, 


Kott, Molly 45. 132 

Kouch. Kim 54. 78. 79. 96. 161 

Krasevec, Joe 25 

Kroell. Kate 66, 67 

Kroell. Katherine 132 

Krutko, Yevheniya 70, 71, 132 

Lael, Linda 142 

Laird. Tracey 138 

Lambert. Elizabeth 97 

Large. Stephanie 61 

Larimore, Kristiana 21, 97 

Lauderdale, Katherine 25, 97 

Laye, Claire 31 

Ledbetter, Nicole 21, 90, 97, 106, 160 

Ledent, Geraldine 132 

Lee, Christina 16, 46, 115 

Lee, Marialanna 97 

Lee, Nicolette 46, 98 

Lee, Susan 52, 115 

Lee, Tina 1 15 

Lemon, Erin 60 

Lemon-Steiner, Holly 98, 154 

Lendon, Vironia 147 

Leslie, Robert 138 

Lewin, Myrtle 138 

Lewis, Lauren 124 

Lewis, Monisha 54,118 

Lewis, Susanna 66. 67, 132 

Li. Alice 27, 116 

Li, Eunice 132 

Li. Jinmeng 132 

Li. Ting Ting 25 

Lichtveld, Kim 27, 98 

Lindquist, Kelly 16, 27, 116 

Lindsay. Camille 43 

Lokko. Rosemary 54. 1 16 

Long, Jeanette 1 16 

Lonneman. Danielle 37. 132 

Lopez. Janie 41. 132. 148 

Lord. Melva 144 

Lorentzson. Lauren 116 

Los. Michelle 17. 98 

Lott, Jana 9 

Lovell. Amy 141 

Lovell, Natali 124 

Lovings, P.T. 147 

Lucas, Jennifer 136, 141 

Lucht, Liza 49, 124 

Lucy, John 146 

Lunganga, Veronique 43, 47, 124 

Lunsford, Stacey 41, 148 

Lurie, Jennifer 132 

Lutgendorf, Julia 31,98 

Lydiard, Monica 132 

Lyles, Richard 138 

Lynn, Michael 141 

Ma, Beth 143 

MacEwen, Sally 138 
MacNaughton, Jessica 61,121,124 
Magnusson, Karolina 132 
Maharaj, Kavita 124 
Malani, Priya 99, 169 
Malcom, Carolyn 146 
Mancuso, Beverly 99, 143 
Mandova, Maria 43. 124 
Manganaro, Frank 146 
Marijam, Lejia 124 
Mark, Sharayne D. 99 
Mason, Hilary 125 
Massie, Jill 29 
Mathews, Theodore 138 
Mathieson, Michelle 78. 79. 116 
Maxwell. Jeannie 142 
McCann. Dennis 139 
McClain. Lauren 55. 63. 1 16 
McConoughey. Rachel 19.48.116 
Mccoy, Aimee 54. 99 
McCrary. Marvin 147 
McCurdy, Can-ie 99,156,157 
McDavid, Alexis 6. 12. 125 
McGehee. Teiry 141 
Mclntyre, Casey 70, 71, 132 
McKenzie, Tiffany 133 
McLamb, John 79 

Spread designed b) Whitnej Brown. Slacey Lunsford, and 
Heather Tovey 

McLaughlin. Susan 100 

McMahon, Cassandra Brooke 100 

McMeans, Aaron 147 

McQueen, Kelly 167 

Mei, Yuan 82. 100 

Meister. Ashley 29, 125 

Meng. Sarah 28. 125, 127 

Milford. Sarah 55. 116 

Milholen. Jennifer 116 

Miller, Courtenay 16. 61. 98. 100, 102, 

148, 149, 153 

Miller, Elizabeth 16. 125 

Miller. Kate 33. 55 

Miller. Katherine 26. 49 

Miller, Katie 19, 116 

Miller. Liz 124 

Miller. Pete 147 

Miller. Sharon 147 

Miller. Tiffany 55. 100 

Mishoe. Elizabeth Susan 98, 101, 102 

Mobley, Jeanette 147 

Mobley, Malathia 19, 116 

Mohney, Katherine 46, 116 

Mokhtar. Dina 43 

Momin, Irfan 145 

Montjoy, Christina 41,116.148 

Moore. Debra 146 

Moore, Sheena 1 16 

Moreland, Ginny 146 

Morgan, Anna 1 16 

Morgan, Nicolette 165 

Morillas, Catalina 133 

Morris, Megan 46, 72. 73, 117 

Morrison. Kieva Alana 117 

Mungavin-Salva, Laura 139 

Murphy, Meghan 43, 125 

Murphy, Sarah 1 1 

Mutch. Mollis 37, 125 

Myers, Kathryn 9 

Napier, Brooke 133 
Napier, Paula 25 
Napier, Ruth 1 1 7 
Nash, Amy 143 
Nash. Rayna 101 
Nazir. Mahnaz 125 
Neal. Sarah 101 
Negrelli, Kathy 1 39 
Neiner, Catherine 145 
Newburg. Katie 125 
Newsome. Cindy 142 
Newsome, Yvonne 139 
Nguyen, Frances 117 
Nichols, Danielle 101. 164 
Nichols. Sarah 29 
Nolan. Morika 101 
Nolley, Kim 147 
Norat. Gisela 139 
Norman, Emily 46. 117 
Notestine, Dana 33, 70, 71. 125 
Nur, Jalila 8, 9, 117 
Nyombaire. Sandrine 43 
178 Index 

O'Brien, Katharine 133 
O'Connor. Rhiannon 102 
Ocasio. Rafael 139 
Ogulu. Debi 14.43.133 
Ojo. Phillip 139 
Oland, Helen 49 
Osman, Hayatt 43, 133 
Osterbind, Mary 72, 117 
Overton, Jerry 147 
Overton, Kaleah 68, 69, 74, 75 
Owen, Heather 125 
Owen, Rhiannon 133 
Owen, Ruth 1 17 
Oxendine, Ivy 133 

Pace, Emetta 91, 98, 102 

Pajak, Alexandra 91, 102, 163 

Pajic, Natasa 54 

Parks, Jessica 16 

Parks, Kristen 15,46,117 

Parris, Elvis 147 

Parry, Richard 137, 139 

Parton, Hilary 17,49 

Pasha, Zeenat 7, 54 

Patel, Pragati 63. 125 

Patel, Sarita 10.49.117 

Patel. Shivani 25 

Paulsen, Bruce 146 

Pelcat, Vanessa 33 

Penkova, Alex 43, 125 

Peralta, Sara 130,133 

Perkins, Crystal 131. 132. 133 

Perkins, Quinn 129,133 

Perry. Gloria 147 

Phillips, Laura 147 

Pickren, Kasey 133 

Pinka. Patricia 141 

Pippin. Tina 140 

Pitner, Rachel 133 

Pittman, Kristin 16.30.61 

Pitts, Mac 142 

Pliger. John 139 

Poe, Monica 117 

Polly, Eulette 147 

Poole, Asheley 125 

Poole-Ward, Rebecca 1 1 . 85, 98. 102 

Pope, Renita 147 

Pough, Crystal 47, 102 

Powers, Audrey 49, 55. 85. 103, 106 

Powers, Christy 40,54,133 

Prentiss, Amber 46 

Prevost, Barbara 142 

Puntervold, Kiki 70, 71. 103, 150 

Purvis, Alicia Renee 103 

Qu, Hong 141 

Quann. Kelley 27, 72, 73, 78, 79, 1 17 

Queen, Doni 1 1 

Radabaugh, Katherine 133 
Rahman, Moutushi 24, 46, 125 

Raiford, Holly 142 

Raja, Qudsia 43, 117 

Ralph, Kristen 40. 125 

Ramos, Maria 147 

Ramsey. Mel 147 

Rawal, Shristi 125 

Razzak. Abdur 146 

Reckard. Natalie 16, 55 

Redmond. George 140 

Reid. Deidtra 68. 144 

Reid. Shikina 87. 103 

Reid, Wynetta 147 

Resa, Harney 146 

Reuter, Hannah 36, 70, 71. 125 

Reynolds, Karen 23, 117 

Rhodes, Ashley 17. 133 

Rhodes, Bretoya 125 

Richardson, Claire 117 

Richardson. Laura 125 

Ricketson. Katie 28. 134 

Riddle. Larry 140 

Riter. Ruth 140 

Ritzka. Darla 146 

Rivera, Araceli 147 

Rivers, LaToya Latrice 103 

Roache, Misty 1 17 

Roberts, John 73 

Rock-Vanloo, Nyla 134 

Rodean, Allison 36,49, 118 

Rodgers, Beth 1 1 

Rodgers, Carmen 134 

Rodgers, Rebecca 53 

Rodriguez, Yazmin 72, 134 

Roellig, Dawn Marie 104 

Rogers, Angela 126 

Rogers. Anna 29 

Rogers. Monique 54 

Rogers. Rebecca 21. 29, 54. 104 

Rose. Emil}' 126 

Rosenbaum. Katy 118 

Rosenstein. Brenna 134 

Rossell. Pamela 16. 134 

Rosta, Sara 134 

Rubesch. Katie 19. 66, 67, 118 

Ruby. Nell 136. 138, 140 

Ryan. Megan 66. 67. 126 

Ryder. Janel 17 

Sadler, Donna 136, 138, 140 

Sandema. Christina 126 

Sanders. Dudley 36, 140 

Sanders. Shaun 147 

Sandy. Elizabeth 134 

Sanford. Earnest 147 

Santello. Catherine 23. 49. 63. 126 

Sattin. Elizabeth 126 

Sayre. Edward 140 

Scarborough, Hannah 66, 67 

Schenbeck. Rosalyn 140 

Scherer, Sara 27, 126 

Schlig, Michael 141 

Schmidt, Rebecca 162 

Schneider, Brianna 118 

Schram, Alissa 1 18 

Schroder, Katie 20, 46, 104 

Schultz, Tara 37, 134 

Schulz-Durren, Erica 60, 104 

Schwartz, Elizabeth 126 

Scoggins, Rachel 91 

Scoles, Sarah 40, 134 

Scott, Catherine 141 

Seay, April 134 

Sehenuk, Theresa 144 

Selk, Elizabeth 118 

Senanu, Karis 43, 126 

Sewell, Leo 31 

Shainwald, Julia 126 

Shaver, Leslie 118 

Shaw, Megan 1 1 8 

Shearer, Gwendolyn 134 

Shebs, Kayleigh 9, 55, 126 

Sheehey, Edmund 141 

Shipp, Eboni 162 

Siegelman, liana 126 

Simmons, Jennifer 68, 134 

Simmons, Linda 146 

Simmons, Sarah 54, 104, 154 

Simpson, Elizabeth 105 

Simpson, Susan 66, 67 

Sinanovic, Svetlana 146 

Skelton, Megan 118 

Skoglund, Alexandra 126 

Slack, Julia 52, 68, 69, 105, 168 

Sloan, Rebecca 19, 118 

Smith, Karen 144 

Smith, Katherine 141 

Smith, Kathryn 16, 33, 126 

Smith, Kristy 142 

Smith, Lauren 70, 71 

Smith, Rachel 134 

Smyslova, Alina 76, 126 

Somuah, Esther 40, 43 

Sotherland, Courtney 68, 76, 77 

Speer, Frankie 147 

Spencer, Margaret Ann 49, 105 

Spicer, Ashley 60, 61, 126 

Spinnato, Michelle 11, 105, 162 

Spitzer, Lessa 134 

Stanford, Willie 147 

Stanko, Tami 146 

Starr, Amanda 52, 76, 144 

Starr, Kristin 126 

Steele, Erin 134 

Steiner, Holly Lemon- 91,95,97 

Stertz, Chelsea 6, 118 

Stokes, Cherrelle 17 

Stoman, Salma 43, 135 

Strawser-Booth, Katharine 22,118 

Strom-Jensen, Nicoline 27, 41, 126, 148, 


Strong, Cecelia 126 

Strove, Kim 48 

Stuart, Tami 105 

Stuber, Ouida 135 

Sudan, Tara 76, 77, 115, 119 
Sullivan. Randi 49, 106, 166 
Surette, Alan 146 
Swafford, Sarah 126 
Swain, Karen 1 19 
Swaney, Samantha 23 
Swanson, Rundy 147 
Syed, Raniat 126 
Sykes, Lindsay 126 

Talbott, Doug 146 

Tate, Ashley 135 

Taylor, Jessica 54 

Thayne, Lewis 143 

Thomas, Dylan 7 

Thomas, Sarah 27 

Thomas. Terry 147 

Thomas, Vivian 147 

Thomason, Kate 66, 67, 70, 71, 119 

Thompson, David 36, 138, 141 

Thompson, Karen 141 

Thompson, Peggy 141 

Tillman, Lisa 143 

Tilson, Carlie 135 

Tioleco, Nina 54, 106 

Todorova, Milena 43, 45, 126 

Tofangsazan, Neda Nicole 17, 106, 160 

Tokic, Maja 70, 71, 135 

Tolliver, Willie 141 

Tompkins. Ben 143 

Tooley, Ashley 126 

Tovey, Heather 27, 41, 127, 148, 149 

Tran, Connie 127 

Travis, Francine 145 

Trendel, Allison 19, 106 

Trousdale, Rachel 137. 141 

Troy. Sally 66,67,76,127 

Tuggle, Phyllis 72, 73 

Turner, Erin 17, 88, 92, 103, 106 

Tumey, Michelle 135 

Tuttle, Laura 66, 67 

Tyner, Callie 135 

Ukonga, Sylvia 49, 54, 119 
Urioste, Rachel De 122 

Valenti, Tina 15,28,119 

Van De Cruize, Wasyima 8, 9 

Vaneerde, Graciela 135 

Veal, Heather 31,49, 127 

Veal, Heather Ann 49 

Velez, Margarita 135 

Venable, Leon 141 

Vesser, Katie 9, 15, 27, 41, 1 19, 148, 149 

Villasenor, Bernardo 143 

Viscogliosi, Denise 144 

Wagner, Lauren 127 
Wai, Njamih 43, 135 
Waliany, Tasneem 7 
Walker, Reginald 145 
Walker, Spring 135 

Wallace, Chip 143 

Wallace, Kimberly 41, 148 

Wallace, Maryanne 127 

Walsworth, Lindsey 1 19 

Walter, Diana 127 

Walton. Jayme 66, 67, 76, 135 

Ward, Christina 15, 49. 62. 127 

Ward, Jerome 147 

Ware, Courtney 127 

Warren, Kathleen 1 1 9 

Watkins, Meredith 135 

Watters, Ellen 18,107 

Webb, Lauren 107, 155 

Weber, Janet 135 

Weith, Abbey 21,33 

Wells, Carrie 147 

Wells, Jenna 134 

Wheat, Elysia A. 107 

Wiese, Jenny 20, 24, 27, 47, 54, 63, 1 19 

Wieshofer, Ingrid 141 

Wilcox, Charleen 135 

Wildman, Pat 143 

Wiley, Courtney 107 

Wiley, Crystal 60, 108 

Willard, Ann 36, 37. 61, 89, 91, 93, 98, 


Williams, Melinda 147 

Wilhams, Michelle 108 

Williams, Shannen 83, 96, 99. 108 

Williams, Staci 8, 9 

Williams, Tiffany 54, 83, 108 

Williams, Veronica 147 

Wilson, Sylvia 147 

Winder, Connie 147 

Wistrand, Harry 11, 141 

Wolf, Brianna 127 

Woods, Ed 147 

Wright, Katie 40 

Xu.Feng 141 

Yarbro, Lea Ellen 127 

Yates, Elizabeth 129. 133, 135 

Yeung, Lauren 135 

Yibirin, Bianca 107, 108 

Young, Joanna 6 

Youngquist, Kristin Nicole 109 

Yunting, Samantha 135 

Zambrano, Maria 109 
Zampol, Emilie 29, 135 
Zaplatynski. Andrea 49, 109 
Ziadie, Amelia 1 19 
Zoino, Jenna E. 119 
Zoino, Kati 127 
Zuacoe, Azane 49 
Zvonar, Amy 70, 71, 160, 109 

Spread designed by Whitney Brown. Stacey Lunsford, and 
Heather Tovey 

It is amazing to realize how much can change in ojle 
year. From a new first year class entering, to the/ 
graduation of yet another class of mature young la- 
dies, so many great events happen throughout the 
school year for everyone to experience. Each Scottie 
finds her own place on this diverse campus: a place 
that is all her own. Memories of eating at the dining 
hall with friends, staying up all night to create a 
masterpiece paper, and even participating in Agnes 
Scott traditions occur daily and often pass us by 
with such regularity that we don't realize it's com- 
ing to an end. Many memories are relived, and 
some are forgotten. Our hope is that you uSe this 
Silhouette of 2004 to enjoy looking back on^ the 
memories you made. 

180 Closing 

Spread designed b> Heather Tovey 

Loving Memory 

Dr. Ayse Carclen, 66 
frofessor or f sycnology 

'Gog of tne AAarcning Centuries 
words by Rev. D.f . McGeachy, D.D. 

God of the marcning centuries. 
Lord of tne passing years, 
Leading a people s victories. 
Snaring a peoples tears, 
Seal us as now we worsnip I nee. 
Here on tnis moments neignt; 
Star of tne way our fathers found. 
Be still our guiding Ugnt. 

Tcadi us to milk it wj; 

\ OuBbllwIiappjriotoftlioM 

T«ach IB to com p wtienJ witii ainb. 

How Hwu dost lead Tim own, 

Till ttvo' tlw gates of golden gnoe, 

I imit More Try ttirone. 

ThanRnilly now we courage take, 

Humoiy we pleage our all 

if we may service find witn Thee, 

If we may near Thy call 

Here where we see our brother s need, 

Here where he must not die. 

There we shall find Thy fellowship 

And will not pass Thee by. 

God of the marching centuries. 
Lord of the passing years. 
Leading a people s victories. 
Snaring a people s tears. 
Seal us as now we worsnip I nee. 
Here on this moments height; 
Star of the way our fathers found. 
Be still our guiding Lighb